Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3144 - Chapter 218 - Gods

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Chapter 218 – Gods

“He left?”

“He left, just like that?”

Jing Yang and the others in the conference room were taken aback when they saw Shi Feng leaving so abruptly and without showing any care about whether they withdrew from Asura.

Even Liu Wusheng was stunned by this development.

The current Asura Mercenary Alliance relied mainly on World Dominators and Blackwater to resist the Flower of Seven Sins. If these two Super Guilds withdrew from the mercenary alliance, Asura would most likely lose the ability to maintain its foothold in the Boundary Mountain Range’s underground area. When that happened, Asura could only watch as the Flower of Seven Sins’ many experts got promoted to Tier 4 and widened the gap between their two powers even further.

After a moment of silence, Jing Yang turned to the elderly man from World Dominators and asked respectfully, “What do you think of this situation, Elder Sword? Could Black Flame really be planning on entering the underground area with only five hundred peak experts?”


Jing Yang could ignore the opinions of Witch’s Sin’s Liu Wusheng since the other party was only a Tier 5 expert even at his peak. While Jing Yang had also been a Tier 5 expert during his peak, he was much younger than Liu Wusheng. He still had a chance at getting promoted to Tier 6, but Liu Wusheng’s chances of reaching Tier 6 were most likely nonexistent with his advanced age.

However, it was a different story for World Dominators’ Thousand Swords. Not only was Thousand Swords the Great Elder of World Dominators, but he was also a bona fide Tier 6 Sword God at his peak. He was an existence who had truly stood at the apex of God’s Domain before coming to the Miniature Ancient World.

“If that person from the Sin of Gluttony wasn’t there, Black Flame might stand a chance,” Thousand Swords said. Then, he shook his head and continued, “But with that lunatic garrisoning that place, Black Flame stands no chance. Not to mention, aside from that lunatic, several other old friends are there as well. Even if Black Flame and I join hands, we are unlikely to come out of that place alive…”

Sure enough, our investigation results are similar. Jing Yang wasn’t particularly surprised when he heard Thousand Swords’ answer. “Black Flame has no idea how deep the waters are in the Boundary Mountain Range’s underground area. He thinks he can act fearlessly with just one God-ranked expert and five hundred peak experts.”

Now that the War of Worlds was coming closer and closer, the various superpowers had also started sending more experts into the Miniature Ancient World. Even Tier 6 God-ranked experts were mobilized. It was just that nobody knew how many God-ranked experts each other had sent.


However, according to the Blackwater Corporation’s sources, at least seven God-ranked experts were operating in the Boundary Mountain Range’s first underground level at all times!

Moreover, there were even faint signs showing that the powers behind these God-ranked experts were planning on joining hands to monopolize the Boundary Mountain Range’s second underground level. If that was true, it’d become impossible for other powers to get a slice of the action.

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Night arrived in the Miniature Ancient World, and bright lights illuminated Abyssal Star City’s streets. Players could be seen all over the city, either walking and talking merrily on the streets or enjoying a meal and a conversation with friends in restaurants and pubs.

Meanwhile, at this time, every player in the city was talking about the same thing—the Asura Mercenary Alliance!

After Zero Wing had mobilized a force of 500-plus peak experts to wipe out the Flower of Seven Sins’ forces in Windy Sand Town, the Asura Mercenary Alliance had subsequently declared an all-out war on the Flower of Seven Sins.

For a time, the Miniature Ancient World’s various powers were in an uproar.

The Flower of Seven Sins was the number one assassin organization in God’s Domain. The organization was also the only power to have turned the tables on the Five Great Super Guilds after being declared war on by them, causing the Five Great Super Guilds to suffer severe losses. Eventually, the Five Great Super Guilds even had to stop targeting the Flower of Seven Sins to stop their losses.


Now that the Asura had publicly declared war on the Flower of Seven Sins, the mercenary alliance’s good days were undoubtedly coming to an end.

“Don’t you think you are in too much of a rush, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Hidden Soul asked worriedly as she looked at Shi Feng, who was sorting out documents behind his desk. “Aside from Witch’s Sin, Hundred Flower Palace, Mysterious Moon, and the Star Alliance, the other Guilds have all withdrawn from the mercenary alliance. With this, it’ll become even more difficult for us to enter the Boundary Mountain Range’s second underground level…”

Hidden Soul wasn’t against Shi Feng’s decision to get rid of the fence-sitters in Asura as soon as possible. After all, these fence-sitters had only joined Asura because of the Lineage Crystals. They weren’t actual allies of Asura. On the contrary, these powers had even reduced the living space available for independent experts in Asura. Hence, it was a must to get rid of these fence-sitters.

The only problem was that without the support of these powers, Asura wouldn’t even have the strength necessary to get close to the Boundary Mountain Range’s second underground level.

Not to mention, unlike outsiders, Hidden Soul knew that Zero Wing’s so-called peak experts were merely a temporary product of the Hypersensitivity Potion. It might be fine if they had access to an unlimited supply of Hypersensitivity Potions, but that wasn’t the case at all. Hypersensitivity Potions were incredibly valuable and limited in supply. So, they couldn’t constantly be used as tools for combat.


“Rush?” Shi Feng chuckled. “Indeed, I am in a rush. After all, if they don’t leave, I’d have no way of carrying out the next step of my plan against the Flower of Seven Sins.”

“The next step of your plan against the Flower of Seven Sins?” Hidden Soul grew confused. “Was what you did still not everything?”

Zero Wing might have gained a batch of Hypersensitivity Potions, but these potions had yet to transform into Zero Wing’s strength, let alone the Asura Mercenary Alliance’s strength. If they were to clash against the Flower of Seven Sins now, they’d have no chance of victory.

“Of course not,” Shi Feng said. “How are the preparations for the Seven Luminaries Crystals coming along?”

“I’ve collected all 3,000 units already,” Hidden Soul said as he handed a bag full of Seven Luminaries Crystals to Shi Feng. Then, with a bitter smile, she continued, “But we have also spent the last of our Lineage Crystals as a result. So, I’m afraid we’ll have a very difficult time resisting the Flower of Seven Sins from now on.”

Previously, many experts had joined Asura to resist the Flower of Seven Sins due to the allure of the Lineage Crystals. However, now that Asura had no more Lineage Crystals to offer, these experts naturally had no more reason to clash with the Flower of Seven Sins.

“Relax. We won’t need outsiders to help us deal with the Flower of Seven Sins anymore. From now on, we will deal with this problem ourselves!”


After inspecting the bag of Seven Luminaries Crystals, Shi Feng chuckled as he took out the Abyss Workshop Certification from his bag. Then, he injected all 3,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals into the certificate, opening a World-Breaking Gate and connecting it to the World-Breaking Teleportation Array he had set up previously.


Immediately, space in the middle of the office shattered, and a dark-gray rift slowly opened.

After this spatial rift reached five meters in width, space within the room gradually stabilized. Then, several figures walked out from the dark-gray rift a moment later.

“Is this the world outside the Stratified Abyssal Realm?”

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