Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1045 – Your Excellency Liu Huo

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Chapter 1045 – Your Excellency Liu Huo

The fox woman left after a short time, carrying another demon crystal card with her. Old Fox said, “Did he speak?”

“Yes. We’ve asked him many times and there haven’t been any mistakes. He shouldn’t be lying.”

Old Fox picked up the demon crystal card and sifted through it. He slowly closed his eyes and said, “I remember that you once assigned people to investigate Liu Huo in secret. You should know where he lives.”

The fox woman trembled. “Yes. Liu Huo’s dwelling within the city is on Billowing Mountain Avenue.”

“Cow Sledgehammer said that just before he fell unconscious that day, he was on Billowing Mountain Avenue, right?”


The Old Fox’s heartbeat accelerated and his face flushed red. He slammed his armrests and suddenly said, “I need you to investigate what happened after the second time Liu Huo came to my Thousand Eye Temple.”

A hoarse voice came out from the shadows beneath his feet. “Yes, Lord Steward.”

The shadow crept and tumbled like boiling water. Several breaths of time later, it returned to normal.

The room fell deathly silent. The fox woman thought of a possibility and her breathing quickened. She even felt suffocated and dizzy.

Liu Huo…Liu Huo…although there wasn’t definite evidence yet, these things couldn’t be separated from him.

Was it really him?

The fox woman was lost in a daze for a long time. She was brought back to reality by a sudden sound. The hoarse voice spoke out once again, “Reporting to the steward, after Qin Yu left on that day he was chased into the Merry Forest by others. He left alone afterwards, and the demons chasing him have been missing.”

Old Fox drew in a deep breath, “What was the exact situation?”

“We haven’t fully investigated yet, but after that day, many people vanished from the Merry Forest. As for that person’s subordinates Blacklight and Firefly, they also went into hiding. It seems that something important happened on that day.” After a brief pause, the hoarse voice continued to say, “I have activated our spies within the Merry Forest. It seems that one personally took action that day.”

Shua –

Old Fox fiercely stood up. He closed his eyes, connecting all of this information in his mind. He gently shivered.

There was no mistake, there was definitely no mistake…Liu Huo, what a good Liu Huo. Where did he obtain this inheritance from? Or was there another story behind it? If it weren’t for the beast tide erupting and him being forced to enter Great Deer City, then perhaps even now no one would have noticed his secret!

Abyss Walker…Abyss Walker…

Who could have imagined he was hiding such a shocking status beneath that veneer of his?

That’s right. Through all the obtained information, Old Fox determined that there was no great mountain supporting Liu Huo from behind. Because he himself was that incomparably formidable ‘Abyss’ Number One’!

But why?

As an Abyss Walker, even if he faced the tyrannical and violent Demon Dragon Clan, he would still receive the highest level of courteous reception. As long as he revealed his identity, he could walk throughout the abyss without fear of anything or anyone.

But ever since he met Liu Huo, his actions weren’t consistent with his status.

What was even more inconceivable was that he would help those two low level abyssal demons, Big Mountain and Cow Sledgehammer, stimulate their bloodlines.

It had to be known that even the mighty and noble Abyss Walkers had to expend countless precious treasures to refine a demon medicine that could stimulate one’s bloodline. Even ordinary royal family members didn’t have the financial resources to invite one to help them.

There was a problem. There was definitely a problem.

Old Fox was deep in thought. He knew that only by figuring out this point could he truly establish relations with this strange Abyss Walker.

The fox woman glanced at Old Fox who had a cloudy expression and hesitated before softly saying, “Uncle, perhaps Liu Huo has decided to live with another identity to accumulate different experiences and increase his strength.”

Old Fox was startled. His hand shook and he tore off a few beard hairs. But, he ignored the pain as his eyes brightened.

Decided to live with another identity…

To accumulate different experiences and increase one’s strength, that was a weak way of doing things. But, that didn’t mean it was impossible.

If a ranking list was created in the abyss that listed how long someone managed to survive, then a large number of the top spots would be occupied by demonic refining masters.

They each had strange and bizarre methods that allowed themselves to live for a very long time. It was said that some could even live long enough to the point where they would decay together with the abyss.

At least, Old Fox knew of an example. There was a senior demonic refining master powerhouse who didn’t have much time remaining. It was unknown what price he paid, but he completed a bloodline sharing with a Demon Dragon Clan Elder. Both sides shared the same life afterwards. As long as the Demon Dragon Elder didn’t die, then he would continue living on.

And the Demon Dragon Clan was the well-deserved darling of the abyss. Every grownup demon dragon would automatically obtain the approval of the abyss and become a formidable existence similar to an Abyssal King.

Their lifespan was limitless. It was said that even if they were killed, as long as their dragon soul didn’t perish, they would eventually be reborn through the abyss.

This was a peak existence that stood at the top of the biological pyramid. They were nearly endless and indestructible.

It had to be known that Abyss Walkers were the most powerful of demonic refining masters, and as such they had even greater methods to lengthen their lifespan.

For instance, in the example given above. If there really was an Abyss Walker who was willing to share bloodlines with a demon dragon, there were bound to be countless abyssal demon dragons that would beat themselves up for this chance!

There was nothing to do about it. This was the great strength of an Abyss Walker. Even many members of the Demon Dragon Clan would have to lower their noble heads.

To be fair, this example was a bit off tangent. In short, any Abyss Walker would live for an incomparably long time unless an accident happened.

And the question appeared here.

All beings of the worlds, besides a few anomalies that were reborn, lived in harmony with the heavens and earth. From the time they were born, they had to fight and struggle against death.

As they bitterly struggled to live longer, there were some that lived for so long that their mindsets were altered.

To put it simply, they lived a poor lifestyle and their hearts became tired and empty. They were unable to summon energy to do anything…the general symptoms were similar to those with severe depression.

Even if they knew that death was the wrong choice, they would slowly fall into the abyss of destruction.

As the steward in charge of this Thousand Eye Temple Branch Division, Old Fox had lived for a long, long time. While he hadn’t lived long enough to the point where he wanted to end his life, he still knew much about these secret things.

Therefore, when certain existences with ancient lifespans started to perceive that something was wrong with their condition, they would try to put it back on track. They would try to reignite their interest in life so that they didn’t fall into a pit of self-destruction.

Changing one’s identity, taking on a different appearance, and even banishing oneself somewhere remote in the abyss, was an effective method of doing so.

Was it possible that Liu Huo was in such a condition?

The more Old Fox thought about this the more excited he became. He felt that he had grasped the key of this matter, and that this key would allow Thousand Eye Temple to truly establish steady relations with him.

Since His Excellency Liu Huo wanted to experience a brand new life so that he would no longer be tired of living, then reminding him of his true identity was an extremely wrong move.

That’s right, this was it!

If he wanted to be on good terms with him, he had to pretend to be confused and not knowing anything so that he didn’t pierce through the façade.

Otherwise, if he were to ruin Liu Huo’s process of re-experiencing life, then let alone being on good terms, perhaps this entire Great Deer City branch division – including all the personnel here – would be crushed into dust!

Old Fox rejoiced inwardly. He was fortunate that he had realized this, otherwise if he had impatiently rushed over to Liu Huo after discovering his identity, he feared he would already be a corpse.

He glanced at the fox woman and nodded in appreciation. “What you say makes sense. Remember, unless Liu Huo reveals his true identity on his own initiative, our Thousand Eye Temple will play the role of a mute. Do you understand me?”

The fox woman hurriedly bowed, “Uncle, rest assured. Your niece will keep this firmly in mind.” She looked up at Old Fox and hesitated.

“I understand your intentions, but what a pity it is that we have already missed the best opportunity. At the start, if you had been able to figure out a way to climb into Lord Liu Huo’s bed…then it would have been the greatest lucky chance for not only you, but also our entire Tushan Fox Clan!” Old Fox drew in a deep breath, “Alright. We will think of other ways in the future. The most important task at hand is to reestablish contact with Lord Liu Huo…for instance, having him become the most honored guest of our Thousand Eye Temple’s Great Deer City Branch Division.”

The fox woman’s eyes widened. “Uncle, you want to conceal Liu Huo’s existence? This…this…how will you explain this to headquarters…”

“Humph! Even if some people are dissatisfied, they will have to wait until the beast tide ends to launch any attacks on me.” A sharp light surged in his eyes. “Moreover, I will not conceal his status forever. I am just taking the initiative. At the very least, I must become an indispensable intermediary between His Excellency Liu Huo and our Thousand Eye Temple.”

After discovering that there was a chance Liu Huo was a formidable Abyss Walker who had hidden his status and exiled himself in the abyss, his thoughts began to change.

Once he smoothly achieved his goal, his status within Thousand Eye Temple would rise precipitously. Becoming a Vice Temple Master wouldn’t be difficult at all.

The fox woman soon realized all of this. Old Fox was her closest bloodline relative. The higher his status, the more she would profit. She bowed and said, “Uncle is indeed considerate.”

Old Fox took a deep breath, “Since His Excellency Liu Hu doesn’t wish to be disturbed, then we must plan our following actions well. Now, go and find His Excellency Liu Huo. Our Thousand Eye Temple will be hosting a banquet for distinguished guests and promoting internal discounts. He must be invited!”

The fox woman bowed respectfully, “I will immediately manage this!”

Qin Yu had no idea that in order to find a reasonable opportunity to contact him, someone had already decided to make a big move without any hesitation in spending demon crystals. If he did, he wouldn’t have such a headache over how few demon crystals he had.

Feature’s demon medicine had smoothly been refined again. This caused Qin Yu to be speechless at the so-called appraisal abilities of the abyssal demons.

With that sort of level, how had they ever managed to stay in business?

Tsk tsk, he couldn’t figure it out at all!

But it didn’t matter if he couldn’t figure out these things. The demon medicines weren’t his and he wasn’t eating them, so any problems that occurred afterwards had nothing to do with him.

What gave him a headache was him trying to figure out how to use these demon medicines to obtain the demon crystals needed to buy more materials for Feature.

As the beast tide attack on Great Deer City grew increasingly violent, the price of demon medicines in the city rose higher and higher. Although they were still healing demon medicines, because of the scarce market, the trading value here was much higher than what was offered by Thousand Eye Temple.

But what left him feeling helpless was that Feature said she would no longer refine such low-level demon medicines. As the future strongest demonic refining master of the abyss, her journey was to the sea of stars.

To summarize things, she asked Qin Yu to buy even higher-quality materials so she could refine stronger demon medicines.

As the price of demon medicines soared, the price of their materials would also rise in tandem. This was especially true for the high-grade materials she needed.

Qin Yu had asked for the price before and the answer had left his complexion darkening. The demon crystals he had in hand weren’t enough to purchase them all, and the shortfall wasn’t small.

Standing outside a shop with flows of people surging around him, Qin Yu rubbed his chin. As he was thinking about the possibility of using force, from behind a window on the second floor of the shop, a demon inadvertently glanced over and saw him. The demon trembled and immediately paled!

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