She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 256 - Come Here, Child

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Chapter 256 Come Here, Child

Yin Rong and the others left, leaving Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang looking at each other in confusion.

Sheng Xiao saw that Yu Huang’s eyes were clear and she did not look drunk. He asked her, “How do you feel?”

Yu Huang waved her hand. “I’m fine. I’m not drunk.” She paused and said, “I’m really not drunk.” Then, she took out the room card from her pants pocket.

Yu Huang walked to the door and placed the room card on the wall while swiping it.




Yu Huang suddenly kicked the door and cursed softly, “What kind of lousy door lock is this? Why did it malfunction?!”

Sheng Xiao clasped his forehead.

He walked over and hugged Yu Huang from behind. Sheng Xiao bent down and held Yu Huang’s hand with his right hand, then placed the room card on the door lock and the door opened.

Yu Huang glared at the suddenly opened door and mumbled, “F** k, how can a door lock discriminate against age?”

These days, even the door lock liked young hunks and despised old women like her.

Yu Huang entered the room and bent down to take off her combat boots before walking towards the bed.

Sheng Xiao closed the door and helped her arrange her shoes. He lowered his head and took off his shoes. Suddenly, he heard Yu Huang say, “What are you doing? Come and sleep with me!”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

Yu Huang had never told him that she would act like this when she was drunk. She was surprisingly bossy.

Sheng Xiao leaned their shoes against each other. His size 45 shoes were longer than Yu Huang’s. Sheng Xiao stared at their shoes for a moment before entering the bedroom.

Yu Huang had taken off her school jacket. She was wearing a tight tank top and leather shorts as she sat by the bed. She waved at Sheng Xiao. “Come here, child. Sleep with


Sheng Xiao felt that it was strange when she called him a child.

Sheng Xiao walked over and sat down beside her.

As soon as he sat down, Yu Huang pressed his chest against the bed. Of course, Sheng Xiao willingly let her. If he did not want to, even ten drunk Yu Huangs would not be able to push him down.

Yu Huang opened her arms and hugged Sheng Xiao’s shoulders. She placed one leg on his waist, then leaned her head close to his neck and blew into his mouth. “I heard that something happened to me. You came here specially to see me, right?”

Although she was drunk, her speech was calm, showing that she was sober. It was just that after she was drunk, she completely shed her disguise and became innocent. She said whatever she was thinking.

For example, right now, she was happy to see Sheng Xiao. So, she said it out loud.

Before Sheng Xiao could finish speaking, Yu Huang asked him, “Do you love me a lot? Sheng Xiao, look, you lost your memory, but you still like me a lot.”

Sheng Xiao listened to her nonsense without saying anything Seeing that he did not say anything, Yu Huang became frantic. She suddenly sat on Sheng Xiao’s stomach and grabbed his neck with both hands. She shouted fiercely, “Say something!”

Sheng Xiao could not speak because his neck was pinched.

Yu Huang was enraged. “Why aren’t you saying anything? Answer me!”

Sheng Xiao thought, Let go of me. Yu Huang narrowed her eyes. “If you don’t say anything, I’ll bite you!” She suddenly lowered her head and bit Sheng Xiao’s collarbone.

At that moment, the hands released Sheng Xiao’s neck and pressed on his shoulders.

Sheng Xiao was “bitten” by her unwillingly. Soon, he was mesmerized and his entire body flushed. He could not hold it in anymore. He quickly pushed Yu Huang away and hid her under the blanket.

“You’re drunk.” Sheng Xiao’s breathing was unstable, but he pressed the blanket tightly with both hands to prevent Yu Huang from coming out and biting him.

Yu Huang laid obediently under the blanket. She stared at Sheng Xiao’s face for a moment before sighing. “You’re so beautiful.”

Good wine paled in comparison to Sheng Xiao!

Yu Huang mumbled a lot more. In the end, Sheng Xiao fed her a cup of calming tea and made her fall asleep. Only then did the bedroom quiet down.

After she fainted, Yu Huang fell into an especially good sleep.

Sheng Xiao sat by the bed with mixed feelings. He listened to Yu Huang’s calm breathing and looked down at his restless body. Then, he suddenly took out his phone and called his father.

Madam Sheng led the villagers to a square dance in the square of Yufu City.

Sheng Lingfeng stood on the city wall of Yufu City and stared at the lively Yufu City. When he thought of the words the Grand State Master had said to him a while ago, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of grief.

Was the calamity really coming?

Just as he was feeling sad, his phone suddenly rang in his pocket.

Sheng Lingfeng was surprised to see that it was Sheng Xiao. Why would this boy call him if nothing happened? Could something have happened?

Sheng Lingfeng picked up the phone and called out, “Xiao’er.” Then, he heard his son say, “Father, the engagement ceremony at the end of the year will be held as usual.”

Sheng Lingfeng suddenly smiled. “Why have you changed your mind?” He teased Sheng Xiao on purpose. “You were the one who said that young people should focus on cultivation and didn’t want to get engaged to Yu Huang.”

Sheng Xiao felt a little awkward after being ridiculed by Sheng Lingfeng.

He held Yu Huang’s hand and unconsciously squeezed it. Even though he could not remember the process of him and Yu Huang knowing each other, nor could he remember the sweet moments between them, his body had long remembered Yu Huang.

He craved her.

He didn’t want to wait another moment.

“Anyway, we have to get engaged!” The sooner the better!

Sheng Lingfeng found it funny. He told Sheng Xiao, “Silly boy, you won’t forget the person you like even if you lose your memory.”

Sheng Xiao thought about it for a moment before saying, “You’re right.” “If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.” After Mrs. Sheng finished square dancing, Sheng Lingfeng wanted to pick her up and go home with her.

Sheng Xiao said, “Yu Huang is playing basketball in Jingdu. You and my mother will come to watch the finals.” He was informing Sheng Lingfeng, not discussing it with him. Sheng Xiao hung up without waiting for Sheng Lingfeng’s reply. Sheng Lingfeng shook his head and chuckled.

He flew to the square and landed beside Madam Sheng. Madam Sheng was wiping her sweat with a handkerchief. When she saw him, she asked, “Who were you on the phone with?”

Mrs Sheng saw it all.

Sheng Lingfeng told her, “It’s Xiao’er. He called me and told me that the engagement will be carried out according to the original plan. He also told us that we must go see Yu Huang’s basketball match.”

Madam Sheng was delighted. “That’s great!” She was worried that Sheng Xiao would lose Yu Huang, her future daughter-in-law, after he lost his memory. Madam Sheng was happier than anyone else when she found out that Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang were still as loving as before.

She was over the moon. She said naggingly, “Do you think I should wear a dress or a suit on the day of the finals? Which set of jewelry will look better? What do you think about me going to customize a banner? When the time comes, let’s bring two attendants with us. As soon as Yu Huang goes on stage, let them pull up the banner and shout slogans!”

Mrs. Sheng became more and more excited. “I can’t wait.”

Sheng Lingfeng was speechless. He had a feeling that if Yu Huang married into Yufu City in the future, his wife would ignore him.

At the thought that he might compete for her favor with his daughter-in-law, Sheng Lingfeng felt a headache.

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