Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3123 - Chapter 197 - Breaking Through The Limits

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Chapter 197 – Breaking Through The Limits

The midday sun happened to be shining into Shi Feng’s bedroom when he climbed out of his virtual gaming cabin. As soon as Shi Feng took his first step out of the cabin, a wave of exhaustion promptly assaulted him, causing him to nearly lose his footing.

Sure enough, the mental burden of using Holy Devour consecutively is significant, Shi Feng thought to himself as he held his aching head.

The Heavenly Blue Saint’s Mana Technique was top-notch even in the Greater God’s Domain. Even if he were to reach Tier 4 and fully equip himself in Fragmented Legendary items, he would just barely meet the minimum requirement to use Holy Devour without overtaxing his mind and body. So, using Holy Devour consecutively in his current condition was simply foolish.

However, Shi Feng had no choice but to do so to overwhelm and defeat Solitary Soul. Otherwise, his chances of beating Solitary Soul would have been uncertain. After all, Solitary Soul not only possessed a piece of Legendary Equipment, but he had also managed to forcibly elevate himself to the Tier 4 standard through some means.

After getting out of the cabin, Shi Feng walked to the nearby fridge, grabbed a bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid from the fridge, and drank it. Immediately, he felt a source of warmth appearing in his stomach and spreading out to the rest of his body. The exhaustion he felt also lessened rapidly.

However, this recovery effect disappeared less than five minutes later, and a sense of hunger assaulted his mind.

One bottle isn’t enough?

Shi Feng could clearly sense that his body had yet to recover and that it was still severely deprived of energy. If he didn’t replenish his body’s energy, he would most certainly die from hunger.

Left with no better choice, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and took out another bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid from the fridge. Only, even after drinking this second bottle, he still felt a strong sense of hunger.

Why is the consumption so severe?

Shi Feng was shocked when he sensed that he hadn’t recovered from even half of his exhaustion even after consuming two bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid. Immediately, he took out another bottle and drank it.

Previously, Shi Feng had acquired a total of one Life Potion and six bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid from Qi Lianshan and the God’s Domain Association. If not for the God’s Domain Association suddenly deciding to hold the God’s Domain Talent Camp, he could have never gotten his hands on such a haul with his current circumstances. After all, both the Life Potion and the S-rank Nutrient Fluid were incredibly valuable items.

In the case of the S-rank Nutrient Fluid, its selling price might be one million Credits per bottle on the black market, but very rarely could one purchase S-rank Nutrient Fluid even if they had the money to do so. This was because S-rank Nutrient Fluid could maintain a person’s youth and increase the vitality of a person’s body cells. It could even repair hidden injuries in one’s body. Although the S-rank Nutrient Fluid couldn’t keep a person youthful forever, if consumed periodically, it could still allow one to retain the youthfulness of a 25-year-old up until the age of 45. Hence, S-rank Nutrient Fluid was very popular among wealthy individuals.

As for the Life Potion, its value was even greater. An ordinary person would have no trouble living up to 150 years old if they consumed Life Potions periodically. They could even retain their youthfulness up to 60 or 70 years old. Because of this, Life Potions were highly desired by the various major corporations’ top executives.

After Shi Feng consumed his entire stockpile of S-rank Nutrient Fluid and Life Potion, the sense of hunger he experienced finally disappeared. Immediately afterward, he felt as if he had been resurrected as his perception of the world around him sharpened significantly.

I achieved a breakthrough in my brain activity?

Shi Feng was shocked when he noticed the change in his perception’s clarity.

A strong body was necessary to develop a strong mind. Meanwhile, only with a strong mind could he control his body better and liberate more of his body’s strength.

Shi Feng’s physical fitness was currently at the standard of martial arts masters. Logically, it should have been incredibly difficult for him to achieve any further breakthroughs in his brain activity.

However, Shi Feng could feel that his current brain activity was much higher than before. It was obvious that he had achieved a mental breakthrough.

I should be only one step away from reaching the standard of mental strength masters with my current mental standard, Shi Feng thought as he exercised his body in his villa’s gym, excitement filling him when he realized the full extent of the changes his body had experienced.

Currently, not only had his physical fitness reached the standard of a Henglian master, but even his mental standard was only one step away from reaching the mental strength master standard!

The mental strength master standard was a height that most neutralizing grandmasters would never reach in their lives. Meanwhile, individuals who managed to reach this standard were highly sought after by even the most powerful corporations in the world.

This was because the control that mental strength masters could exert over their bodies had already reached an unbelievable level. Mental strength masters could even unleash all of their body’s strength at will.

Normally, the average person could only exert 20% of their body’s strength. This was a restriction the brain had imposed on the body to protect it since the body would break if it used too much strength.

However, mental strength masters could ignore this restriction at will. They also wouldn’t have to worry about injuring their bodies after unleashing their full strength. Moreover, after becoming a mental strength master, an individual’s lifespan would greatly increase. Because of this, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to refer to mental strength masters as a new type of human.

Originally, Shi Feng thought that he would have to develop his physical fitness to the standard of neutralizing grandmasters before his mind could reach the mental strength master standard. He didn’t think that he would reach it now.

With the amount of control he currently had over his body, he was confident he could triumph over neutralizing grandmasters already. Hence, he could now be considered to be standing at the top of this world’s strength pyramid.

I have to consolidate my gains right away. But that’s not going to happen with the training equipment I have at home. It seems I’ll have to pay the God’s Domain Association a visit.

After exercising his body a little, Shi Feng could sense that his improved control over his body was very unstable. This was most likely due to his body’s physical fitness not matching the standard of his brain activity.

Simply put, his body couldn’t keep up with his brain. If he were to remain in this situation for too long, his brain would definitely start to limit its activity to protect his body.

This absolutely wasn’t an outcome Shi Feng wished to see.

Hence, to avoid losing all of his gains, he’d need to undergo some super-physical training to stabilize his condition.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng quickly changed into casual wear and made his way to the God’s Domain Association in the city center.

God’s Domain Association:

Throughout the ten years God’s Domain had remained in operation, the God’s Domain Association had not only hosted various competitions in God’s Domain, but had also helped to expand God’s Domain’s influence over the real world. The Association had also serviced many players of God’s Domain.

Every one of the God’s Domain Association’s branches, be it the main branch or side branches, possessed a comprehensive array of training facilities significantly better than what one could find in a God’s Domain Academy. These training facilities could allow players to achieve maximum efficiency in their daily physical training.

Meanwhile, these training facilities were offered exclusively to members recognized by the God’s Domain Association. If one became an advanced member of the God’s Domain Association, one could even use these training facilities and rest in the Association’s accommodations for free.

Aside from providing players with excellent training facilities, the God’s Domain Association also offered God’s Domain’s various powers to rent temporary office spaces in their buildings. Meanwhile, Zero Wing was currently using one of the office spaces in Jin Hai City’s God’s Domain Association as its temporary headquarters.

As a Gold Instructor recognized by the God’s Domain Association and the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, a Guild recognized by the God’s Domain Association, Shi Feng enjoyed benefits vastly better than even the God’s Domain Association’s advanced members. Hence, he could freely use the Association’s training facilities without restrictions.

After arriving at the Association’s building, Shi Feng made his way to the top-floor VIP lobby to register for the training facilities. While doing so, he suddenly heard a commotion coming from the lobby’s entrance.

At this time, two figures had appeared in the VIP lobby. Both of these people were beautiful women, one of them giving off a calm and cool impression, while the other gave off a bright and sunny impression. Of these two women, one of them was someone Shi Feng was actually incredibly familiar with.

Meanwhile, this person was none other than one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders during Shi Feng’s previous life—Aqua Rose!

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