Rise Of Evil Sword God - Chapter 436 - Kissing Zhou Mingyue

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Even it was nighttime, but Long City was very lively right now, After living tough and dangerous life on the ancient battlefield for three months, young people wanted to have fun.

Feng Yun was looking at the lively city from the window and sighed. He wanted to have some fun too, but his master didn't allow him to go out. Although he could sneak out without alarming anyone, he didn't like breaking the trust of his master.

"You should think before offending someone, you have already made many enemies at such a young age." Fan Xingjuan suddenly appeared in the room and said as she sensed Feng Yun's mood.

"It's not all my fault, they provoke me first every time. You saw it too today." Feng Yun shrugged his shoulder and said. After that, he came to Fan Xingjuan.

"Here, let's have a toast to your success, you came first in the first round after all." Fan Xingjuan said as she took out a wine jar, placing it on the table.

Feng Yun smiled and nodded. The night won't be that as he thought it would be.

After that, both of them started drinking wine, as Feng Yun started telling her the stories of his adventure inside the ancient battlefield. Fan Xingjuan was hundreds of years old strong cultivator, but her attitude became similar to twenty years maiden when she was with him alone.

Unknowingly, three hours passed.

"Looks like, your friends have returned. I should go then." Fan Xingjuan said suddenly. Then she stood up to leave but not before giving a light peck on Feng Yun's cheek, "Your performance impressed me, this is a bonus reward for that."  After that, she left the room while Feng Yun was stunned by an unexpected sweet reward.

Just after Fan Xianjuan left, Zhou Mingyue, Su Rou, Fatty Rong, and Ding Shun arrived in the room of Feng Yun. 

"Brother Feng Yun, we brought you a bottle of great wine. Let's have some drinks." Zhu Rong laughed as he entered the room. Feng Yun just drunk wine with Fan Xingjuan, but he accepted fatty's invitation. After that five of them started drinking.

In the morning, Feng Yun woke slowly with a little dizziness, he drank too much last night. 

After opening his eyes, he casually looked around. He was sitting on the sofa, looks like he slept on the sofa last night. Surprisingly Su Rou and Zhou Mingyue also sitting beside him, both of them were stilling sleeping while placing their head on his every shoulder.

Before his imagination run wilds, he saw that their clothes were still on which means nothing erotic happened. Maybe they didn't get much rest on the ancient battlefield, their mental power should be exhausted.

Feng Yun looked at Su Rou who was right side and Zhou Mingyue was on his left side. Sitting still on the sofa, he waited for them to wake.

Zhou Mingyue was first to wake up, she was shocked when she found out that she slept over Feng Yun's shoulder.

Just as she was about to scream out, Feng Yun stopped her, "Sushhhh! She is sleeping." as he pointed toward Su Rou.

"Oh, sorry!" Zhou Mingyue slowly whispered, her face blushed heavily. She silently moved away from his shoulder and said in embarrassment, "Sorry, I was drunk last night."

"It's okay!" Feng Yun nodded softly, "You looked so beautiful in your sleeping face."

Zhou Mingyue blushed deeper listening to his words, she asked while hesitating while the red hue on her face grew deeper, "L-Last night, did-did something happened, I don't remember anything."

"I don't think so, we are still in our full clothes." Feng Yun smiled and spoke lightly.

"Oh! Really!" Zhou Mingyue seemed disappointed after hearing his words as she looked at their clothes as well.

Feng Yun immediately noticed her reaction and was a little surprised by this. A mischievous smile appeared on his face and said, "Hm! You seemed disappointed by this. Why so? Did you want something to happen?"

Zhou Mingyue suddenly panic-stricken and said while pausing. "What? No, no. I was just just... asking.. nothing more.. why would i .." 

Feng Yun laughed in his heart seeing her reaction, he was an expert in women, how hard it could be to understood her heart right now?

Feng Yun wrapped her left arm around her and pulled her closer to him, then his hand moved her head, leaning his head, Feng Yun placed his lips on her soft lips.

"What are doing.." Zhou Mingyue exclaimed softly when she pulled by him, but before she spoke more, her lips were covered his warm lips.

'Ahhhh, what is doing?' Zhou Mingyue screamed in her mind as she was overwhelmed by the kiss. An intense battle started in his heart, whether she should push him away or not right now.

In the end, she decided to do nothing, let him kiss her. Feng Yun was undoubtedly the most outstanding man she ever met in her entire life, she can't deny that her maiden heart swayed for him.

Seeing no rejection from her, Feng Yun take it as yes and kissed her more passionately.



The passionate kiss of Feng Yun made Zhou Mingyue moaned inwardly, she reached out and gripped his robe tightly in her head due to nervousness and excitement of the kiss.

After kissing her a minute, Feng Yun wanted to release her, but she refused to stop the kiss and continued to kiss him even more passionately.

Feng Yun realized her desire and prolonged the kiss, he slowly sucked her lips, then moved her tongue, as soon as his tongue touched her teeth, Zhou Mingyue opened her mouth without hesitation. Her desires seemed to be completely simulated right now.

Their tongue were entangled, as they started teasing each other. After a few minutes later, Zhou Mingyue finally separated from him as she unconsciously licked the saliva from her lips that were very erotic.

"Hmm! That was good." Feng Yun said softly, Zhou Mingyue muttered in a daze, "No, it was great." 

Zhou Mingyue's face blushed suddenly. Just as she was about to say something, she saw that Su Rou was waking up, she immediately shut up and made a gap between her and Feng Yun.

"She is not going to bite you! You know." Feng Yun laughed as he saw her reaction. Zhou Mingyue rolled her eyes on him, didn't say anything. Feng Yun was the boyfriend of Su Rou, naturally, it was awkward for her.

Su Rou yawned as she scratched her hand and said, "Ahh, my head felt so heavy right!" She felt a heaviness in the head as she moved.

"Well, it must be the effect of the drink. You will be fine after a cold bath" Feng Yun said. "Good Morning!"

"Hmm, Good Morning, Feng Yun!" Su Rou seemed to forget about everything and kissed Feng Yun, giving him a morning kiss. 

After that, she found Zhou Mingyue was also present here. She didn't show any shyness and said with a smile, "Good Morning, Sister Yue!"

"Good Morning, Su Rou!" Zhou Mingyue replied somewhat clumsy tone. "I'm going to my room for a bath, my head also feeling a little heavy." After making an excuse, Zhou Mingyue left the room of Feng Yun.

"Okay, Sister Yue, I will see you later!" Su Rou said cheerfully.

After that, she looked at Feng Yun and said after giving him another kiss, "Feng Yun, do you want to join me in the bath?" 

"Sure!" Feng Yun laughed. After that, both of them went to the bathroom, but as soon as they removed their clothes, they started kissing and hugging.

"Ahhhhh!" A few minutes later, Su Rou let out a high moan as their body connected. Sitting on the lap of Feng Yun, Su Rou started to move up and down, enjoying the love that she was getting after a long time.

Feng Yun massaged her buttocks as he sucked her nipple. Su Rou arched her body, couldn't herself from losing in the pleasure.

"AHhhhh~~ ~Suck them more~~~ so goog~~~" Su Rou moaned loudly as she tried to move his hips faster, Feng Yun naturally heard her plead and sucked them harder, as moving his hips too. 

Water splashed from the bathtub as Feng Yun thrust faster inside her, making his long fat dick go to the deepest part of the vagina, touching her uterus.

"Ahhhhhh~~~ Feng Yun, it's soo deeeeppp~~~ Ummm" Su Rou's body shivered as she yelped out loudly with pleasure and pain. Feng Yun thrust faster and nibbled her nipple softly.

"Ahhh~~~ I'm cumminggg~~~" Su Rou screamed out as her first of the day arrived like water after from a broken dam.

Both of them made love for hours inside the bathroom, forgetting about the outside world. Anyway, it was a resting day after all. Feng Yun filled her body with his Yang Qi, conquering her three holes in one day.

After they finished, Su Rou could only whine because of pleasure that was still yet to depart from her body.

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