Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3122 - Chapter 196 - Legendary Item

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Chapter 196 – Legendary Item

Inside the City Hall’s VIP lounge…

When Shi Feng took out the dilapidated tablet, an Ancient God’s Divine Might instantly envelop the entire lounge. The presence of the Ancient Abyssal God’s phantom in the arena had suppressed the tablet previously. However, now that the tablet was no longer being suppressed, it could unleash its Divine Might in full.

Fortunately, the City Hall was protected by an incredibly strong defensive magic array that could resist being bombarded by Tier 4 attacks for a long time. So, the Divine Might did not affect the building in any way.

It is extraordinary, as expected. Even Tier 4 experts might suffer a mental collapse against such a powerful Divine Might, Shi Feng thought, feeling a little surprised as he looked at the dilapidated tablet in his hands.

The average Ancient God’s possession could, at most, prevent Tier 3 players from getting close to them. In the case of Ancient God’s possessions that could cause Tier 4 players to suffer a mental collapse, they were incredibly rare even in the Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, their value typically rivaled Legendary Equipment or more.

Immediately, Shi Feng used his Eyes of Reality to identify the dilapidated tablet.

The Eyes of Reality was an Innate Skill of Primal Humans. When left in a passive state, it would allow Shi Feng to perceive the operating principles of the Mana around him. When used actively, it could serve as a Master-rank Identification Skill that could easily see through various disguises and identify items.

Ten seconds… Twenty seconds… Thirty seconds…

As the Eyes of Reality continued analyzing the tablet, the tablet’s Divine Might also grew stronger and stronger. By the one-minute mark, the Divine Might had grown so powerful that Shi Feng’s complexion had started to pale.

The Divine Might has already reached the Tier 4 Peak standard after only a minute! What is this item?! Shi Feng was greatly confused as he looked at the dilapidated tablet.

All possessions of Ancient Gods might carry Divine Might, but most would only carry Divine Might at the Tier 4 standard. Even then, these items were plenty incredible already.

However, an item that could radiate Divine Might at the Tier 4 Peak standard was something Shi Feng had never heard of before.

It should be known that the effects of an Ancient God’s Tier 4 Peak Divine Might could rival an ordinary God’s Tier 5 Divine Might. It could easily cause even Tier 4 players to suffer a mental collapse, forcing them into a slumbering state.

Although Shi Feng had a special technique that could help him resist the effects of Divine Might, he was only a Tier 3 Sword King right now. His body’s various parameters might have reached the Tier 4 standard already, but he still wasn’t an actual Tier 4 Sword Emperor. So, there was a limit to what the technique could do for him.

Hurry! Hurry up! Shi Feng grew a little anxious as he looked at the loading bar before him.

Currently, the loading bar was already at 90% progress. So long as he could complete the identification process, the Divine Might would automatically revert to its original state.

If he couldn’t hold on until the identification process was completed, he would most likely have to wait until he got promoted to Tier 4 before he could try analyzing the tablet again. After all, he was already at the pseudo-Tier 4 standard right now. There was very little he could do to develop his mental capacity.

However, the Ancient God’s possession before him would drop on death in its current unidentified state. Moreover, it could only be kept in his personal bag space and could not be traded to other people. This meant that he would have to carry it around with him all the time, and this would greatly restrict his activities.

If this were merely an ordinary item, he wouldn’t have minded losing it. However, this was an Ancient God’s possession that could radiate Divine Might at the Tier 4 Peak standard. He’d probably die from heartbreak if he lost it.

As the progress bar continued filling up, the Divine Might’s strength also continued to grow. Eventually, the Divine Might had grown so strong that Shi Feng started to feel the world around him spin. Evidently, his mind could no longer resist the effects of this Divine Might.

When Shi Feng’s vision started to turn gray, the pleasant sound of a notification rang in his ears. This sound signified the completion of the identification process.

Once the tablet was identified successfully, the Divine Might that flooded the room disappeared into the tablet like a receding tide.

Finally… Shi Feng’s grayed and blurred vision also started to recover. Then, after taking a moment to recover his bearings, he looked at the tablet in his hands and wondered, How did Solitary Soul get his hands on such an extraordinary item?

It should be known that Shi Feng used to be a Tier 6 Sword God. Even if his mental capacity was being limited by his Tier 3 body, his willpower still far exceeded the standards of the average Tier 4 player.

Yet, the dilapidated tablet before him had very nearly caused him to lose consciousness. This was simply unbelievable.

Meanwhile, after the identification process ended, the tablet’s information also appeared before Shi Feng.

[Abyss Workshop Certification] (Legendary Rank Item)

A certification of glory in the past. Although it is now damaged, it can still be used to teleport to the Abyss Workshop.

Cannot be traded.

There is a 30% of dropping on death.

Automatically disappears if stored in a warehouse for more than 30 natural days.

Additional Skill 1-

Abyss Teleportation: Teleport to the Abyss Workshop from any location. Each teleportation will cost 500 Dark Crystals.

Cooldown: 30 natural days

Additional Skill 2-

World-Breaking Teleportation: Forcibly opens a World-Breaking Gate at a pre-designated location. Up to three locations can be saved. Each gate can only transfer up to ten people. Each gate activation costs 3,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

Cooldown: 10 natural days.

While the Abyss Workshop Certification might be damaged, it can absorb God Crystals to restore its power. Current restoration progress (0/10)

“What?!” Shi Feng exclaimed when he saw the tablet’s information.

There were Three Great Workshops in the Greater God’s Domain, and every one of them was in possession of the strongest technologies available in the Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, the Abyss Workshop was one of these Three Great Workshops.

However, the Three Great Workshops were extremely mysterious, and finding them was a huge challenge.

Among the Three Great Workshops, the Abyss Workshop was even rumored to sell Epic Combat Puppets.

An Epic Combat Puppet possessed the strength of a Tier 6 God. Even when driven by a Tier 1 player, an Epic Combat Puppet could clash against a Tier 6 God.

This was a Tier 6 God they were talking about, not a Tier 6 player!

Every Tier 6 God had enough strength to go up against a group of Tier 6 players. If players wanted to kill a Tier 6 God, they’d have to pay a heavy price.

If he could get his hands on several Epic Combat Puppets, he could flatten even the Greater God’s Domain’s hegemonic powers.

Aside from the ability to teleport to the Abyss Workshop, the Abyss Workshop Certification also had the World-Breaking Teleportation Skill. This Skill was not the least bit inferior to the Abyss Teleportation Skill.

Many worlds in God’s Domain were subjected to strict travel restrictions. Examples of such worlds would be the various Stratified Abyssal Realms.

However, with the World-Breaking Teleportation Skill, he could travel back and forth from such restricted worlds with ease in the future.

The only problem was the exorbitant cost of 3,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal per use. An ordinary second-rate Guild probably couldn’t even afford to use this Skill even if they got their hands on the Abyss Workshop Certification. After all, Seven Luminaries Crystals was a rare resource in God’s Domain. Any location that produced Seven Luminaries Crystals would be heavily contested by the various powers. It wouldn’t even be surprising to see Super Guilds going to war over such resource nodes.

However, if it meant being able to freely travel between the Stratified Abyssal Realm and the Miniature Ancient World, Shi Feng wouldn’t mind paying the Seven Luminaries Crystals. In fact, considering that he could bring the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s players into the Miniature Ancient World, the cost of 3,00 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was a very low price to pay.

While Shi Feng was thinking about how he could maximize the use of the Abyss Workshop Certification and obtain a large amount of Seven Luminaries Crystals, another system notification rang in his ears.

System: You still have 15 minutes to go offline. Please make the necessary preparations.

Fifteen minutes? I guess I’ll log out and get some rest in advance, Shi Feng decided when he saw the system notification. Using Holy Devour ten times consecutively had exhausted his mind significantly. Combined with the Divine Might he had to resist just now, his mind had long since reached its limits. So, now was a good time for him to get some rest.

Subsequently, Shi Feng put the Abyss Workshop Certification away and logged out of the game, his body disappearing from the lounge.

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