Rise Of Evil Sword God - Chapter 435 - Argueing With Lin Clan

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  "Sect Master Shen, one of your disciples has taken my Lin Clan's Golden Dragon Spear. I was hoping that he return it to us, I am willing to compensate with other treasures. This golden spear held so much importance to our clan." Patriarch Lin Yusheng said to Sect Master Shen Jiaohao. 

Shen Jiaohao and the elders were surprised when they heard that someone took away the famous divine-ranked weapon of the Lin Clan. It was remarkable.

Shen Jiaohao's brows knitted slightly as he lost in thoughts. He knew that divine-ranked weapon was very precious, Lin Clan won't give in. It could be said that Lin Clan won't hesitate to start a war with them if they don't return it.

After pondering for a moment, he asked, "And who is that disciple?" 

"It's me, sect master!" Feng Yun walked forward and said as he looked at the group of Lin Clan.


"You Lin Clan's people are really shameless and ungrateful. Instead of thanking me for saving your son and daughter's life, you are asking me to return the treasure that I obtained with my own strength and luck.' Feng Yun said lightly without any fear of the Lin Clan's patriarch and elders.

Being scolded by a junior, the elders of Lin Clan were naturally angered. All of them looked at Feng Yun as they would eat him alive.

"You!" An elder was about to roar at Feng Yun, but he was stopped by Patriarch Lin Yusheng. Not only Lin Clan's people but Shen Jiaohao and other elders of the Mystic Heaven Peak were also stunned by Feng Yun.

Lin Yusheng had never thought that Feng Yun would be so stubborn. He suppressed his anger and said, "Kid, you better hand over the Golden Dragon Spear yourself. Otherwise, consequences would be bad." 

Feng Yun narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "I don't need any compensation. As for the consequences, as long as your Lin family is not afraid of losing your men. Come on, I, Feng Yun, will take it!"

From the attitude of Feng Yun, it was clear that he won't return the golden dragon spear to the Lin Clan.

At this time, Feng Yun already had a strong killing intent towards Lin Mengyao.

Thinking back to the time when he had saved the lives of the siblings, now he was dealing with him in this manner.

Since that was the case, then he would no longer blame Feng Yun for being ruthless!

Lin Meifen, who was by the side, had already sensed that the fate between Feng Yun and her had come to an end. Her heart was filled with bitterness.

Lin Yusheng didn't concentrate on Feng Yun rather he looked at Shen Jiaohao and said, "Sect Master Shen, we can discuss this." Lin Yusheng thought that Shen Jiaohao would agree to return the spear, it would be pointless to fight Lin Clan over a disciple.

"Patriarch Lin, I can't force my disciple to give the treasure. Any younger that participated in the competition and entered the ancient battlefield has to disregard life and death, and it's impossible for them to bear any grudges even if they die in battle. Not to mention that the things they carried were taken away, and if they wanted to take them back, then they would have to rely on their own abilities." Shen Jiaohao calmly said.

It was needless to say that Shen Jiaohao would stand on Feng Yun's side, Feng Yun was worth a risk even if he has to go to war against Lin Clan. 

At this time, Fan Xingjuan finally spoke, her words were not polite as Shen Jiaohao, she bluntly said, "Feng Yun has saved the lives of your descendants, you can consider that the spear as a thanking gift. Or do you think that the worth of the lives of your two kids is not comparable to a weapon?"

Fan Xingjuan continued while she glanced at the Lin Yusheng coldly. "My disciple already said he doesn't need any compensation. He obtained the spear with his strength, it's your child's fault that they were not strong enough to protect their treasures. Now you guys should fuck off from here, if you don't want to start the battle, I will be pleased to beat you old fogies."

Shen Jiaohao and the elder couldn't help but smiled wryly when they heard the statement of Fan Xingjuan. They didn't doubt her words, she has an aggressive personality. If these people annoyed more, she might start a war right now.

"Good, I hope you guys won't regret this in the future." Lin Yusheng said as he looked at Shen Jiaohao and Fan Xingjuan. After he retreated with the members of the Lin Clan. Yusheng has no choice but to retreat right now as their lineup was weaker than Mystic Heaven Peak.

"Let's go!" After the Lin Clan's people went away, Shen Jiaohao also said and led them to the inn. 

At this time, a few disciples glanced at Feng Yun with envy and bitterness as he was getting better treatment than them. Sect Master and the elders were ready to go to war with a strong clan for him.

"Feng Yun, you are not a spear user right, why don't you exchange it for another treasure, a strong sword maybe." Sect Master knew that Feng Yun might refuse, but he still asked softly. He was also not happy to offend an ancient clan for treasure. He was thinking to ask Feng Yun if he was willing to exchange the spear with other treasures as he knew that Feng Yun was not a spear user.

"Hey, don't eye on my disciple's things. Are you being afraid of Lin Clan? You don't have to do anything for him, if they dare to come I will let taste my fist and will give them a lesson that they won't forget their entire life." Fan Xingjuan spoke first before Feng Yun could speak.

"Well, it was just an exchange offer." Sect Master wryly said.

After reaching the inn, Sect Master warned Feng Yun not to go out alone, "Feng Yun, please don't go out alone for the next two days? Lin Clan will not sit silently after losing their most precious treasure."

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