Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 565 - Ye Tianxin’s And Xie Xuning’s Paternity Testing【2】

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Chapter 565: Chapter 565: Ye Tianxin’s And Xie Xuning’s Paternity Testing【2】

The Xie family was very enthusiastic, and Xie Xuning kept introducing Ye Tianxin to people.

Truthfully, Ye Tianxin, who had a good memory, felt dazed upon facing so many relatives.

“Little Uncle.”

Qie Yiyan pushed Xie Xingqing in front of Ye Tianxin and Xie Xuning.

Xie Xingqing had neatly cut short hair. Her hair was tucked behind her ears to reveal a beautiful face.

“Tianxin, this is Xie Xingqing.”

Ye Tianxin smiled at Xie Xingqing sweetly. “Sister Xingqing~”

“Tianxin, I’ve heard Yiyan mention you before. He said that you are witty, brave and decisive. You have much rare potential. Do you want to consider entering the military academy to follow your father’s footsteps?”

Ye Tianxin glanced at Xie Xuning. She saw the tolerance in Xie Xuning’s eyes.

She said, “Sister Xingqing, I’m not going to go to military academy.”

“It’s a pity. You are the daughter of Little Uncle, and Yiyan says you have a lot of potential…”

Xie Xingqing stretched out her hand and held Ye Tianxin’s hand. “I’m not very good at walking now. After a while, after my rehabilitation training is over, we will make an appointment to go shopping together, okay?”


Ye Tianxin answered crisply.

Xie Xingqing glanced at Li Qingcang in the distance, then smiled and said, “Tianxin has good taste in men. You picked the male god in the hearts of many girls in the imperial capital.”

Ye Tianxin looked at Li Qingcang. He simply sat there quietly.

His whole body exuded an unapproachable aura.

“This is our fate from a previous life.”

Ye Tianxin smiled playfully.

Xie Xingqing covered her mouth and smiled. She held Qie Yiyan’s hand and said in a low voice, “Yiyan, does our fate also extend from the past life?”

“What do you think?!”

Qie Yiyan was still very fat. At that time, Xie Xingqing didn’t wake up, so he let himself go.

But now, in order to be with Xie Xingqing, he was desperately reducing his food intake and strengthening his training intensity.

It was just that Qie Yiyan’s bodily changes were due to a drug reaction caused by a certain drug. It was very difficult to lose weight.

That night, Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang sent Ye Tianxin back to Lang Garden first.

Then Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang drove out of Lang Garden again.

“Little Uncle, where are you taking me?”

Xie Xuning drove Li Qingcang to Qie Wang’s office.

When Qie Wang saw Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang, he couldn’t help but whisper, “Xuning, you are so reckless. I said that you must do a DNA paternity test again. Why didn’t you agree?”

Li Qingcang looked at Xie Xuning in wonder. What did he mean by doing a paternity test again?

When at the Xie family’s house, didn’t Xie Xuning take out a paternity test?

“Ah-Wang, I believe in my feelings. Tianxin is my daughter.” Xie Xuning replied softly.

“If you want to ask me why I believe in my intuition so much, I can’t tell you. Perhaps, all of this is a guide of fate. The last time I did a paternity test with you, the result wasn’t satisfactory, but that doesn’t mean that the paternity test report is fake.”

Ye Tianxin lived in Lang Garden, so it would be easy for Xie Xuning to get Ye Tianxin’s specimen.

“What do you mean? Xuning, do you suspect that I changed the data?”

Qie Wang jumped up angrily. Why would he want to change the data?

If Xie Xuning had a daughter, he would be happier than anyone else.

“Even if it wasn’t you, it would be someone around you, Ah-Wang, this paternity test I took out today is a paternity test I asked Uncle He to do. The result of the test is that Ye Tianxin and I have a father-daughter relationship…”

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