Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1512:

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Chapter 1512:

Baihu Ling hastily turned back to see where the cackling was coming from, but she couldn’t find anyone there. A strange mist started covering the ground. Before long, the two youngsters couldn’t even see their feet which were covered under the mist.

The young lady grabbed the wrist of Long Chen and pulled him closer. “Here, take it.”

She gave a small pearl to Long Chen.

“What is it?” Long Chen gazed at the small golden pearl.

“Something you described. See if it can help you or not. It’s better if you’re at your hundred percent because I have a really bad feeling about what we’re about to face.”

Long Chen closed his fist and tried to feel the energy of the pearl. Just as Ling had said, the pearl was certainly filled with immense energy. It was unclear what this was, but Long Chen didn’t have the time to think about it.

He started absorbing the pure stream of energy and sending it to his core to help him heal. At the same time, he firmly held the King’s Sword in his other hand, prepared for any unforeseen incident.

He was going to heal his core at the same time as fighting if the need arrived since this place didn’t appear to be suitable for him to cultivate in peace.

“You can’t go around doing things like this. The healing of your core is a delicate process. If you fought and became distracted, instead of healing your core, you could damage it even further.” Long Tian reminded Long Chen, who glanced back.

“What do you suggest I do? There is no place here to heal my core without the risk of being attacked. I know it’s risky, but it’s the only way,” Long Chen answered.

“Do you really need to worry about the place to be at peace when you are wearing those gloves?” Long Tian let out, bringing Long Chen’s focus on the gloves.

“These gloves? I got them back when I went to explore the Heavenly Sect on earth. So far, I haven’t been able to uncover what these do? Are you saying you know what they do?” Long Chen inquired, remembering the time when he received these gloves. He was still a part of the Demon Sect.

Along with the selected candidates of other Supreme Sects, he went to the Abandoned Sect as the ledger of his sect.

“These gloves are the key to that sect. With them, you can enter the sect anytime you want,” Long Tian explained.

“Are you saying these gloves can help me get out of here? And you didn’t tell me before?” Long Chen glared at Long Tian. If he knew that these gloves could take him out of the maze of death, why would he enter it?”

“I don’t tell you because it’s not a permanent way. Even when you use these gloves, you can’t go there permanently. You can only stay there for a few hours before you’re sent here again. So these gloves can’t help you escape, but they can give you a few moments of peace to heal your core now that you have that orb.” Long Tian explained his side, which made sense.

“If you’re done talking, can you tell me what Great Senior is telling you? What’s the way out?” Baihu Ling asked as the mist kept increasing.

“He’s saying that I need to leave for a little while to be at complete peace so I can heal myself. Unfortunately, I can only go alone to that place. So you’ll have to handle whatever enemy we face alone for a little while. Don’t worry though. I’ll be back as fast as I can. When I’m at peace, it’ll be even Faster to heal!’

Long Chen clapped both his hands and chanted a few words before his figure disappeared. Even though he didn’t want to leave Baihu Ling alone, he believed she could keep the threat busy for some time until he healed his core. From that point on, he could help her much more. It was better than both of them dying.

Seeing the sudden disappearance of Long Chen, Baihu Ling’s face went dark. She felt as if she was Abandoned. Long Chen ran away, leaving her in trouble.

For a moment, she even wondered if this was all a trap set by Long Chen to bring her to this sealed spot where she could be killed? Her doubt was further strengthened by the fact that she was the only one standing here. Long Chen had already sent his friends back.

The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. She was fooled and led straight to the trap. “You bastard!”

The mist in the place kept increasing in height. Soon, the entire place was covered in mist, making it impossible for Baihu Ling to see anything. The cackling only intensified as if someone was laughing at her.

“After a long time, someone has arrived here! I am so lucky!” The cold voice fell in the ears of Long Chen.

Since she couldn’t even see anything, Baihu Ling could only close her eyes and trust her senses. It was a blind battle for her. Fortunately, she was from the White Tiger Clan, who had better senses all around. She could sense even the smallest movement of wind in her surroundings and the sounds.

She held her Soul Weapon firmly, which soon changed shape and turned into a heavy Sword with a longer reach to aid her better in these circumstances.

“I might’ve fallen into a trap, but that doesn’t mean I will let myself be killed! Whoever you are, you can’t keep me here! I will destroy you and leave this place! And then I will kill that traitor who trapped me here before running away!” The lady roared.

“Ooh, a feisty one.” The heavy voice came once again. “I would love to crush that skull of yours and hear your screams. It would be so fun!”

Baihu Ling sensed the exact spot where that voice came from. Her figure flickered as she appeared within arm’s reach of that spot.

She swung her sword, intending to kill whoever it was. Unfortunately, even as her sword sliced through the wind, it couldn’t find the body of the person. There was no one there.

“You are fast.” The calm voice appeared once again, this time from a different spot.

Baihu Ling once again attacked, only to miss.

She didn’t realize that the one who was talking to her wasn’t a man at all. It was a woman who stood in the distance. Her crystal clear skin and snow-white hair matched the color of the mist.

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