She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 223 - Sheng Xiao the Tattletale

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Chapter 223 Sheng Xiao the Tattletale

However, as the door of the Time Gate was sealed, the only hub between the Holy Spirit Continent and the Upper World was also cut off. Now, there were much fewer Beast Tamers coming and going between the Northernmost Region and the Southernmost Region, and Bliss City was comparatively less prosperous than before.

When the plane arrived at Tanzan City, it was already 9 p.m.

It was already dark in the Divine Moon Empire, but the sun had not set in Bliss City. Sheng Xiao walked out of the airport and hailed a taxi.

The driver saw that he had an imposing aura and was handsome and mighty. He instantly guessed that this person’s identity was not simple. “Sir, where are you going?”

Sheng Xiao crossed his arms and leaned against the seat. “To the Bliss Hotel.”

The driver looked at Sheng Xiao respectfully.

The Bliss Hotel was established five thousand years ago and was only reserved for beast tamers. Even a wealthy person with a rich family was not qualified to stay there.

Now, Tanzan City had already developed into a tourist city. There were countless starred hotels in the city, but the Bliss Hotel was still the most famous hotel in Tanzan City.

After knowing that Sheng Xiao was going to the Bliss Hotel, the driver greeted him differently. “Master, please sit properly.”

Sheng Xiao fastened his seat belt. “Let’s go.”

The driver, afraid that he would make Sheng Xiao uncomfortable, tried his best to drive slowly.

The car quickly drove into the city.

The Bliss Hotel was built in the center of the city. The hotel was surrounded by a sea of flowers. There were no buildings. This ensured that every Beast Tamer who stayed in the Bliss Hotel could cultivate and rest in a quiet environment.

The car stopped outside the sea of flowers. The driver told Sheng Xiao, “Master, the hotel staff will come out to receive you personally. We can’t drive in.”

“Thank you.”

When Sheng Xiao took out his wallet and was about to pay, the driver waved his hand and said, “It’s your first time in Tanzan City, isn’t it? In Tanzan City, beast tamers don’t get charged for a taxi.”

Tanzan City was originally a deserted village. Thanks to these beast tamers, the formerly deserted village was able to develop into a large-scale city. The Tanzan City’s government respected the beast tamers highly and treated the beast tamers extremely well. The beast tamers in Tanzan City enjoyed all things free.

This was the first time Sheng Xiao had heard such a thing. After confirming that the driver was not lying, he put away his wallet. He thanked the driver again before getting off the car with his bag.

The once in every five years Central Pagoda challenge ceremony was about to begin. Most of the beast tamers who had recently checked in to the Bliss Hotel were excellent beast tamers who were going to the far north to participate in the Central Pagoda challenge ceremony. The hotel did not dare to neglect them.

The moment the taxi stopped by the roadside, the hotel manager personally brought people out to pick up the guest.

Seeing Sheng Xiao get off the car, the manager walked up to him and said respectfully, “Sir, please show me your Beast Tamer identity card.”

Sheng Xiao took out his Beast Tamer ID and handed it to the manager.

The manager took the silver-white identity card with both hands. When he saw that the name on the identity card was Sheng Xiao, his expression became even more respectful. “So, it’s you, Supreme Master Sheng. Please come in with me!”

The manager led the way while Sheng Xiao followed behind with his bag on one shoulder.

“Has the hotel been busy recently?”

The manager thought about it and said, “The Central Pagoda is opening soon. It’s been a long time since the hotel was so lively.”

He was telling Sheng Xiao that almost all the beast tamers who were going to participate in the Central Pagoda challenge ceremony were here.

Sheng Xiao nodded and followed the manager into the hotel lobby.

The manager turned back to Sheng Xiao. “Supreme Master Sheng, your room is on the eighth floor. I’ll go check in for you. I can only get the staff to bring you up. Please forgive me for my negligence.”

“Thank you.”

Sheng Xiao took the elevator to the eighth floor with the staff.

There were 16 elevators in the hotel, which only went to the ninth floor. It was probably to protect the privacy of the beast tamers. Sheng Xiao went to the eighth floor and walked out of the elevator. He had to pass through a long corridor to reach his room.

There was an open-air restaurant below the hotel. There were already people having their meal there. Sheng Xiao walked along the railing to his room. He looked down at the open-air restaurant downstairs and raised his eyebrows.

Downstairs, everyone in the Holy Spirit Continent gathered in the dining room. Merman, Elf, Beast, Dwarf, and a portion of humans.

Everyone sat together.

“Supreme Master Sheng, we’ve reached your room.”

The beast tamers had good hearing. The staff spoke on the eighth floor, and the beast tamers in the open-air restaurant on the third floor all heard the words “Supreme Master Sheng.”

Everyone put down the cutlery in their hands and looked up at the eighth floor, only to see a tall black figure.

Those who were qualified to participate in the Central Pagoda trials were all young Beast Tamers with Supreme Master cultivation levels. At their cultivation levels, they had already completely abstained from eating. Eating was optional for them.

However, everyone still came to the open-air restaurant and pretended to eat. Their real goal was to find out about the strength of the other


The humans sat in the northeast corner of the outdoor dining room. The elves sat in the northwest corner. The mermen sat in the southeast corner. The beasts sat in the southwest corner. The dwarves sat in the center.

Everyone took one side and did not interfere with each other, but their eyes were all looking at each other’s dining tables. After about half an hour, everyone heard steady footsteps approaching. They turned back to look at the elevator entrance and saw a tall young man walking over from the elevator lobby.

The man was wearing a loose-fitting shirt with two black fountain pens on his chest. The pen cap on the left had the word “Xiao” on it, and the pen cap on the right had the word “Jue.”

The humans sitting in the northeast corner stood up and shouted enthusiastically at the person who came

“Young Master Sheng!”

“Supreme Master Sheng!”

Sheng Xiao stopped and glanced at the Beast Tamers. Then, he looked at the humans.

Sheng Xiao walked toward the humans. Halfway there, he was stopped by a man from the Elf Tribe.

“Sheng Xiao, long time no see!”

Sheng Xiao looked at the man who spoke.

The elves were divided into ranks. The higher the status, the stronger the cultivation level, and the more beautiful they were. The elves who looked like bats Yu Huang met in the Xixia Ocean last time were actually Night Elves with low status.

The nobles elves all had a pair of white wings. They were all tall and had long dark golden hair. They were born beautiful.

The man who called out to Sheng Xiao was especially handsome.

He was wearing a light yellow long robe. His golden hair hung behind his shoulders, revealing a pair of pointed ears and a pair of light golden eyes that looked at everyone as gently, as if he was looking at a lover.

This person was famous for being a handsome man in the elven race, and he was the prince of the elven royal family, Donor.

After Sheng Xiao recognized Donor, he nodded at him. “Long time no see, Prince Donor.”

Donor raised his eyebrows and asked him, “I heard that you broke through to the Supreme Master Realm two years ago?”

Sheng Xiao nodded. “Yes.”

Donor blinked. He was playful and handsome. “What a coincidence,” he said. “I broke through to the Supreme Master Realm last spring, too.”

Many years ago, Donor had always been hailed as the number one genius on the continent. He had broken through to the Master Realm when he was twenty years old and two months old. Many years ago, Donor had always been hailed as the number one genius on the continent. He had broken through to the Master Realm when he was twenty years old and two months old.

Donor was angry when he heard others praising Sheng Xiao. He went to the Divine Continent to fight with Sheng Xiao. He lost the battle and lost a lot of things to Sheng Xiao.

They had not seen each other for five years, but Donor remembered Sheng Xiao very well.

Sheng Xiao was not shocked when he found out that Donor had also broken through to the Supreme Master level. He smiled brightly, but his words were infuriating. He said, “Congratulations, but I can still press you to the ground and hammer you.”

Donor’s smile stiffened. “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll bite your tongue off?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Whether or not I will bite your tongue will be determined after we enter the tower.” Then, Sheng Xiao walked straight to the human camp in the northeast.

When he saw Sheng Xiao walk over, a man in his thirties stood up and greeted him. He held Sheng Xiao’s hand and said excitedly, “Mr. Sheng, it’s been so many years since we last met. You’re still as arrogant as ever.”

The person who spoke was called Feng Tang, the young master of the Feng family in the Ice Domain Continent. He was the last disciplinary officer in the Divine Realm Academy. Sheng Xiao had beaten Feng Tang to get that position.

The two of them were considered old acquaintances.

Sheng Xiao sat down beside Feng Tang. He stared at his face for a moment and suddenly said, “I’ve seen Feng Si before. He doesn’t look like you.”

Feng Tang was Feng Si’s eldest brother.

Feng Tang was stunned when he heard Feng Si’s name.

He was stunned for a moment before remembering that Feng Si was his fourth brother’s alias.

Feng Tang was more rough-looking, while Feng Si had a pretty boy look. They indeed had two different types of appearances. Feng Tang shook his head and laughed. He said, “My fourth brother looks like my mother. He didn’t cause you any trouble when he went to the academy, did he?”

Sheng Xiao thought of Feng Si and his expression became playful. “He didn’t cause any trouble for me. He didn’t even dare to talk to me. He was very afraid.” After a pause, Sheng Xiao added, “But he’s on good terms with my girlfriend.”

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