Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3120 - Chapter 194 - New Hegemon

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Chapter 194 – New Hegemon

When Shi Feng swung his sword, crimson flames swept across the stage and incinerated everything into nothingness. The sight of the sea of flames devouring even space itself caused the spectating crowd to gasp.

“What a terrifying Mana Technique! Who the hell is this guy?” Wolf Emperor exclaimed, a grave expression appearing on his face.

Mana Techniques might be common in the Stratified Abyssal Realm, but most of the Mana Techniques in the hands of Slumber City’s peak powers could only exhibit power rivaling Tier 3 Skills and Spells. There were also a few Mana Techniques capable of reaching the standard of Tier 4 Skills and Spells, but those were Dark-type Mana Techniques.

However, the Mana Technique Shi Feng used was clearly of the fire element. Yet, in addition to being capable of incinerating even space itself, those flames also gave Wolf Emperor the feeling that he would get burnt into nothingness so long as they touched him.

The power of this Mana Technique far surpassed the power of the average Tier 4 Skill and Spell.

It should be known that Mana Techniques did not have Cooldowns like Skills and Spells. So long as players had enough Stamina and Concentration, they could use Mana Techniques multiple times in a row. Hence, Mana Techniques were worth much more than Skills and Spells on the market.

On average, it would take a Tier 3 Dark-type Skill or Spell to match the value of a Mana Technique capable of exhibiting Tier 3 power. In the case of a Mana Technique capable of exhibiting power surpassing Tier 4 Skills and Spells, Wolf Emperor couldn’t even begin to imagine its value since he had never heard of such a Mana Technique appearing in the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

However, the powerful flames Shi Feng created did not deter Solitary Soul in the slightest. Immediately, several of his doppelgangers began brandishing the daggers they wielded, the phantom of a dark wolf appearing around each of these doppelgangers as they charged at the oncoming sea of flames.

He even has a Dark-type Mana Technique? How much strength has Solitary Soul kept hidden? Echoing Judgment’s expression turned incredibly gloomy when he saw the wolf phantoms on the stage.

The Mana Technique Solitary Soul just used had clearly reached the Tier 4 standard already. Moreover, it was even a Dark-type Mana Technique. Combined with his Legendary Equipment, Solitary Soul could easily rank among the top five of Shadow City, the number one City in the Stratified Abyssal Realm.

Even Laura Crader was unlikely to be Solitary Soul’s match now.

At this point, Echoing Judgment could already foresee Death Curse becoming the number one power in Slumber City. Once that happened, Purple Light’s days in Slumber City would be numbered…

However, before Echoing Judgment could lament the fate of Purple Light for long, the sea of flames and wolf phantoms clashed.


A deafening explosion echoed throughout the entire arena, and the resulting shockwaves caused the stage’s defensive barrier to shake violently. Although the barrier eventually calmed down without breaking, everyone still couldn’t help but feel insecure when they saw the space above the entire arena turning into an empty void.

Once the dust settled, the spectating audience couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by what they saw.

“How is this possible?!”

“The stage got destroyed?!”

“Is this the strength of Vice City Lord-level players?”

At this time, the stage used to host the fight was nowhere to be seen, and taking its place was a massive crater. Moreover, spatial tears filled the space above the crater, the area rendered completely inhospitable.

Meanwhile, hovering above the crater were five figures, of which four belonged to Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers. At this time, though, these doppelgangers had already lost over 10% of their HP. Evidently, they had suffered some damage from the feedback of the clash just now.

“Who are you?! How can you overpower even my Heaven Devouring Wolf?!” Solitary Soul shouted, a hint of fear flashing past his eyes for the first time as he looked at Shi Feng.

Heaven Devouring Wolf was the greatest fortuitous encounter Solitary Soul had come across. It was also his strongest trump card. With this Mana Technique, he was confident he could challenge even the ten Vice City Lords of Shadow City and achieve good results.

Yet, even though Solitary Soul had already used Heaven Devouring Soul against Shi Feng, not only did he fail to kill Shi Feng, but he didn’t even manage to deal a single point of damage to Shi Feng. The only change he noticed was Shi Feng’s slightly paler complexion. In comparison, he had suffered some damage from the clash…

At this time, Solitary Soul wasn’t the only one confused by this situation. Even Wolf Emperor and the other spectators were greatly shocked.

Solitary Soul’s strength was clear for all to see. In addition to having a piece of Legendary Equipment, he even possessed a Dark-type Mana Technique.

Yet, Solitary Soul had still lost to Shi Feng even with such favorable conditions. This was simply unbelievable!

“Who am I? I’m the person who’s about to send you on your way!”

Shi Feng didn’t bother offering Solitary Soul with any explanations. Instead, he promptly executed a horizontal slash, unleashing another Holy Devour at the other party.

Immediately, a sea of flames devoured the space within the defensive barrier once more, the coverage of the attack leaving Solitary Soul with no choice but to resist it with Heaven Devouring Wolf again.




Solitary Soul’s doppelgangers lost a portion of their HP every time they blocked Shi Feng’s attacks. At the same time, the doppelgangers’ complexion also grew increasingly paler, and the trembling of their hands worsened continuously.

Seeing this scene, the spectating audience finally understood what it meant to truly overwhelm a person by force. Solitary Soul could neither dodge nor block Shi Feng’s attacks perfectly. The only thing he could do was watch as his HP gradually disappeared…

After Shi Feng executed Holy Devour for the tenth time, Solitary Soul’s four remaining doppelgangers faded out of existence, and Solitary Soul’s main body appeared before everyone’s eyes. At this time, though, Solitary Soul’s HP had already fallen to zero. Then, his vision darkened, and his body lifelessly fell into the crater.

At the same time, the melodious sound of ringing bells echoed throughout the arena, and the victor’s name was displayed above the stage-turned-crater.

Black Flame!

“The commander actually lost?”!

When Night Revenant and the other members of Death Curse saw Solitary Soul’s body disintegrating into countless particles of light, an incomparably ugly expression appeared on their faces. None of them could believe what had just happened.

Night Revenant was especially dumbfounded by this outcome.

In Night Revenant’s opinion, Shi Feng was merely an outsider from who knows where. Meanwhile, there were countless such outsiders appearing in Slumber City every day. Even if these outsiders possessed incredible individual strength, there was little they could do in Slumber City. In front of Death Curse, these outsiders were still insignificant existences.

Yet, Shi Feng had not only caused Death Curse to lose an Advanced Combat Puppet, but he had also defeated Death Curse’s commander now. He had even permanently deprived Death Curse of his status as a Vice City Lord. How could Night Revenant possibly bring himself to believe this situation?

“He won?!”

“Crap! How strong is this guy?!”

“I think the Glimmering Sword is the only person who can match him now.”

After the spectators fell silent for a moment, they quickly broke into exclamations. It was especially true for the executives of Slumber City’s various powers. The way they looked at Shi Feng and his team had changed completely.

After all, Death Curse was thoroughly finished in Slumber City now.

Even if Solitary Soul possessed incredible individual prowess and could possibly rank among the top three of Slumber City, without his status as a Vice City Lord, its development in Slumber City would be severely restricted.

A player’s status was incredibly important in the NPC Cities of the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s Level 100-plus maps. This was because many of the various NPC Cities’ benefits required players to have a certain status to obtain.

Now that Death Curse had offended Shi Feng, someone with authority greater than even Vice City Lords, the adventurer team would have a very difficult time surviving in Slumber City. Not to mention, seven of Shi Feng’s teammates were also Upper-class Nobles.

In the meantime, inside the crater, Shi Feng suddenly noticed that an item had appeared in place of Solitary Soul’s body. Moreover, this item radiated an incredibly familiar aura.

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