Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1510:

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Chapter 1510:

The Smile of Baihu Ling disappeared as she noticed something strange. Her ring… It had actually started shining as she reached close enough to Long Tian. Moreover, that shine wasn’t small! The ring was shining very brightly, signifying that the spirit wasn’t any ordinary spirit!

“This strength… Just what is this spirit who holds this much strength? Moreover, despite this much strength, there is not even the slightest dark aura. It’s not an evil spirit, as I can see? Then how? Even evil Spirits aren’t this strong. How could a pure spirit have so much strength?” Baihu Ling was shocked many times on this journey, but she had never been shocked as she was now.

This spirit… It proved all her theories wrong. Even in the academy, she was taught that only evil spirits could accumulate more strength than normal. The normal spirits had no chance of becoming stronger without becoming evil spirits! That theory… It had failed so brutally here.

She guessed that the spirit must belong to a great expert. However, who could that expert be?

“Even the evil spirit of General Wu wasn’t this strong. For someone to have this much strength, they must’ve been stronger than even my father when he was alive!” She exclaimed.

As pure spirits couldn’t get stronger, that meant they only possessed the strength they possessed when they were alive at best.

However, that also wasn’t entirely possible as much of the strength was lost when someone died! So for him to still have this much strength, she could only think of one thing. Whoever that spirit belonged to, that person was even stronger than her father.

It was now Long Chen’s turn to be confused. The Spirit belonged to Long Tian. He wasn’t even the strongest cultivator on earth when he was alive, let alone being stronger than White Tiger King.

He turned to Long Tian. “You think what I’m thinking?”

“What are you thinking?” Long Tian asked, seemingly amused.

“That she has gone crazy.” Long Chen shrugged.

Hearing his theory, Long Tian couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “She isn’t crazy. She is just saying what she is seeing. And I can also understand why she would be saying something like this, even though it’s not true.”

“Why?” Long Chen asked, ignoring the lady in the back. He couldn’t help but wonder how she was under such a big misunderstanding.

“If I’m not wrong, that ring must be something that helps her find spirits and measure their strength since she had her entire focus on the right when she was coming here. It seems that her ring is misunderstanding something.”

“Even though I’m not inside the Bloodline Temple now, my soul is still connected to it. That must be why the ring can’t measure my true strength. If she could see the reality, she would be very disappointed,” Long Tian smiled wryly as he shook his head.

“I’ll let you deal with it the way you want to, but I think this is a good opportunity. Use it well. Since you can’t tell her about the Bloodline Temple, if you tell her that she’s wrong, she will not believe you. She’ll think you’re lying to her. So, how about you just agree with her?” he further suggested.

“If she thinks the spirit of a really powerful person is with you, she will take you more seriously. Moreover, she will also believe you more, no matter what you say. Also, she already knows I’m not an evil spirit, so she won’t be worried about me. That’s all I’ll say. The rest is for you to decide.”

Long Chen smiled at Long Tian. This was a really good idea indeed. This could help him gain an equal footing with the young princess in some ways.

“That spirit certainly belongs to someone who was even more powerful than the Godly Beast Kings when he was alive. Unfortunately, he was killed by the person who sleeps here.”

“His spirit was also sealed in a tomb. It was in the same place where I went to explore and find out about this place. I also accidentally manage to free the Spirit of Great Expert. Since then, he has been accompanying me, trying to keep me out of trouble.”

Since this was a perfect opportunity, Long Chen started making up a story.

The young lady respectfully bowed in the direction that Long Chen was talking in. “Great Sage, please forgive my insolence. Since you are so senior, you deserve the utmost respect.”

Long Chen blankly stared at Baihu Ling. She was literally bowing before a human. If she knew it, she was going to be so infuriated that Long Chen lied to her.

Long Chen stood up and took a step closer to Baihu Ling before placing both his hands on her shoulder. “Now you believe me? The man who sleeps in this place is really dangerous. He controls this maze which killed a God Beast. He also killed someone even stronger than your father and trapped his soul for an eternity. This man… He isn’t someone who can be allowed to get up. We need to stop him at any cost! The fate of the world depends on it!”

“We might be from different species, but at the end of the day, we are all the residents of this universe. We can’t allow our homes to be destroyed. So put all the enmity behind and work with me. I might not be as strong as you, but I care about your realm as much as I do about my home. This entire universe is my home, and I don’t want it to be in danger!”

He gazed deep into the eyes of the lady as he spoke. For some reason, Baihu Ling found herself lost in the black eyes of Long Chen. She couldn’t take her eyes off his eyes. There was something very charming about his eyes.

“So, will you work together with me…? Oh right, I forgot to ask your name. What is your name, Princess?”

“L-ling. Baihu Ling,” the girl answered blankly.

‘Ling, I am Long Chen. Let’s work together to save this world. Then you can punish me if you want, for coming to this realm. But after saving this world.”

Baihu Ling repeatedly nodded her head like a good child. “If we can save this world, I won’t let you be punished. Instead, you should be awarded for alerting us about this threat. You’ll be a hero.”

Long Chen took his hands off the lady before he stepped back.

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