Rise of the Demon God - Chapter 1514:

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Chapter 1514:

As soon as the Demon Princess entered the room, her face turned dark. She had straight barged into the place where she shouldn’t have. Inside the room, there wasn’t just the family of Long Chen. The Immortal Queen was also there, trapped.

Moreover, Zhu Chang and his father were both there. Both of them were looking blankly at the Demon Princess and the clone as if they couldn’t believe these idiots arrived so soon after escaping?

The Demon Princess once again moved, acting fast. Running away after coming so far wasn’t an option. She needed to take action. She noticed Long Chen’s family in the distance. She located someone who looked the weakest amongst them. Her eyes landed on the mother of Long Chen.

Since she was already here, she wanted to take advantage of the situation and take someone hostage before these people could even understand what had just happened.

“Huh?” She looked at her surroundings, confused. She couldn’t understand what had happened. She was unable to teleport.

“Unable to teleport?” Zhu Chang asked, smiling. “If you wanted to Teleport, you shouldn’t have arrived at this place.”

His figure disappeared. He appeared at the entrance, blocking the way out. Meanwhile, the old man protected the family of Long Chen. With him around and unable to use her Teleportation, the Demon Princess knew she couldn’t get through. Moreover, Zhu Chang was now blocking the exit.

“They knew we were going to come here. They set up this trap,” Long Chen answered, gazing at the Immortal Queen. “You! You must’ve told them everything!”

The Immortal Queen was herself fuming as she was accused. Not only did these people abandon her while trying to escape, but they also came back so fast to get caught? How was she supposed to know they were going to come back here? She was only trying to protect herself by making up a story, not expecting him to come here as well!


Back at the Maze of Death, Baihu Ling had started a battle, yet she still hadn’t managed to land an attack. However, she didn’t let herself be hurt either. Her senses helped her avoid critical blows. By now, she only had a few scratches on her body.

The mist kept getting more and more intense. The surroundings also started getting colder as time passed.

Even Baihu Ling couldn’t avoid the cold. The come was so extreme that it also started affecting her movement, making her slow down.

The creepy cackling didn’t stop for even a second as multiple attacks kept coming at her from every direction.

Baihu Ling swung her Sword, destroying the incoming attack that was advancing toward her.

As she destroyed the attack, she noticed something. The freezing temperatures, these attacks, all felt somewhat similar to what she had seen before. When her brother had participated in the last Battle of Godly Heirs, one of his competitors used similar attacks, making him unable to see and using freezing attacks. These tactics seemed a bit too similar.

“You are from the Snow Phoenix Clan?” Baihu Ling asked as she stepped back, avoiding another close attack.

“Maybe, maybe not.” The calm voice answered.

“Well, that’s good to know. That means I don’t need to do anything special. I just need to follow what my brother did,” she smiled as she held the sword firmly.

Since she had seen her brother fight a similar enemy, she knew how to take care of someone like this. She also believed this was going to work since her brother had actually won that battle. He went on to reach the finals, where he faced the Dragon Prince, only to lose.

Baihu Ling closed her eyes again. Her soul weapon changed shape once more, this time turning into a bow.

She raised the bow and aimed in an empty direction; however, instead of attacking, she waited. She waited for a new attack.

She had managed to understand the trajectory and the movement of attacks. Through the movement of attacks, she had managed to understand the direction in which the enemy was moving after each attack.

She kept waiting for that one attack. As soon as she sensed an attack coming towards her, she dropped to her knees and shot an arrogant, a few degrees north to the direction that attack came from.

The arrow shot straight through the Ice Phoenix, which was moving toward the exact spot. The Ice Phoenix noticed the attack, but by the time she did, it was too late.

She joined both her hands, making a beautiful snow shield appear before her. The arrow hit the Snow Shield but couldn’t pass through.

Ling had planned accordingly and did everything correctly, including using her soul weapon arrows like her brother did, but she forgot one important thing. Her brother was stronger than her, and so were his arrows. On the other hand, the shield of her brother’s enemy was weaker than the shield of Ice Phoenix Queen.

“That was close…” The cold voice came again, making Baihu Ling understand that her attack wasn’t successful.

“Her shield must be stronger. My arrows can’t penetrate them. I’ll have to use brute strength, but without seeing her, it’ll be hard.”

Her bow once again turned to a sword, but this time, instead of a Heavy Sword, she used a lighter sword as she focused more on speed to catch up to that lady.

Her figure zoomed past the most as she approached right before the Ice Phoenix.

The Ice Phoenix once again moved as if trying to avoid the attack. It was like the Ice Phoenix was teasing the young man.

“Stop running and face me like a proud Warrior!” Enraged, Baihu Ling roared.

The Ice Phoenix just laughed. “If I fight properly, you’ll die right away. Where’s the fun in that? It’s been a long time since I got a toy in this place. I want to use the toy as much as I can before the toy breaks. I’m just being gentle.”

“I’ll send you to hell!” Baihu Ling flew toward the voice once again, but this time, she didn’t attack that spot. She had already made a mental image of how the Ice Phoenix dodged her attack the last time.

That was just a test for her while this time, she Seriously attacked, targeting the place where the Ice Phoenix was going to dodge.

The Ice Phoenix’s eyes opened wide as she saw the Sword coming toward the direction she was dodging to. She tried changing her direction at the last moment, but it seemed impossible to outrun that sword at such a close distance.

She called forth her Ice Shield once again as she moved back. Unfortunately, the Ice Shield wasn’t facing the arrows this time.

The Sword shattered the Ice Shield and kept moving.

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