Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 893 - Arrangements for Gu Yi

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Chapter 893 Arrangements for Gu Yi

Mei Qi pondered over what Song Yunxuan said, feeling that it made some sense.

Gu Changge also had a hard time back in the day.

She even suffered a lot more than Gu Yi.

The difference was that Gu Changge relied on her father at that time.

But now Gu Yi could only rely on Song Yunxuan.

Gu Changge’s father’s ability was similar to that of Song Yunxuan.

If Gu Yi was as capable as Gu Changge, he would certainly grow with the help of Song Yunxuan.

When he grew up, he could be somebody in Yuncheng like his mother.

However, it was hard to say whether the child could treat Song Yunxuan’s help with a calm attitude.

Mei Qi was still pondering.

Song Yunxuan suddenly halted, slightly frowning.

Mei Qi immediately noticed that, turning to ask her, “Manager Song, anything wrong?”

Song Yunxuan rested her hands on her belly, knitting her brows.

Mei Qi instantly got worried, asking, “Bellyache?”

There was a look of pain in Song Yunxuan’s eyes. Hearing Mei Qi’s question, Song Yunxuan slightly nodded.

Mei Qi doubted, “But now it’s not the due date, right?”

“Yeah… There’s still some time…”

Song Yunxuan also clearly remembered that her due date was not during this period.

Mei Qi attached great importance to it. Knowing that Song Yunxuan was now in a special period and nothing could go wrong, he immediately held her up and walked forward, saying, “I’ll call Mr. Chu right away.”

Song Yunxuan was pregnant with Chu Mochen’s baby.

Therefore, if anything happened, Chu Mochen should be informed immediately.

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Mei Qi first helped Song Yunxuan get into the car. After Mei Qi finished the call with Chu Mochen, Song Yunxuan said to him, “I’ll have someone take me to the hospital first. You take Yi back.”

“I’ll accompany you to the hospital first.”

Mei Qi could not be reassured.

Compared with Song Yunxuan’s current situation, it was obvious that Gu Yi was not in danger at all.

But Song Yunxuan didn’t agree, “Gu Yi is not safe in the mental hospital. Even if Gu Changle and Shao Tianze are both in bad conditions, someone else may still want to hurt Yi. Therefore, you must keep an eye on Yi.”

Mei Qi knew Song Yunxuan cared a lot about Gu Yi.

Therefore, after hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, he nodded, “OK. I’ll take care of Yi.”

“Thanks. Do keep him safe.”

After getting Song Yunxuan’s order, Mei Qi asked the chauffeur to take Song Yunxuan to the hospital and then he turned back to see Gu Yi.

On the way, except Mei Qi, everyone around Song Yunxuan was dispatched by Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan was Chu Mochen’s wife. Although the formal wedding had not been held yet, she was pregnant. Her identity was also well known.

So everyone took great care of her.

On the way, the chauffeur told Chu Mochen everything about Song Yunxuan.

Chu Mochen was somewhat worried about her. So after meeting Song Yunxuan’s car on the road, he followed her car to the hospital.

The hospital also received the news that Song Yunxuan would be sent there soon and some doctors had already been waiting at the door of the hospital for a long time.

No sooner had Song Yunxuan been taken out of the car, the doctors immediately walked up to inquire about her situation.

What doctors feared most about pregnancy were blooding and premature birth.

Now it was not the time for delivery. If the amniotic fluid broke or the baby arrived earlier than expected, it would both have a bad effect on the baby and the mother.

Luckily, though Song Yunxuan had a bellyache, the doctors found that there was no blood when she arrived at the hospital.

After examination, the doctors confirmed that she would not go into labor early. It was just an ordinary labor pain. Hearing that, Chu Mochen was relieved.

Then he accompanied her in front of her hospital bed, saying a little crossly, “In such circumstances, stay here and have a good rest.”

“I will.”

Song Yunxuan was happy about Chu Mochen’s concern.

But the scene also reminded her of Shao Tianze back in the days.

At that time, Shao Tianze also cared about her first pregnancy like this.

However, at that time, their love had probably begun to fade gradually.

When thinking about it, she felt that both her marriage and love with Shao Tianze were kind of fake.

They might feel that there was some kind of love between them.

But what about the truth?

They didn’t really love each other. Everything was made up.

They united for the sake of benefits.

Shao Tianze thought he liked Gu Changge, so he used every means to marry Gu Changge and became her husband.

However, in fact, he just took a fancy to Gu Changge’s identity and wanted to have a place in Gu’s.

And marring Gu Changge and becoming her husband were the short cut.

The pursuit of interests was disguised as love.

She gently lowered her eyes.

Seeing that, Chu Mochen knew she was onto something else, asking, “What’s wrong? Anything troubling you?”

Song Yunxuan looked at him with a smile, replying, “No. I just think it’s special for you to do so.”


“It’s the feeling I like.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Chu Mochen reached out and tenderly held her fingers, saying, “You are about to have a baby. Before the due date, stay in the hospital and don’t go anywhere else. After the child is born and is one month old, I’ll accompany you to do whatever you like.”

“I will.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

Song Yunxuan felt Chu Mochen’s fingers holding hers.

It made her feel that he was trustworthy and reliable.

She liked the feeling and enjoyed staying with Chu Mochen.

Song Yunxuan calmly watched her fingers which were held by Chu Mochen. Then she suddenly thought of Gu Yi, saying, “As for the matter of the Shao enterprise…”

“No matter it’s the matter of the Shao enterprise or the Song enterprise, I’ll take charge of everything.”

“I feel…”

Before Song Yunxuan continued, Chu Mochen cut her off, asking, “What? Still worried?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying, “Not like that. But there’s an arrangement that I want to discuss with you.”

“What arrangement?”

Chu Mochen assisted Song Yunxuan to take over the Shao enterprise.

But now she would have a baby. After that, she would recuperate for a while before handling affairs of the Shao enterprise and the Song enterprise.

It was almost inevitable for Chu Mochen to take her place in the management for now.

Therefore, it was necessary for Song Yunxuan to discuss the arrangement with Chu Mochen in advance.

“It’s about Gu Yi.”

Hearing the name Gu Yi, Chu Mochen slightly raised his eyebrows, asking, “You have arrangements for him?”

“Sure I do.”

Gu Yi was Gu Changge’s only child. Although she was now Song Yunxuan, the son was hers.

Thus, she would surely make good arrangements for him.

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