Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 924 - Tianxin, I Have Found Your Mom

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Chapter 924: Tianxin, I Have Found Your Mom

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This was one of the worst cases to have ever occurred.

It took her personal physician, Jessica, five years to finally help her recover as an ordinary person.

“I cannot leave. I want to care for her.”

Xie Xuning declared that he would never leave.

The experience of losing someone caused him to be more cautious than anyone else. He was afraid that Ye Linlang would disappear again in the blink of an eye!

Qie Wang had no choice. He took a deep breath and stood up. As he looked at Xie Xuning and Ye Linlang, a sense of hopelessness flashed across his eyes.

“Should I contact Tianxin, or do you want to do it yourself?”

Ye Linlang was Ye Tianxin’s mother and the old lady’s daughter.

They both had the right to know the truth.

“I will make the call myself.”

Xie Xuning took the cellphone out from the pocket of his coat.

His hands were shaking while holding the cellphone.

This whole thing felt like a hallucination.


Xie Xuning teared up when hearing his daughter’s voice coming from the other side of the phone.


Ye Tianxin answered, “Dad, your voice sounds strange. Do you have a cold?”

“No, Tianxin, bring your grandma to the hospital. There is something I need to tell you.”

Xie Xuning’s voice gave Ye Tianxin an ominous feeling of dread.

Had Xie Xuning agreed to be with Xie Yi?

“Is that possible?”

“Dad, please tell me what’s going on. Let me know so I can be emotionally prepared for it.”

Ye Tianxin’s heart was pounding.

Her hands holding the phone were sweating.

She could not describe her feelings at that moment. It seemed as if anything she said was slurred.

Her brain went blank.

“Tianxin, I have found your mom.”

Xie Xuning finally responded after pausing for a while.

When Ye Tianxin heard what Xie Xuning said, she felt as if something was ringing in her ears.

“Dad, are you serious?”

Xie Xuning replied, “I am.”

“That’s great. Since you’re at the hospital now, I’ll bring Grandma over.”

Ye Tianxin hung up. She went to look for her grandmother in the kitchen and untied her apron.

“Tianxin, what is going on?”

Ye Tianxin looked at her grandmother and thought it might be better not to let her know yet.

What if the grandmother could not bear it?

“Grandma, Dad is at the hospital. He is asking us to go over there.”

When the grandmother heard that Xie Xuning was at the hospital, she eagerly asked, “What happened to him? Is he not feeling well?”

“No, that’s not it.”

When the grandmother heard that Xie Xuning wanted them to go to the hospital, she grabbed Ye Tianxin and walked out of the door.

Uncle He had already prepared the car. Ye Tianxin and her grandmother got into the car parked outside the gate of Lang Garden.

After they both got in the car, Ye Tianxin stretched out her hands and held her grandmother’s hands.

‘Grandma, Dad said he has found Mom!’

‘Grandma, they have found your daughter!’

“Tianxin, stop shaking…”

The grandmother could sense that Ye Tianxin was shaking. Her facial expressions were also gradually becoming tense.

“Grandma, I am not nervous.”

Ye Tianxin’s could not stop her body from shaking. Even though she claimed that she was not nervous, she was afraid…

She was afraid that this was just a hallucination.

She was afraid that it would be another disappointment.

When Ye Tianxin and grandmother reached the hospital, Shi Han and Zeus had also arrived.

As soon as Shi Han pushed open the ward door, he swung his fist toward Xie Xuning, who was standing next to the hospital bed.

Ye Tianxin was moving at a slower pace because she was holding her grandmother.

When she saw Shi Han hit Xie Xuning, she dashed in front of him.

Shi Han gave Xie Xuning a cold and hard stare. He yelled at everyone in the ward in a deep voice, “Get out!”

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