Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 567 - You Backstabbed Me?【2】

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Chapter 567: Chapter 567: You Backstabbed Me?【2】

Qie Wang shook his head. “No, it’s not like that. Xuning, in my heart, you will always be my good friend.”

“Really? A good friend like you stabbed me in the back like this?”

Xie Xuning really wanted to punch Qie Wang.

He really wanted to open Qie Wang’s heart to see what color his heart was.

Li Qingcang also clenched his fists and his eyes were red. He could hardly imagine it. If Little Uncle really believed the paternity test, how much more would his Tianxin have suffered?

Fortunately, Little Uncle was not deceived by the paternity test.

Fortunately, Little Uncle trusted his instincts.

Fortunately, God didn’t give Tianxin so much pain.

“Xuning, you have to believe me. I really didn’t lie to you. I didn’t tamper with the data. That day, on the day of the blood draw, Zhiwei called me and I told her you were going to do a paternity test….”

As Qie Wang spoke, he slapped himself in the face.

He had a blabber mouth.

He spoke too much.

Xie Xuning’s icy eyes looked at Qie Wang. The look in his eyes was especially cold.

“Qie Wang, I don’t care what your purpose was. The reason I brought Xiao Cang with me here today is to tell you that Tianxin is my daughter and Xiao Cang is my son-in-law. I beg you, please don’t hurt them.”

After that, Xie Xuning left.

Li Qingcang also followed Xie Xuning.

Qie Wang fell onto the office chair. His legs were slack, and his body felt as if he was in an ice cellar.

Xuning, what do you want me to do so that you can believe me?

He sat in the chair dazedly. They were playmates during their childhood and best friends in adulthood. They were the closest of friends

Xie Xuning was his best friend who he could willingly entrust his life with.

But he… but he did something to hurt his best friend.

Qie Wang covered his face without recovering for a long time.

Xie Xuning and Li Qingcang arrived at the parking lot. They sat in the car, and Xie Xuning said nothing.

He didn’t know how he should describe his current mood.

Disappointment, and more despair.

If even his best friend was involved in that year’s incidents, then… who else can he believe?

His daughter Tianxin had suffered so much hardship and grievances.

If God was really benevolent, then he would bring all those pain upon him instead.

“Little Cang, on the 6th, I am going to announce that Tianxin is engaged to you.”

Xie Xuning looked at Li Qingcang earnestly. After what happened last night, he was sure that Li Qingcang would become the most important man in Ye Tianxin’s life.

He hoped that his son-in-law, Li Qingcang, would love his daughter.

“Little Uncle, why are you doing this so suddenly?”

Xie Xuning’s eyes were slightly red. “Because I don’t know where my enemy is or when I will have an accident, so I want to entrust my daughter to you. Xiao Cang, The relationship between you and Tianxin is very deep, very deep. I believe that you will take good care of my daughter, and you will not make my daughter feel aggrieved…”

After Li Qingcang was silent for a moment, he replied, “I refuse.”

“Huh…” Xie Xuning thought that as long as he talked about the engagement, Li Qingcang would agree.

He never thought that he would hear the words “I refuse” from Li Qingcang’s mouth.

“Why?” Xie Xuning couldn’t help asking.

Li Qingcang looked at the hospital building in the dark. “Tianxin is your daughter. It is your responsibility as a father to protect your daughter.”

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