Renegade Immortal - Chapter 93 - Corpse Yin Sect (2)

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Chapter 93 - Corpse Yin Sect (2)

The strange man’s face suddenly changed. He removed the nine talismans from his body, then jumped up to where Wang Lin was. He ripped apart the red sphere without any hesitation and grabbed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin woke up the moment those two arrived. He noticed the panic in the strange man’s face and allowed himself to be dragged down from the statue.

The moment the two landed, the strange man made a seal and put his hand on the statue. A black portal appeared and the strange man dragged Wang Lin into it.

At the same time, the eight pillars of light disappeared and the statue started to slowly sink back into the ground.

At that moment, the young man’s body solidified. His body looked like a mummy’s and his expression was cold. The zombie emitting an awful stench was standing next to him.

The young man stared at the slowly sinking statue. He spread out his divine sense over the whole area, then his gaze returned to the statue.

As for Wang Lin, the moment he was dragged into the statue by the strange person, he spread out his divine sense and revealed a surprised expression.

The space inside the statue wasn’t very large. There were white crystals floating around and there was a black, stone person sitting in the center.

The stone person’s appearance was exactly the same as the statue’s outside. There were slivers of purple lines connection the stone person to the statue.

Soon, a light curtain appeared in the space. The light fluctuated a bit and displayed the scene from outside.

Through the light curtain, Wang Lin could see what was going on outside. He then looked at the strange person and and immediately noticed the great amount of hatred in his eyes.

The young man stood outside the statue. He stared at the statue and slowly said, “Master, 100 years passed by so quickly. This time, you won’t be able to run away!”

Wang Lin sucked in a breath. He turned around and stared at the strange man. He asked, “You are his master?”

The strange man blankly stared at Wang Lin. Just at that moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he spat out a green light. The green light flashed across the space and mercilessly lunged toward the stone person sitting in the air.

A ray of purple light appeared to block the sword, but the sword teleported past the purple light and stabbed the stone peron.

A violent roar echoed throughout the space as a ball of light escaped from the stone person. Wang Lin waved his hand and the sword turned around and shot toward the ball of light.

The strange man finally reacted and his eyes were filled with anxiousness. He stared at Wang Lin with anger hidden in his eyes as he pointed at the sword and shouted a few times.

Wang Lin was stunned. Just at that moment, a very hoarse voice came out from the ball of light.

“Little friend, please don’t be impulsive. I don’t mean any harm. I am the master of the person outside…” At the same time, countless rays of light gathered from all directions at the ball of light. Slowly, the ball of light turned into a small person 1 foot tall.

This little person looked very weak. His face was pale and he looked like a kid. The little person kept dodging the green sword while looking at Wang Lin with an ashen face.

The strange person let out an angry roar and was about to block the flying sword.

Wang Lin backed up a few steps the moment the little person spoke. He waved his hand and the flying sword returned to his side. The flying sword circled around Wang Lin with the tip pointing at the little person.

The strange person walked up to the little man. He shouted angrily at Wang Lin a few times, his eyes filled with disappointment.

The little person bitterly laughed. His body floated up and landed on the shoulder of the strange person. He said, “Adai, don’t be rude to our guest.”

The strange person’s expression suddenly eased, but he still cautiously looked at Wang Lin.

The little person sighed. He looked at Wang Lin and warmly said, “Little friend, please don’t be rash, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, the man outside said a strange word. The moment the strange word came out, the whole statue shook and stopped descending.

The little person’s expression slightly changed. His hand formed a seal as he spat out purple gas. The moment the purple gas appeared, it entered the statue.

The statue’s eyes shined a purple light and continued to descend.

The young man let out a cold snort. He grabbed at the air and the statue shook again. It started to sink slower. At the same time, he sent out many seals, causing the statue to tremble, but the statue still stood.

The small person inside the statue let out a relieved look, but he looked even more tired. He said to Wang Lin, “This statue can last half an hour under the attack of Amu, more than enough time for me to tell you the story behind all of this.”

Wang Lin didn’t say a word as he stared at the little person.

The little person sighed and said, “My name is Wu Yu. Has little friend ever heard of the Corpse Sect?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal with the small sword next to him as he shook his head.

Wu Yu bitterly smiled and said, “Little friend doesn’t need to be alert. I am only a Nascent Soul without a body. Coupled with countless uses of Nascent Energy throughout the years, I am no threat to you. It is your sword that almost killed me.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering a little, he asked, “Who is that person outside? Are you his master?”

Wu Yu’s eyes revealed a helpless expression. He answered, “He is my corpse puppet. Alas, I was one of ancestors of the corpse sect. The corpse sect had a rule stating that every disciple that joins must find a corpse to make their own corpse puppet.”

“As our own cultivation level increased, the corpse puppet would grow as well.”

Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed as he asked, “Your corpse puppet rebelled?”

Wu Yu wrily smiled. He nodded and said, “That is right. Originally, with the technique used, the corpse puppet could never rebel. Unfortunately, I came to this place 300 years ago, hoping to use the Yin energy here to break past early stage Nascent Soul. Not only did I fail, but my corpse puppet took the opportunity to seriously injure me. During the shock of the injury, he was able to escape from my control.”

At that moment, the statue started to tremble even harder. The little person revealed an anxious look and quickly continued, “I had to retreat to heal my injuries, so I didn’t chase after it. 100 years later, when my injuries got better, I found my corpse puppet. However, he had managed to gain his own consciousness and even had a lucky encounter, causing him to enter mid stage Nascent Soul before me.”

“I didn’t stand a chance, so I gave up my body and escaped with my Nascent Soul. My Nascent Soul took heavy injuries and has been hiding inside this statue ever since. I’m too afraid to go out. That zombie was my body from back then. It seems to have gained its own consciousness in these 100 years in this place.”

Wang Lin coldly smiled and said, “What a bunch of nonsense. If that corpse puppet is really as you say, why didn’t it leave instead of continuing to look for you?”

Wu Yu wrily smiled. He hesitated for a bit and said, “Forget it. Little friend, you don’t know, but this is related to the corpse sect’s secrets. Although this corpse puppet is out of my control, I have still refined it for hundreds of years. It is connected to my soul, so if it goes more than 100 kilometers away from me, it will die.

“The only way to fix this problem is to swallow my Nascent Soul and seal it within him. Only by doing that would he truly escape my control.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he said, “He never found you in these few hundred years?”

Wu Yu touched the inner side of the statue and said, “When I was running away, I accidently entered this statue. This statue can hide my presence. Only with the help of the statue did I survive.”

“Also, after the corpse puppet reached mid stage Nascent Soul, every time it came out, it would need to rest after a while. Every rest takes about 100 years. That is another reason why I haven’t been eaten yet.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he slowly asked, “Oh? Then why haven’t you escaped during the 100 years he was sleeping?”

“I have tried to escape countless times, but this jungle is surrounded by a vast fog. This fog is very harmful to the Nascent Soul. I can’t withstand touching it even a little. The corpse puppet can’t find me, but I didn’t expect my body to gain its own consciousness. With the connection between me and my body, it was able to find me.”

“Also, Adai did things on his own and made the statue appear for you, which attracted them. Alas, this is my own fault. I can’t blame anyone else.” Wu Yu wrily smiled and continued:

“Little friend, Adai has already told me about what happened between you and him. If it was 300 years ago, I would have tried to possess your body, but I have already wasted my chance on trying to posses Adai. Now, I won’t have another chance until I reach mid stage Nascent Soul.”

Wang Lin didn’t believe a word of what this little person said, but his expression remained normal. He looked at the strange person and asked, “His name is Adai?”

Wu Yu nodded and said, “Little friend, I found Adai in this statue. When I entered here, I found Adai sleeping and tried to take possession of this body. However, his body contains a very strange power. After using the majority of my Nascent Energy on his body, I was finally able to escape. Although I failed in possessing him, this allowed Adai to wake up and caused him to have the feeling that our lives are connected.”

“From then on, I knew that there would probably be no chance for me to escape until Adai told me about you.”

With that, a flash of excitement entered Wu Yu’s eyes.

Wang Lin didn’t speak, but quietly stared at the little person, waiting for the rest.

Wu Yu revealed a pleading expression and said, “I beg little friend here to please help me...”

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