Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1513:

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Chapter 1513:

The opponent was none other than the Ice Phoenix Queen, who had been killed in the Maze of Death. The only difference was that the body was being occupied by the spirit of a man this time.

It was a battle between the Ice Phoenix Queen and the White Tiger Princess. Even though the young Princess should’ve been way weaker than the Ice Phoenix Queen, since the Ice Phoenix Queen was dead and her body was being used by someone else, she couldn’t draw out her full strength.

In fact, the one who was possessing her body couldn’t even draw out a fraction of the strength. That was the reason the difference between the strength of the two wasn’t that much. Still, the White Tiger Princess had lost her vision due to the mist, which further tilted the scales in favor of the specter.


While the White Princess fought against all odds to save her life in the face of adversity, the Demon Princess was sneaking inside the Royal City of the Black Tortoise Clan.

Despite such high security in the surroundings, she had still managed to teleport before the Clan Building. However, this was where the troubles began.

She couldn’t just teleport inside the clan. It was literally impossible. However, she couldn’t just walk inside either, as there was just too much security.

“We need to take the guards out without killing them. If even one of them is killed the Black Tortoise Clan will blame me. They might even wage a war against the Demon Realm and kill us as soon as we catch us instead of taking us prisoners. We need to leave a meditation route behind and not burn all the bridges,” Demon Princess told the clone of Long Chen, who agreed with her statement.

If they didn’t kill anyone, they could only be accused of sneaking inside but not more than that. It was a safer route.

“Do you have something that can take them out without killing them?” he asked the lady.

“You think I would be standing here if I had a way?” The Demon Princess rolled his eyes. “One of us needs to draw the cards away while the other person sneaks inside and gets to the family.”

“Who will be doing the drawing out then?” Long Chen inquired.

“It can’t be you. You’ll be caught immediately before you can even draw them far. Only I can do it. But that would mean you’ll have to get inside without being caught. Can you achieve it?” The lady asked.

Long Chen nodded. “Yeah. I’ve remembered the path. I also have some ways to hide myself. I should be able to get inside

“Don’t forget, the Patriarch and his son are also inside. You can’t be cocky.”

“I know. But they’ll be busy with their new prisoner. By now, she might have told them about our plan too. If we’re lucky, the patriarch and his son would have left for the Realm of White Tigers by now. We might be able to get inside easily.”

“I hope so,” the Demon Princess commented. “I’m going ahead. As soon as I draw them away, get inside the Clan. Alright?”

Long Chen nodded. “Best of luck, and stay safe.”

The Demon Princess disappeared.

She appeared right at the entrance of the Clan. As soon as she appeared before the clan, she pretended to be shocked, as if she had appeared here mistakenly.

“Oh no!” She exclaimed in shock as she saw the guards. She started flying away in haste, attempting to run.

All the Black Tortoise guards followed after her in a hurry, intending to catch her. Not a single guard was left behind at the entrance.

Long Chen finally stepped out of his hiding and ran to the entrance. He entered the castle without being seen.

At the same time, after dragging the guards away, the Demon Princess also thought of something.

Instead of flying father, she stopped. Her figure disappeared.

She appeared at the empty entrance where no guard was present. “I completely forgot that I could just do this. It looks like being in the presence of that mortal is affecting my intelligence as well.”

She rolled her eyes as she stepped inside, following the path she had seen previously.

Before long, she managed to catch up to Long Chen, who was advancing ahead sneakily.

She tapped the shoulder of Long Chen. Feeling someone touch his shoulder, Long Chen froze in place. Did someone manage to catch him so soon?

He hastily turned and attacked without even seeing who was behind him. The Demon Princess grabbed the wrist of Long Chen and smacked his body to the ground. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Long Chen sighed a breath of relief. “It’s you! I thought it was some enemy!”

“If it were an enemy, you would’ve been dead by now,” the Demon Princess snorted as she freed Long Chen.

“Let’s get moving.” She took the lead this time and advanced to the Chamber of Portals.

Amongst the thousands of portals, she selected the same that was selected by the guard previously that led them near the Courtyard of the Patriarch. She was informed by Long Chen that the real one’s family lived in the same area.

This was the last and most important stretch of the plan. If they could cross this place undetected, they were going to get to the family of Long Chen.

After taking a deep breath, Long Chen stepped inside the portal. The Demon Princess stepped inside the portal after him.

The two of them stepped out of the portrait in the core of the Clan. Unfortunately for them, this place wasn’t unguarded. There was a guard standing right at the entrance.

Seeing the guard, the Demon Princess swiftly moved as she closed the mouth of the guard and snapped his neck.

“Ah, what happened to not killing them?” Long Chen asked, weirdly looking at the lady beside him.

“Do you really think Godly Beasts can die this easily? He’s just unconscious. Keep moving,” the Demon Princess asked as she rolled her eyes.

“Which of the courtyard belongs to them?” she asked.

“That one…” Long Chen pointed at the distant courtyard. “Fortunately, no one is outside. We can get there! Just be fast!”

As he finished speaking, he started flying to the courtyard, but before he could even get there, he noticed that the Demon Princess was already waiting at the entrance for him.

“You’re slow.” The Demon Princess stated.

“Because I can’t teleport?” Long Chen rolled his eyes. “We are almost done. Let’s take the hostages now.”

He pushed the door open and barged inside. The Demon Princess followed him.

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