Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 847 - Caught You (3)

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Chapter 847 Caught You (3)

These words tapped Song Yunxuan’s eardrums lightly.

It was this sound that echoed in her ears when she woke up from the dreams at many midnights.

She forced herself not to think about this person. However, she could not always remain indifferent, just like enjoying the revenge process before.

She missed him very much.

She missed Chu Mochen very much.

She had wanted to see Chu Mochen again, even in a dream.

However, she saw him now.

She felt it was different from what she had imagined.

As Song Yunxuan squinted her eyes, she placed her fingers on the cold wall.

Chu Mochen grabbed the woman’s wrist.

The woman turned around and looked at his face. She was surprised and said, “I just want to go in and visit your former fiancee.”

“I don’t want you to hurt her.”

The woman smiled, “Why protect her like this?”

Chu Mochen let go of her hand, turned his head gracefully, and looked at the closed door of the delivery room, “This child who is born prematurely is definitely unhealthy. I will tell my parents to take this child away and find an excuse to get rid of him as soon as possible.”

Song Yunxuan bit her lower lip abruptly. Her fingers were almost cut off on the wall.

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, that woman seemed satisfied with his answer and smiled, “Actually, I don’t care if this child is alive. What I care about is whether Miss Song is alive.”

Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but curl her lips with coldness. She seemed to think it was funny and smiled.

She was just about to get rid of Gu Changle.

Unexpectedly, Chu Mochen had been missing for such a long time, and now there was a woman like Gu Changle beside him.

Song Yunxuan leaned on the wall, looked at the man and the woman at the door of the delivery room, and blinked silently.

It seemed that she had nothing to do with this affair and watched the development of this matter indifferently.

“I will ask Marie Hospital to try their best to save the mother’s life.”

Chu Mochen’s answer was indifferent, but it was not so heartless and cruel as words said by the dissolute men.

If it had been Shao Tianze, he probably had wanted to eliminate Song Yunxuan after hearing this woman’s suggestion.

Hearing Chu Mochen’s words, that woman was not satisfied. She gently adjusted Chu Mochen’s collar and said to him, “You know that Miss Song is special. Her abilities are strangely strong. She became your fiancee and conceived with your child solely because she wanted to use your power to achieve her own goals. She is a woman who doesn’t love you. Why continue to let her threaten you in the name of love?”

“We have no reason to let her die.”

Chu Mochen gently removed her fingers on his chest and said, “Let’s go back.”

The woman sighed. It appeared that she felt frustrated and reluctant because she could not persuade Chu Mochen to change his mind.

Song Yunxuan took a step forward.

There was a mask on her face, which was taken out from the pocket of the white coat.

Her soft hair hung gently behind her back.

When Chu Mochen and the woman turned around, they could see Song Yunxuan appearing in the corridor.

The woman didn’t look at Song Yunxuan too much.

Because she was not a doctor in this hospital, she was afraid of being exposed if she stared at another doctor.

Chu Mochen was different. He was sharp.

His gaze only skipped Song Yunxuan. He did not directly identify her because she was wearing a mask, which covered most of her face.

However, after his gaze swept over, as if he had discovered something, he turned his head back and looked at Song Yunxuan’s raised belly covered by the white coat.

Song Yunxuan did not evade and let him look at it at will.

The woman seemed to notice the direction Chu Mochen looked at. She followed his gaze and asked Chu Mochen gently, “What’s wrong?”

Chu Mochen looked away from Song Yunxuan’s face and said calmly, “Nothing. Let’s go.”

Song Yunxuan watched Chu Mochen leave with the woman.

After hesitating for a long time, Song Yunxuan smiled, took off her mask, and returned to the room.

Soon after, Mei Qi also hurried back to the room. As soon as he entered the door, he said to Song Yunxuan, “Just now, in the corridor, I saw…”

“Chu Mochen?”

Before he finished speaking, Song Yunxuan turned her head to look at him.

After a little silence, Mei Qi put on a cautious expression, “Have you seen him, Manager Song?”

“Yes.” Song Yunxuan nodded while there was absurdity and loneliness in her eyes, “However, he did not recognize me.”

“That’s impossible. You are special to Chu Mochen.”

“I am not special.” Song Yunxuan stood up and walked towards Mei Qi, “He has another woman now, and he no longer recognizes me. And…”

“And what?”

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s state, Mei Qi knew that the situation was far beyond her expectations.

Therefore, he wanted to know Song Yunxuan’s current plan.

Song Yunxuan sighed and held her forehead with tiredness, “We’ll talk about it after going back.”

Mei Qi supported her, “In the delivery room, the woman has given birth to the child safely. Both the mother and the child are good.”

“That’s good. Ask the hospital to take good care of them.”

“I also have dealt with Gu Changle.”

Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, “OK.”

“However, what if it is exposed that the person in the delivery room is not you?”

“To claim that the two people have the same name. People got them wrong.”

Mei Qi nodded and felt that Song Yunxuan’s instructions could get things done well.

On the way home, Song Yunxuan didn’t speak at all.

After they arrived home, when Song Yunxuan was about to go into the room to rest, she said to Mei Qi, “There is a woman beside Chu Mochen. Investigate for me who this woman is.”


After seeing Song Yunxuan enter the bedroom and close the door, Mei Qi immediately started investigating the woman by Chu Mochen’s side.

And in the room, Song Yunxuan couldn’t calm down.

Normally, according to her relationship with Chu Mochen, he did not have to avoid her.

Since Chu Mochen didn’t die in the plane crash and returned to Yuncheng secretly, why didn’t he contact her?

It was not just that he didn’t contact her.

Even the entire Chu Family concealed it from her.


Especially, the conversation between Chu Mochen and the woman she heard in the hospital corridor seemed to show that Chu Mochen had no feelings for Song Yunxuan.

What was the matter?

What happened after his plane crash?

Song Yunxuan massaged her brow. Thinking about these things made her feel so upset that she couldn’t sleep.

Mei Qi quickly investigated.

One night later, he found out that woman’s information and put it in front of Song Yunxuan.

The next morning, after eating breakfast, Song Yunxuan flipped through all the information about the woman on the desk. Then, she said, “I have never heard of this Su Family.”

“They are not from Yuncheng or Harbor City, but from Qicheng.”

As a first-tier city in the country, Qicheng did not have a strong sense of presence, but it was famous for its trade development.

It was not comparable to Yuncheng or Harbor City.

However, it was the third richest city in the country.

The woman next to Chu Mochen was the eldest daughter of the Su Family in Qicheng.

She was 29 years old this year.

She was about to be thirty years old. She was only a little younger than Gu Changge.

She was about the same age as Chu Mochen.

This woman, in some respects, was very similar to Gu Changge.

She took control of the Su Family’s industry at a very young age and did the family’s traditional maritime trade smoothly and thoughtfully.

Although she had several younger brothers, they were all illegitimate children of her father and other women. They had tried to develop, but they were suppressed by this woman.

Ostensibly, she got along with her several half-brothers.

In fact, she restricted the development of these younger brothers in all aspects.

One of them was even a small employee of the Su Family.

To put it bluntly, as long as Su Xiaoran was alive, her half-brothers would not be able to escape from being suppressed.

After reading the information about Su Xiaoran, Song Yunxuan leaned back on the leather chair.

She pursed her lips and pondered.

Mei Qi asked her, “Manager Song, what’s your plan?”

“How did Su Xiaoran meet Chu Mochen?”

Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said, “They didn’t know each other before. But in the month of the plane crash, Su Xiaoran also went to the destination of Childe Chu’s business trip.”

Song Yunxuan puckered her lips, “They were not on the same plane. This means that they did not meet on the plane. They can only meet at the destination of the flight.”

Then, Mei Qi said, “The plane Childe Chu was on didn’t crash, did it?”

Hearing Mei Qi’s words, Song Yunxuan took a breath, “Only this explanation is reasonable.”

Otherwise, how did Chu Mochen and Su Xiaoran meet?

However, since Chu Mochen did not experience an air crash, why didn’t he contact people in Yuncheng earlier or tell Song Yunxuan?

Song Yunxuan felt confused and couldn’t understand this matter.

Only Mei Qi had a radical conjecture in his heart, “Manager Song, the reason Childe Chu did this may be…”


Song Yunxuan asked Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said, “He doesn’t love you anymore.”

Song Yunxuan was shocked by Mei Qi’s words. After a while, she seemed to understand something and nodded, “You’re right. He doesn’t love me anymore.”

That was right.

That was the fact. Chu Mochen ceased to be faithful to her.

If he hadn’t shifted his love to another person, why hadn’t he told her that he was safe since he did not encounter an air crash and was safe?

Why did he allow people in Yuncheng to enthusiastically spread the news of his death?

He was unwilling to come back or tell Song Yunxuan that he was still alive.

The only reason was that he had transferred his affections from Song Yunxuan to someone else.

He didn’t want to see Song Yunxuan or get involved with her.

Seeing Song Yunxuan’s expression, Mei Qi was worried that this fact would deal a serious blow to her. He couldn’t help but say, “This is just an unrealistic guess. He must have difficulties that cannot be said. That’s why he did those things.”

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