Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 925 - I am Ye Linlang’s Husband. We are Her Real Family

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Chapter 925: I am Ye Linlang’s Husband. We are Her Real Family

Shi Han worked out all year round, so he had more strength than most ordinary people.

His fist hit Xie Xuning’s jaw like a piece of steel, leaving a thin stream of blood trickling down the corner of his mouth.

Ye Tianxin rushed to the middle of Shi Han and Xie Xuning. She first checked on his wound and felt relieved after finding that it was not serious.

“Shi Han, what is the meaning of this?!”

Shi Han glanced at Ye Tianxin and thought, ‘This little girl is so protective to her father.’

“It’s nothing! Ye Tianxin, you can take your father out now. Otherwise, I will ask my people to take him out.”

Ye Tianxin looked at Xie Xuning distressed and asked in a gentle voice, “Dad, what is going on?”

Xie Xuning looked at Ye Tianxin with a complicated expression, “Tianxin, she is your mother.”

Ye Tianxin could only feel a buzzing sound in her head.

Ye Linlang was Xie Yi?

Did that mean that Xie Yi was her mother?

How was that even possible?

Ye Tianxin asked with a trembling voice, “Dad, are you sure you haven’t made a mistake?”

Xie Xuning showed the heart-shaped birthmark on Ye Linlang’s wrist. It was the strongest evidence that she was indeed Ye Linlang.


The grandmother strolled to the front of Ye Linlang’s bed. She also noticed the heart-shaped birthmark on Ye Linlang’s wrist.

It was a birthmark in the shape of a heart, a pattern that she would never forget.

“Yes, Mom, she is Linlang.”

Xie Xuning was positive that Xie Yi was Ye Linlang, his wife.

It was all his fault.

She had traveled thousands of miles to be at his side.

She had already confessed to him, but he refused her because of his love for Ye Linlang.

Now, she was Ye Linlang, the woman that Xie Xuning had longed to see again day and night.

“Daughter, I am your mom.”

The grandmother pounced on Ye Linlang’s body. She thought that she was mistaking Ye Linlang for her daughter.

She never expected it to be the truth.

She was her daughter.

‘Linlang! Linlang!’

‘I am your mom.’

‘I am your mom.’

Ye Tianxin’s eyes were also full of tears.

She could never imagine Xie Yi as Ye Linlang.

She wished to slap herself many times when she thought back to how she had treated her.

“Get out!”

Shi Han sent his guards an eye signal. The guards instantly swarmed them.

They didn’t care about Ye Tianxin being a girl.

They didn’t care if the grandmother was an older person.

They didn’t care if Xie Xuning was the youngest commander in the Empire.

They didn’t care about any of that…

They only knew to obey Shi Han.

“I don’t care about who you are or your relationship with Xie Yi in the past. Please leave Xie Yi’s room right now. Her condition is unstable. If you are concerned about doing your best for her, please do as we say. After all, we are her true family; we have been with her for so long…”

Zeus stepped in front of Xie Xuning and Ye Tianxin to block them from approaching Xie Yi when Xie Yi suddenly fainted.

They couldn’t tell what would’ve happened after she woke up.

“Zeus, what is the point of talking to them this much?”

Deep down, Shi Han had been highly concerned after seeing Xie Yi’s condition.

Right now, he even felt that he did not punch hard enough.

“Zeus, I am Ye Linlang’s husband. We are her real family.” Xie Xuning’s eyes laid on Ye Linlang.

Shi Han sneered. “Mr. Xie, how you claim you are her husband? Where were you these past twenty years? Do you know what she has been through during that time? Twenty years ago, I posted missing person columns in many newspapers of the Empire for over a month. Where were you then?”

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