Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 848 - Caught You (4)

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Chapter 848 Caught You (4)

Song Yunxuan didn’t know what difficulties Chu Mochen had. However, there was another woman beside him.

Moreover, Song Yunxuan heard how Chu Mochen would handle the premature child.

She felt disappointed and ridiculous.

This love between her and Chu Mochen seemed to be a dream.

Song Yunxuan pursed her lips and gently massaged the center of her eyebrows with her hands.

After a long time, she asked Mei Qi, “How is Gu Changle?”

“She was locked up in the hospital’s morgue last night. When we went to see her this morning, she has passed out from shock.”

Song Yunxuan said, “Continue to keep her locked in there. Is she not clear about her situation?”

Shao Tianze and Gu Changle no longer had the qualifications to be Song Yunxuan’s opponents.

Song Yunxuan could pinch them to death as easily as trampling an ant to death.

However, under such circumstances, the two of them did not know the situation.

They thought they still had the possibility of success and were unwilling to admit defeat.

If they had done fewer secret actions, Song Yunxuan might have given them a period of stability.

However, Song Yunxuan wouldn’t do like this now.

Chu Mochen and Su Xiaoran still kept a low profile in Yuncheng.

Maybe the Su Family had warned all media agencies. Even no one reported that they were in Marie Hospital.

After Song Yunxuan returned home, the Chu Family called her to ask about the situation.

Song Yunxuan apologized that people had made a mistake.

The Chu Family asked her with concern, “You must take care of yourself. This child cannot be born prematurely.”

Ostensibly, Song Yunxuan nodded and agreed.

She felt ironic in her heart.

After all, Chu Mochen didn’t care about this child.

Since he didn’t care about this child, it became a joke that the Chu Family required custody of the child.

No matter how the Chu Family warned Song Yunxuan and showed concern for the child, Song Yunxuan did not want to give the Chu Family the custody of her child anymore.

After thinking about this, Song Yunxuan contacted her lawyer to remake the land use right transfer contract of the land in the Southern Mountain.

In the afternoon, the contract was delivered to the Chu Family.

Chu Mochen’s parents were stunned after they read the contract that Song Yunxuan asked her lawyer to send.

At this moment, Chu Mochen and Su Xiaoran came downstairs.

Su Xiaoran did not know the transfer contract for this land in the Southern Mountain.

After seeing the contract held by Chu Mochen’s parents, she was stunned. Then, she asked Chu Mochen with doubts, “It is the land where we plan to build a villa, isn’t it?”

Chu Mochen’s parents didn’t like Su Xiaoran.

They didn’t want to answer her question.

However, Chu Mochen loosened his hand, took the contract, looked through it, and replied, “Song Yunxuan also likes it.”

“So, you gave it to her?”

Su Xiaoran felt jealous.

Chu Mochen’s mother obviously preferred Song Yunxuan. She said, “In Song Yunxuan’s belly is the eldest grandson of our Chu Family. This is just one of the gifts to appease her.”

Su Xiaoran’s family background was not comparable to the rich and powerful Chu Family.

Chu Mochen liked her now, but she didn’t dare to be too self-willed.

She just smiled and said with doubts, “Why is she returning the gift she received now?”

Chu Mochen said, “Isn’t it easy to understand? She returns the land in the Southern Mountain to us and wants to get back the custody of the child. She does not intend to give the child to our Chu Family.”

Hearing his words, Chu Mochen’s parents frowned.

Chu Mochen’s mother felt displeased, “That’s our Chu Family’s child.”

Su Xiaoran said, “But Miss Song is also the child’s mother. Maybe she is worried about the child.”

“We are the grandparents of the child and will take good care of him.”

“Then…” Su Xiaoran creased her brow and indecisively said, “Does she have other concerns?”

Su Xiaoran said these words, but her expression showed that she suspected Song Yunxuan had bad tricks.

Chu Mochen’s mother had a very good impression of Song Yunxuan.

She also didn’t like the woman her son brought back.

Hearing her comment on Song Yunxuan, Chu Mochen’s mother frowned and said with displeasure, “The child is the blood of our Chu Family. We’ve proved it in many ways. And when I discussed this matter with her before, she agreed. Something must have happened so that she suddenly changed her mind. I’m going to talk to her.”

After saying these words, Chu Mochen’s mother planned to go out.

Chu Mochen’s father didn’t go with her.

He just glanced at Chu Mochen.

Meeting his father’s gaze, Chu Mochen smiled, “Let’s keep my business secret.”

Chu Mochen had Su Xiaoran now, and his father knew that he might have changed his affections. But even so, Chu Mochen’s father could not force his son to marry Song Yunxuan.

He sighed and left.

After seeing Chu Mochen’s parents leave, Su Xiaoran said to Chu Mochen, “Mochen, are you sure that the child in Miss Song’s belly belongs to you?”


Chu Mochen nodded.

Su Xiaoran drew together her brow and said with concern, “However, I’ve heard that her assistant never left her. He already lives in the Song Family now. Could something have happened to them?”

Su Xiaoran observed Chu Mochen’s expression.

Chu Mochen put on a gloomy expression and said, “Are you going to the concert?”

“Yes.” Su Xiaoran smiled.

“You need to prepare for it now.”

Chu Mochen urged her.

Su Xiaoran happily nodded and turned around to go upstairs. She was going to change clothes.

However, after she took a few steps, Chu Mochen said behind her, “I won’t go to the concert tonight. You can go back to the hotel after the concert.”

Su Xiaoran was stunned.

Chu Mochen didn’t care about her surprised expression. He had sorted his cuffs. Then, he notified the housekeeper and went to the garage.

Su Xiaoran recovered from the shock a long time later. Looking at the empty door of the villa, she couldn’t help frowning and grasping the carved rosewood handrail.

When Chu Mochen’s mother came to visit, Song Yunxuan was drinking water in the room and listening to prenatal education from an expert.

Mei Qi was by her side and planned her schedule.

“Tomorrow, the Song enterprise will renew a multinational agreement with Country M.”

“Why didn’t the Shao Family take any action?”

Song Yunxuan stroked her lower abdomen while talking to Mei Qi.

Mei Qi said, “Gu Changle’s disappearance has made Shao Tianze irritable. Now, he is going crazy because he couldn’t get in touch with Gu Changle. He has no time to intervene in the renewal of the contract.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “That’s right.”

While they were talking, the housekeeper’s voice came from the door, “Miss Song, Mrs. Chu is here.”

It seemed that Song Yunxuan had expected that Chu Mochen’s mother would come. She said, “Tell her that I’m not feeling well, and I have rested.”


The housekeeper responded and left.

Mei Qi asked her, “Is it appropriate to treat Mrs. Chu like this?”

“It’s Okay. If I have nothing to do with Chu Mochen, this mother-in-law will not be my relative.”

Mei Qi felt confused, “Manager Song, what did you hear Childe Chu say that day?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “He didn’t like my child and wanted to kill him.”

Mei Qi frowned, “This shouldn’t be what Childe Chu said.”

“I heard him say this with my own ears. I also think this is a bit weird. But, after all, I have been pregnant for so long. Therefore, I will not let my child take risks in the Chu Family as long as he had such an idea and said those disappointing words for whatever reason.”

Song Yunxuan had lost a daughter. She would not send her second child to die.

She did not allow anyone who threatened the child’s life to approach him.

After hearing Song Yunxuan’s order, the housekeeper went to pass the message to Mrs. Chu.

Mrs. Chu knitted her brows, “I will wait here for her to finish resting.”

Hearing these words, the housekeeper knew that Mrs. Chu wouldn’t leave until she met Song Yunxuan after she woke up.

However, Song Yunxuan had decided not to see Mrs. Chu. Even if Mrs. Chu waited for a day, Song Yunxuan might not show up.

The housekeeper knew this in her heart.

She believed that Mrs. Chu, such an experienced person, naturally understood this.

Since Mrs. Chu knew that Song Yunxuan would not come to meet her, she still wanted to wait.

If the housekeeper kept persuading Mrs. Chu, she would be nagging.

She could only serve Mrs. Chu tea and let her wait in the living room.

After she waited for three hours, the sky was already dark.

There was no sign that Song Yunxuan would go downstairs.

Mrs. Chu sighed and left.

Hearing the housekeeper saying that Mrs. Chu had left, Song Yunxuan stood up in the room and said to Mei Qi, “I want to go out and get some air. Come with me.”

There was no one else accompanying her by her side. There was no one else except Mei Qi.

Nominally, Song Yunying was her second elder sister. However, it was better for her to stay alone rather than let Song Yunying accompany her.

Seeing the evening sky getting darker and darker, Mei Qi asked Song Yunxuan, “Manager Song, where do you want to go?”

“I want to go to the beach.”

“It’s too cold. We shouldn’t go to the beach.”

Mei Qi was worried about Song Yunxuan’s health.

However, Song Yunxuan said, “I especially want to see the sea today.”

She especially wanted to see the sea today for no reason.

She felt very depressed as long as she thought of the scene that she saw Chu Mochen and Su Xiaoran outside the delivery room.

She was eager to relax and forget those things.

The love between Shao Tianze and her was ruined by betrayal.

Her love with Chu Mochen didn’t seem to be as smooth as expected.

She stroked her chubby belly with her fingers. She was suddenly at a loss for her child’s future.

She didn’t know how to train and teach a child without a father when he was born.

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