Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful! - Chapter 590 - Whoever Dares To Bully Her Will End Up Like This

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Chapter 590: Whoever Dares To Bully Her Will End Up Like This

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Those who came from other places wanted to go and strike up a conversation with her but just as that idea surfaced in their minds, their companions who knew of Zi Yi’s name had stopped them.

“You better diminish that thought.”

“Why? Is she someone’s woman?”

“It would be better even if she was someone else’s woman. But she’s just a tigress who would eat you up without spitting out your bones.”

“Heheh, what do you mean by that?”

“What random thoughts are you thinking about? Haven’t you heard of how a group of young masters and young ladies got taken care of by the boss of [Futuristic Bar]?”

“I’ve heard of it… the boss of the bar definitely has a strong background. To think that they dare to make those young masters and young ladies end up in such a miserable state.”

“That woman is the lady boss of this bar.”

“Who? You mean that beautiful lady over there?”

“That’s right.”

“No way!”

After a round of discussion, even if those people who did not know who Zi Yi was had initially wanted to strike up a conversation with her, they did not dare to do so now.

The news of how the boss took care of the young masters and young ladies of the capital was well known by everyone.

In addition, this was her turf and who would possibly dare to offend her?

Zi Yi did not care that she was the topic of their discussion.

After the manager robot brought her a tablet, she began to start checking around.

The bartending robot mixed a glass of alcohol for her and placed it on the side.

She had a drink while she continued checking.

When she was checking into one of the rooms, she unexpectedly saw Dou Yue’er.

Zi Yi looked at Dou Yue’er who was currently talking and laughing with several boys and girls around her age and she guessed. “Don’t tell me she secretly sneaked in here?”

At the thought of this, she carefully checked out everyone in the bar. All of them looked honest and there was even a boy who kept writing and drawing in a notebook.

Zi Yi blocked the surrounding sounds and connected to the room.

Only then, did she realize that those high school students came to her bar to widen their outlook.

What they were discussing were the technologies used in the bar.

Zi Yi breathed a sigh of relief and removed the sound barrier around her. She called for the manager robot and said, “No wine is allowed in Room 5. Send more fruit plates inside.”

The manager robot responded. “Yes, Master.”

Zi Yi continued checking up on other places.

When she finished checking all the rooms and was about to lift her cup to take a drink, her gaze subconsciously swept past her cousin and her classmates. They were currently dancing on the dance floor.

Zi Yi turned the high stool and faced the dance floor. She kept a watch on Dou Yue’er while she drank.

Dou Yue’er and her classmates could not be considered to be dancing. Their bodies simply moved around, similar to a group of maniacs that were dancing wildly.

However, Dou Yue’er was considered pretty. Even if she randomly jumped about, she was still the prettiest girl on the dance floor.

Zi Yi resisted the urge to support her forehead and took a sip. Just as she was thinking about whether she should go and say hello, she noticed a man approaching Dou Yue’er with a perverted gaze.

The man had not done anything right away. He had observed for a moment and when he saw that those around Dou Yue’er were unfamiliar faces, he moved his body with the intention of rubbing against her.

Zi Yi’s eyes narrowed and she heavily slammed her cup on the bar table. She then stood up and strode towards the dance floor.

Dou Yue’er who was dancing did not notice the man’s disgusting thoughts. After she got bumped against, she subconsciously gave way. However, just as she moved aside, the man bumped against her again.

She finally realized that there was something wrong with that man and said angrily, “What are you doing?”

The man who wanted to rub against her kept his calm and said plausibly, “There are so many people on the dance floor. See, everyone is squeezing around and I was pushed here. It’s just dancing, what else do you think I want to do?”


Dou Yue’er was so angry and wanted to reason out with him. However, her classmate standing next to her hastily stopped her.

“Yue’er, it’s better to avoid trouble whenever possible. It’s obvious that this man isn’t someone easy to handle. Let’s just stay away from him.”

Dou Yue’er had never suffered such injustice before.

Moreover, she was in her cousin’s bar.

However, the man in front of her looked fierce and she dared not do anything to him. She could only resist her urge to argue and walked over to the side.

The man saw that Dou Yue’er feared him. When she walked away, he ran over and chased her.

Seeing that the man’s hand was about to touch Dou Yue’er’s hip, a light voice sounded. “Music, stop!”

As soon as the music stopped, it was as if the paused button was pressed and those who were twisting their bodies had stopped. Before they had the chance to express their dissatisfaction, they heard a cracking sound.

At the same time, a pig-like scream sounded.

“Owwwww! Let go, let go! My hand is broken! Do you know who I am?”

Everyone looked towards the man who appeared fierce but was cowardly at heart as he threatened. They then turned to the serious-looking Zi Yi. All of them subconsciously retreated.

Zi Yi snorted. “You’re on my turf. Why do I care who you are?”

“Owww~ Ugh…”

“Shut up!” Zi Yi shouted in discontentment.

The man did not stop screaming and so she sent a silver needle in his direction.

The bar fell into silence.

The spectators all held their breaths.

Dou Yue’er who finally reacted gave a cry of surprise. “Cousin!”

Zi Yi gave her a nod and looked at the man who she had grabbed by the wrist. He could not struggle out of her grip nor speak at all and his complexion was the same as pork liver. Zi Yi said in a cold voice, “You dare to harass girls in my bar? Do you not want your hand anymore?”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, Lu Jingye, Ian, and Wei An came over at the same time.

Lu Jingye came over to her and asked, “What happened?”

Zi Yi snapped her finger and a virtual screen playing out the situation earlier had appeared.

After the whole process of the man wanting to take advantage of Dou Yue’er was shown, Lu Jingye’s expression sank.

He then raised his foot and kicked the man’s lower back



Everyone gasped at the sight of Lu Jingye’s action.

No one dared to stand out and speak up for him as they looked at the man who lost consciousness.

“Who brought this person inside?” When Lu Jingye asked the question, his voice was rather calm, a vast contrast from how fierce he had been just moments ago. However, the people around them were even more afraid to speak out.

No one came forward.

Zi Yi sneered and directly walked over to Dou Yue’er. She pulled her hand and said, “This is my cousin. Whoever dares to bully her will end up like this.”

Dou Yue’er was amazed by how domineering her cousin and cousin-in-law were. Her eyes that were looking at them were sparkling.

Ian, who was standing by the side, whispered, “To think that Lu would show such a cruel side to other people.”

Wei An pushed the spectacles on the bridge of his nose and said in a flat tone, “If my sister was taken advantage of like this, I will also make it so that he can’t use his lower body anymore.”

Ian thought about it. He felt that if he had a sister he cared about and she got bullied like this, he would also do the same. After coming to that conclusion, he did not say anything else.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye went over to the bar together and the young masters and young ladies of the capital who came here to play had walked further away.

At the same time, they whispered to each other, “Did you realize that after he left the Lu Family, he seems to have changed into another person?”

“That kick earlier was too ruthless. I really suspect that the man’s spine was broken.”

“It’s obviously broken. In the past, I always thought that he was not the type to hit someone else. I didn’t expect him to be so cruel when he did.”

“To think that there would be a day where the Second Brother whom I regard as an immortal in my heart would actually be so rash and hit someone.”

“He no longer has the halo and now that Zi Yi is feeding him, it’s impossible for him to be down to earth.”

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