Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1511:

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Chapter 1511:

Instead of being at risk when he was caught by the White Tiger Clan, now he was going to be awarded, all thanks to the presence of Long Tian here. The story worked. Now all that was left was to find Tian Shen’s body and destroy it, and he was going to be free.

Not only was he going to be free of this world, but he was also going to be free from all his worries regarding Tian Shen. He could clearly focus on his bloodline instead of worrying about Tian Shen coming and killing him.

The misunderstanding of Baihu Ling made her subconsciously take a step back as she gave Long Chen the chance to lead. He was the one who knew more about this place, all thanks to this special Spirit.

As Long Chen wanted to wait, she also decided to follow him as she calmly sat down.

Time kept trickling away as seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. Two hours passed away before Terra finally gave Long Chen the signal that the two paths had switched.

“That’s approximately two hours before each switch. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t have too much trouble in getting through. Two hours are more than enough to get through one passage.” Long Chen stood up, somewhat calm.

“We should keep moving. We were worrying for no reason.” Long Chen took the lead and entered the switched passage, followed by the others.

He had only traveled for thirty minutes before he ended up on another passage with three Splits. “Select.”

Terra stood blank as he grimly gazed ahead. “There are no correct passages here.”

“How can that be?” Long Chen glared back. “Don’t tell me we entered the wrong path?’

“Either that or there was never actually a way out of this place,” Terra answered, shaking his head.

“There is also another possibility,” Baihu Ling chimed in. “The last path that was switching, could it be that we took a wrong path there?”

“But that should’ve given us two hours. Unless… I was wrong about…”

Long Chen hit the back of his head. “That’s right. How could I be so stupid? I should’ve tested this theory even more. Maybe one switch was two hours, and the other switch was less? We need to get back!”

He instructed everyone to follow after him and hurry back to the place they came from. Fortunately, they managed to locate the problem before it was too late. At least that’s what they thought.

Long Chen soon realized how wrong he was as he ended up on a dead end. The direction they came from, it now had a dead end for some reason.”

“The reverse path changed too, it seems. We can’t go back,” Baihu Ling grimly stated. “Ask the Spirit Expert for a solution.”

Long Chen appeared to be more troubled. He didn’t even need to ask Long Tian since he was already told what this implied. From what he was told before, the Maze of Death was called a Maze of Death for one and only reason!

It wasn’t because it was nearly impossible to get out of this place alive. Instead, it was because once someone reached a dead end, that was said to be the end of their lifeline too.

Instead of being troubled about ending up on the wrong path, Long Chen was more concerned about the fact that he was standing before a dead end.

He looked back, noticing another wall appeared there. It was as if they were trapped in a box.

He gazed back at Long Tian, who also appeared to be as concerned. “We are in trouble… You should send Xun and Terra back while you have the chance.”

Long Chen couldn’t agree with Long Tian more. Xun and Terra were the weakest link of his. On the other hand, Baihu Ling was a God Beast heir. If they needed to fight someone, she could be more useful than himself.

Long Chen flew back and landed between Xun and Terra. “I’m going to need you to head back for a little.”


Long Chen didn’t even give the two a chance to react before he sent them back to his Inner World to keep himself safe.

“Ah, what is happening here! Why does it look like we’re trapped? Let alone the wrong paths, we don’t have any paths left anymore,” Baihu Ling observed her surroundings, having no way out.

“That’s because we’re indeed trapped,” Long Chen responded before he explained about the Dead Ends and what they implied.

“Oh, great. So we might be facing what killed the Ice Phoenix Goddess, according to you. What great luck.” The lady let out sarcastically as she waved her hand, calling out her Spirit Weapon to be ready in case they needed to battle someone.

Long Chen also called out his King’s Sword, preparing. “Look, I am slightly injured at the moment, so I might not be at my best, but I won’t hesitate in killing whatever we’re faced with. So give me support.”

“I give you support? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” The lady asked in slight frustration. “I’m the stronger one here.”

“Only because my Core was damaged a long time ago. If not, I don’t think I’ll lose to you.”

“Excuses,” the lady rolled her eyes. “You could never be as strong as me.”

” I’ll show you when we have a mock battle in the future. But that can only be possible if we leave here alive and I manage to find things that can heal my core.”

“So you’re saying if your core is healed, you will be stronger?”


“Heck, if this place is as dangerous as you claim, we need a stronger you. How could you enter this place when you weren’t at your best?’

“Didn’t I tell you before? I had to come here to protect the universe.

“Didn’t you say you were forced to come here by the Dragons?” Baihu Ling asked, catching the flaw in his story.

” Before I could come on my own, I was caught by the Dragons who forced me to come here. Indirectly, it’s the same thing.”

“Whatever, I don’t care at the moment. I can feel a terrifying energy gathering in our surroundings. Something is coming….”

Long Chen affirmed. “Yeah, and I don’t think that something is good.”

“Hey, what do you need to heal you? Maybe I might have something? Worth a try.”

“I need something that has a lot of Pure Origin Energy and Qi. If I can absorb the pure energy, I can use it to heal my core and my Martial Soul, but the quantity needed would be too much. There is no way you’ll have something like this,” Long Chen sighed.

At the same time, a creepy cackling started resounding in the surroundings.

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