Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 977 - Gu Yuehua

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Chapter 977: Gu Yuehua

Gu Yuehua stood at the entrance of the orphanage and watched the children running around happily. She grabbed the iron railing and smiled, but the rumbling in her stomach made her turn around and slowly walk back with the broken cardboard box she picked up.

When did she start to be satisfied with her current life?

Was it after she returned from that forest?

She didn’t know why Xiaoxiao would still take her out of that place. She could have let her live and die on her own, but she didn’t do that. She didn’t know how she felt when those people threw her out on the streets of Jingdou, but that feeling was definitely not good.

She hated Shen Xiaoxiao. Originally, she was just a very ordinary woman. She had a lover, a cute daughter, and a happy family. Although she wasn’t rich, she lived a very satisfiying life, but one day… All of this had changed because of the Shen family.

She only wanted to be a small nanny, and her husband only wanted to be a driver. However, Shen Guoan’s every step of seduction caused her and Liu Qianmin to have thoughts that they shouldn’t have, and these thoughts were even getting bigger and bigger… bigger and bigger.

She did not understand at the beginning. Shen Guoan was an extremely wise and kind old man at the beginning. He was extremely good to the servants. However, after a car accident, Old Master Shen seemed to have changed into a different person. She could not understand some of the things he did.

He was clearly his son. How could he let a married woman who had even given birth to a child like her seduce Shen Jinhe?

Did he love his own son or hate his own son? The hateful thing was that Liu Qianming actually agreed to it. Not only did he agree, but he also repeatedly brainwashed her every day. It made her envious and jealous of the kind of life where she could live well without doing anything. She didn’t have to be busy with three meals a day, nor did she have to plan for half a day to buy a toy for her daughter.

Therefore, Gu Yuehua also wavered. They followed Shen Guoan’s arrangement and played Shen Jinhe step by step.

Later on, she became pregnant. In fact, she had some expectations in the beginning. After all, Shen Jinhe was really good to her. No matter what she wanted, Shen Jinhe would always do everything he could to get it for her. Originally, she had thought that if she had a son… In the future, all of this would be hers and the child’s. Moreover, she already had a daughter, and it just so happened that she gave birth to another daughter. Although Shen Jinhe was equally happy, she was not.

This daughter was born like a princess, having everything she wanted. However, her daughter, Yufei, did not. When they were eating delicacies, her daughter could eat steamed buns and drink porridge in the servant’s room. She felt extremely distressed just thinking about it.

She had never liked Shen Xiaoxiao since she was young. Many times, she had secretly pinched and hit her behind Shen Jinhe’s back. Shen Guoan had seen it many times. What Gu Yuehua did not expect was that not only did Shen Guoan not stop her, but he also did not blame her. He even pretended that he did not see it and generally ignored it. At that time, she was very happy. She thought that maybe Shen Guoan did not like girls either.

But later, Shen Guoan actually caused a car accident for himself. He even told her and Liu Qianming that if she wanted to get everything from the Shen family, she had to do as he said.

At that time, she thought that Shen Guoan was simply crazy. How could he treat his son, granddaughter, and his family’s business like this? What on earth did he want to do?

How could someone do this?

Liu Qianming’s words gave her an idea. Perhaps Shen Guoan wanted something, and these things had to be exchanged with the Shen family. Moreover, those things were ten or a hundred times more important than the Shen family. They didn’t know what it was, but they knew that Shen Guoan was very mysterious and had a deep background. He even knew some strange-looking spells.

At that time, their fear of Shen Guoan could not be described with words.

After Shen Guoan retired, he sent a man in black to negotiate with them. That man in black was probably the nightmare of his daughter, Liu Yufei.

Why did she agree to take her daughter’s tattoo of that damn Suoyin flower back then? That thing was simply a devil. It made women neither human nor ghost. It was not like what they said back then that made men dote on her.

Those men did indeed like Yufei’s body, but what was the use? If those men got close, it would only make Yufei’s poison of the Suoyin flower more and more severe.

In the first ten years, things were really good. The company was thriving day by day, and it even slowly moved to the Liu family. But one day, that wretched girl actually came back. They had clearly sold her away… Those people had clearly said that they had cut off her limbs and thrown her away to become a prostitute. Why did she suddenly come back?

Not only did she come back… But how did this wretched girl become so powerful? In addition to having a rich family background, her methods were even more ruthless. The most important thing was that she actually had such a powerful backer.

That man was the second person she had seen other than Shen Guoan who was unfathomable and made her extremely afraid. Not only did he have wealth that could rival a country, but he also had a powerful organization that even the black and white factions in the world was afraid of.

How could Shen Xiaoxiao have such a good life? She had been living like a princess since she was young. Why could she still turn the tables even though she had lived a miserable life for ten years?

The underground organization that they had sold her to said that they would teach her a good lesson and that she would never have to come back for the rest of her life. Why did she have to come back just like that?

Gu Yuehua hated her. Such hatred was a habit. It was as if her life was meaningless if she did not hate her.

She never thought that Xiaoxiao was also the child she gave birth to after ten months of pregnancy. She only thought about how much suffering her eldest daughter had suffered for this daughter.

“Why didn’t you transfer money to me last month? Don’t you know that we have to give others money every month when our family members transfer pocket money when we stay here? I will be beaten up if I don’t have money.”

Liu Qianming saw that Gu Yuehua had come to see him again and immediately started shouting. If it wasn’t for his daughter and this woman, he would have lived a normal life. How could he have encountered these things and still have to stay here for a lifetime? Thinking about it made him angry. This was what they owed them, owed them.

At that time, he was sentenced to death. Liu Yufei had actually betrayed him. If it wasn’t for someone from above who helped him, he would have really died. However, even if he didn’t die, he would still be locked up here for a lifetime. The people inside were either murderers or robbers. They were all extremely vicious. Moreover, someone had said that he wasn’t allowed to die. He had to be tortured. Why? Why did he have to do this?

Gu Yuehua looked at the man with a wounded face with some worry. Her heart ached a little. However, she couldn’t even live by herself by picking up the paper every day. How could she give him extra money?

Listening to Liu Qianming’s swearing, Gu Yuehua began to think of Shen Jinhe’s kindness again. Although that man was weak, he was indeed very good to her. What had she done in her life? What was the meaning of it?

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