Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 90 - What the Hell Am I Thinking About

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Chapter 90: What the Hell Am I Thinking About

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The reason Ye Jian said those words casually was that she had widened her perspective and realized what her goal was. Ye Jian raised her eyes and continued her speech with a smile, “We are killing enemies to keep our country and people safe. I’m not scared even if my hands are stained by blood.”

As Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen had instructed her repeatedly, she would fear nothing even when her hands were stained by blood and she was hunted by her enemies… because she was keeping the people safe and maintaining the integrity of her country.

Xia Jinyuan didn’t speak right away. Instead, he gently patted Ye Jian’s shoulders and gazed at her quietly with his unfathomable black eyes. He said slowly, “Ye Jian, remember what you said tonight! I look forward to cooperating with you again when you are able to possess guns legally.”

He told her that her current status made her unable to possess guns legally. That’s why she didn’t shoot to kill the criminal suspects in the dangerous battle, though she had a chance to do so.

From this aspect, it was evident that this was a promising girl who could control herself.

Previously, he worried that she might slaughter people indiscriminately. But after hearing her declaration, he trusted her.

“I’ve asked the police vehicle and ambulance to park at the junction. You get in the car. I’ll handle the situation here.”

“We are not going to the police station for the time being. We’ll go there after you take a shower and change your clothes in the guest house.” Xia Jinyuan was a bit concerned about Ye Jian who was wet all over and covered by mud.

“At the first lesson that Principal Chen gave me, I stood in the rain for almost one hour,” Ye Jian smiled and lifted her arms to look at herself.

What she meant was that it was not a big deal for her to get wet in the rain.

Unlike the spoiled and delicate city girls, she was a tough girl who could endure hardships. She had a beautiful and pure heart, and a pair of resplendent eyes that had seen through vanity.

It was a pleasure to talk with a girl like her.

Sitting in the car, Ye Jian looked at Xia Jinyuan who was still standing in the rain to liaise with other soldiers. Before she knew it, the sight of his back as majestic as a deity had stuck in her mind.

Although she didn’t want to get in touch with this dangerous and charming man, she had to admit that he was a rather excellent soldier!

When they arrived at the guest house of the army, Xia Jinyuan picked up a set of sports t-shirt and shorts of a woman soldier at the front desk. He handed the clothes along with a room key to Ye Jian. “Room 306. I’m in 307. Contact me if you need anything.”

They were separated by only a wall. Ye Jian entered the bathroom and stood under the shower head. She closed her eyes and raised her head. And then, the floor under her feet was covered by muddy water.

Ye Jian didn’t walk out of the bathroom until she had washed for at least half an hour.

Knock. Knock. Someone was knocking at the door very politely. “It’s me. Xia Jinyuan,” said he in a clear voice.

“Why haven’t you gone to sleep? Something wrong?” Ye Jian immediately opened the door. She hadn’t dried her hair.

“Here you are,” as he raised his hands, Ye Jian saw a pair of white sneakers. “You can’t wear your shoes tomorrow, so I went out and bought this pair for you. See if they fit.”

Not only did he buy shoes, but he had also prepared socks for her.

Since Xia Jinyuan wasn’t sure if the shoes would fit on Ye Jian’s feet, he lowered his eyes to watch them. After glancing at them, his Adam’s apple moved a bit. He immediately lifted his head and swiftly stuck the shoes and socks into Ye Jian’s hands.

The girl’s feet were really… beautiful! They had fair skin with a tinge of luster like pink pearls… Stop it! What the hell am I thinking about?!

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