Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3121 - Chapter 195 - City Promotion!

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Chapter 195 – City Promotion!

An Ancient God’s possession?

When Shi Feng looked at the fragmented tablet on the ground, he could sense a Divine Might unique to Ancient Gods. Although it was very weak, this Divine Might wasn’t something Gods could possess.

If an ordinary Tier 3 player were subjected to this Divine Might, they couldn’t even get close to within ten yards of the item. If they tried to, they would either be rendered immobile or unconscious.

Upon seeing the Ancient God’s item, Shi Feng promptly picked it up and put it into his bag without hesitation.

In God’s Domain, even the possession of normal Gods could cause superpowers and Tier 6 God-ranked experts to go crazy. So, it was truly a pleasant surprise for Shi Feng to obtain an Ancient God’s item after killing Solitary Soul.

It should be known that players wouldn’t normally drop items when they died in an official duel overseen by the Main God System. Yet, Solitary Soul had still dropped the dilapidated tablet after dying. This showed just how extraordinary of an item the tablet was.

However, before Shi Feng had time to inspect the tablet’s information, a system announcement suddenly rang in his ears.

Slumber City Region System Announcement: Under the God of the Abyss’s witness, Vice City Lord Solitary Soul has been deemed guilty. In addition to being deprived of his status as Slumber City’s Vice City Lord, he will also lose ten levels and be prohibited from logging into the game for thirty natural days.

The system announcement repeated three times, the announcement’s content causing everyone in the arena to gasp involuntarily.

“Crap! What kind of penalty is this?! Death Curse will probably have to withdraw from Slumber City completely now!”

“Prohibited from logging into God’s Domain for thirty days and losing ten levels? With the threat of such a penalty in place, who would dare make an enemy out of Black Flame in Slumber City in the future?”

“Even the Upper-class Nobles will have to tread carefully around this Black Flame from now on.”

Slumber City’s various powers and independent players grew very fearful of Shi Feng after hearing the system announcement. Even the aloof Upper-class Nobles were no exception.

A drop of ten levels wasn’t a huge problem for players living in the Stratified Abyssal Realm since death was a normal occurrence here. However, the thirty-day prohibition from logging into God’s Domain was a punishment worse than death.

God’s Domain had long since become part of everyone’s lives. Many people even relied on God’s Domain to make a living. It was especially true for the various powers’ executives. If they couldn’t log into God’s Domain for thirty days, it wouldn’t even be surprising if they got eliminated from the frontlines.

While Slumber City’s players were discussing this matter, everyone in the arena got teleported back to Slumber City. In Shi Feng’s case, he found himself teleported straight to Slumber City’s City Hall. There was also an elegant old man standing before Shi Feng with a small wooden box in his hands.

“Greetings, Lord Legatee. I am Florentine, the Magistrate of Slumber City. Under the God of the Abyss’s witness, you have exposed the despicable crimes of Vice City Lord Solitary Soul. As a reward for your contribution, you will become Slumber City’s new Vice City Lord from today onward. I hope you can make outstanding contributions to Slumber City,” the old man said as he took out a black lion emblem from the wooden box and handed it over to Shi Feng.

Slumber City Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Black Flame for gaining Magistrate Florentine’s recognition and becoming Slumber City’s First Vice City Lord!

Slumber City Region System Announcement: A player has become Slumber City’s First Vice City Lord. Slumber City’s system update activated. Slumber City will undergo an update for one natural day. All players in Slumber City will be forcibly logged out in half an hour. Players are advised to make the necessary preparations.

“The city’s getting an update? What’s going on?”

“First Vice City Lord? Was there such a status in NPC Cities?”

“Crap! I must be dreaming! It’s a city update! Slumber City actually got a city update! The last time a city update happened was when Shadow City filled all ten of its Vice City Lord spots, and this update instantly propelled Shadow City into the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s number one city! I never thought our Slumber City would receive a city update as well! Our city’s going to soar now!”

Many players were confused by the abrupt city update announced by the system. However, many of Slumber City’s veteran powers couldn’t help but grow ecstatic by this news.

A city update might be foreign to most ordinary players since the last time a city update appeared was over a decade ago. However, veteran players would definitely remember it still since it had shaken the entire Stratified Abyssal Realm back then.

Meanwhile, a city update was essentially a promotion for an NPC City. Moreover, this promotion would have a huge impact on the city and its players.

Solitary Soul will probably wish to die once he learns about this city update, Echoing Judgment thought as he looked at the system announcement. At this time, even he couldn’t help but pity Solitary Soul and Death Curse a little.

In addition to being one of Slumber City’s peak powers, the Purple Light Chamber of Commerce also had business dealings with many NPC Cities. It even had some connections in Shadow City. Hence, Echoing Judgment knew just how much help a city update could provide to a city’s residents.

At this time, Echoing Judgment could already foresee powers from the neighboring NPC Cities and cities that were even farther away rushing to Slumber City after learning about the city update and partnering with Slumber City’s local powers. So, it wouldn’t be strange for Slumber City’s local powers to see a sudden spike in their strength.

However, Solitary Soul would be missing out on this opportunity. He had even lost his status as a Vice City Lord.

It should be known that Vice City Lords would receive many more benefits from the promotion of an NPC City than other players. These additional benefits were so valuable that they could elevate the strength of a peak power like Death Curse to the next level. After all, a city’s promotion would also mean the introduction of new functions.

“This city promotion might be a chance for us to go back, Laura,” a three-meter-tall, Level 120 middle-aged man said, smiling as he looked at the woman with light-blue hair standing next to him. “With your current strength, you’ll definitely give those people a big surprise.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. You’ve seen Shadow City’s situation for yourself. Even those ten Vice City Lords from Shadow City don’t have any clues to help us get back. We are people who have been ousted, after all. There’s no way we can return to the world above so easily…” Laura said, shaking her head.

“The Ancient Abyssal God has sealed this place too tightly. We’ve been searching for a way to leave since the first appearance of players in this Stratified Abyssal Realm, yet we still haven’t found any clues to leave this place…” the middle-aged man said, sighing.

Meanwhile, inside the Abyssal Tower’s lobby…

“First Vice City Lord? Guild Leader Black Flame is always amazing no matter where he goes,” Crimson Heart said, a bitter smile forming on her face as she looked at the system announcement. “It seems we’ll need to have a chat with the Guild Leader after we log off.”

Cleansed Rue, who stood beside Crimson Heart, nodded in agreement.

The Stratified Abyssal Realm’s standards were vastly superior to the standards of their God’s Domain. Now that Shi Feng had become Slumber City’s First Vice City Lord, it meant that Zero Wing had already established a solid foothold in Slumber City. Meanwhile, with Slumber City’s support, they could already imagine how frightening Zero Wing’s development in the Miniature Ancient World would become.

While everyone in Slumber City was carrying out their own considerations and plans, Shi Feng borrowed a VIP lounge in the City Hall to inspect the dilapidated tablet in his bag.

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