She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 257 - Gift from the Future Mother-In-Law

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Chapter 257 Gift from the Future Mother-In-Law

Yu Huang woke up early in the morning. She turned around and saw a shirt hanging on the clothes rack. She recognized it as Sheng Xiao’s shirt and remembered that he came last night.

Then, what happened last night surfaced in her mind like a lantern.

Yu Huang smacked her head speechlessly. She was about to smack herself again when she heard Sheng Xiao’s voice from the washroom. “Stop. If you smack yourself again, you won’t be able to play basketball today.”


Yu Huang put her hand down immediately. She looked up at the washroom and saw Sheng Xiao without his shirt.

The young man’s body was really sexy.

Yu Huang felt her fingers itch when she saw Sheng Xiao’s chest and abs. She wanted to touch them. But, she was a girl. She had to be reserved.

Yu Huang lowered her head reluctantly and picked up the ball gown on the bedside table. She said to Sheng Xiao, “Turn around. I’ll change.”

Sheng Xiao took the shirt off the hanger and turned around to put on his clothes with Yu


He put on his shirt and, after some thought, took out the cloud-patterned collar pin from the storage device to wear it at the collar.

Sheng Xiao turned around and looked at Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao’s gaze darkened when he saw Yu Huang in her jersey. He lowered his head and tidied his cufflinks. Then, he said casually, “Don’t lose your jersey after the competition.”

Yu Huang said, “They’ll design a new one next year. There’s no need for this in the future.”

“Yes, there will be.” Sheng Xiao’s words made no sense to her. Yu Huang did not understand what use the clothes had.

Yu Huang squatted in front of the suitcase and looked for her sneakers. Sheng Xiao touched the collar pin and asked her, “Did you give me this collar pin?”

Yu Huang turned back to look at his collar and saw the cloud-patterned collar pin. Yu Huang nodded. “Yes, didn’t we buy it at the school fair together?”

Yu Huang then remembered that Sheng Xiao had lost his memory.

She walked to Sheng Xiao with her sneakers and looked up at him. “Yin Rong said that this is the Three Lives Stone that can bring us three lifetimes of love. You liked it a lot, so I bought it for you.”

Sheng Xiao felt a little guilty. He did not dare to tell Yu Huang that he had despised the collar pin and thrown it into the trash can.

So this was their token of love.

Fortunately, he eventually picked it up from the trash can.

Naturally, Yu Huang did not know about this. She put on her sneakers and tied her slightly curled black hair up in a ponytail, making her look athletic. Sheng Xiao suddenly walked toward her and said, “Don’t move.”

Yu Huang stopped moving.

Sheng Xiao took out a red headband from his pocket and put it on Yu Huang.


Yu Huang looked at herself in the mirror and realized that there was a word “phoenix” embroidered with golden thread on the headband. The word was embroidered exquisitely. It was obvious that it was not something Sheng Xiao could embroider.

Before Yu Huang could ask, Sheng Xiao explained, “My mother made your headband. There’s a strand of my father’s hair under the word phoenix. My father’s beast form is a pixie. Pixies have the ability to get rid of bad luck and bring good luck to people. This is a lucky belt. Wear it well.”

After knowing that this was a gift from her future in-law, Yu Huang couldn’t help but touch her headband. “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t lose it.”

Sheng Xiao called breakfast into the room.

After they had their breakfast, Sheng Xiao put on a cap and left with Yu Huang.

Yin Rong and the others knew that Yu Huang would come with Sheng Xiao, so they went to the basketball stadium beforehand.

Nearly 300 participating players were all gathered in the basketball stadium. Everyone was wearing the uniforms of various universities and stood in their respective camps. When Yu Huang appeared, the male students of the other universities could not help but steal glances at her.

They glanced at her mask, her figure, her fair legs, and her entire body.

Sheng Xiao sat at the back of the Divine Realm Academy’s audience seats. He felt suffocated when he saw many boys watching Yu Huang

These bastards, what were they looking at? Weren’t they afraid of getting a sty? Yu Huang greeted Xiao Shu and the others, then stood beside Liuli Feng and waited for the match to begin.

Ordinary basketball courts were usually made of cement or rubber ground with soft wooden boards. However, the ground of the Beast Tamer basketball courts was made of diamond!

This material had no other advantage except for its resistance!

Opposite Yu Huang and the others stood the Divine Eagle Academy’s basketball team. Because of the conflict last night, the Divine Eagle Academy’s players were glaring at Yu Huang and the others. Yu Huang was infuriated by their gazes. The blood in her entire body flowed faster. She clenched her fists and her bones creaked.

She could not wait to play basketball!

Beautiful and sexy cheerleaders skipped out in mini-skirts and danced with energy. When Yu Huang saw those young and beautiful girls, she felt like she had become younger.

After the cheerleaders left the court, Manager Su, in a black suit, flew to the sky above the open-air basketball stadium.

Manager Su held a wooden frame in his hand, and it was unknown what was inside.

He glanced at the team members below and shouted, “Every basketball team manager, please draw lots!” After saying that, he threw the wooden frame into the sky, and instantly, 33 balls of light flew into the sky.

There was a number on each ball of light.

When Manager Su threw out the ball of light in the wooden box, Yin Rong, who was standing at the front of the team, immediately released the Three-Eyed Unicorn and flew up into the sky without a word.

She went straight to the ball of light with the number 1 on it.

At the same time, the basketball managers of the other academies also flew into the sky. Like Yin Rong, their target was also ball 1.

For the No. 1 ball of light, the basketball managers of 33 academies fought in the sky.

Of the 33 basketball managers, only Yin Rong was a woman. In order to get the number 1 ball of light, everyone was fighting desperately. Who would still care about ‘ladies first’?

Yin Rong was actually not at a disadvantage even though she was fighting a group of men.

Yu Huang asked Xiao Shu, “Xiao Shu, why does everyone want to snatch Ball 1?”

Xiao Shu explained, “Because with the number 1 ball, you have the right to choose the opponent first.”

No wonder.

High in the sky, Yin Rong stroked the unicorn’s head, and it obediently bowed its head.

Faint white energy was released from the horn. At the same time, the other 32 basketball managers moved slowly.

Yin Rong cultivated a spatial cultivation technique that could reduce the enemy’s movement speed and slow them down.

Yin Rong seized this opportunity to fly up from the unicorn’s body. She successfully snatched the No. 1 ball of light and landed in front of Yu Huang and the others with a smile on her face.

When she landed, the effects of the time cultivation technique disappeared, and the 32 people returned to normal.

Seeing that the No. 1 ball had been snatched away by Divine Realm Academy’s Yin Rong, the basketball manager of Divine Eagle College glared fiercely at Yin Rong before indignantly snatching the No. 2 ball.

Yin Rong wiped the sweat off her forehead and turned around to ask Yu Huang and the others, “Everyone, which academy should we choose in the first elimination match?”

Xiao Shu did not hesitate and said bluntly, “I think Divine Eagle Academy is very suitable.”

In the past years, the Divine Eagle Academy had always been the top three winners. If they challenged the Divine Eagle Academy at the beginning, this was too…


Yin Rong licked her lips as her eyes flashed. She asked the others, “What do you guys think?”

Yin Yang analyzed logically. “The strength of the Divine Eagle Academy cannot be underestimated. I suggest that everyone not act rashly.”

Yu Huang touched the headband on her head and said, “I think Xiao Shu’s suggestion is more interesting. Isn’t it more exciting to defeat the strongest opponent at the beginning?”

Xiao Shu gave Yu Huang a thumbs up. “That’s right! Let that bunch of b*stards see how powerful Divine Realm Academy’s women’s army is!”

Yin Yang thought of what happened last night and frowned. He said, “That’s fine too. Let them be defeated by the women’s army of Divine Realm Academy at the beginning to teach them a lesson.”

“Then.” Yin Rong threw the No. 1 ball of light into the sky and smiled evilly. “Let’s treat Divine Eagle Academy as a front dish!”

The basketball manager of the Divine Eagle College, who was still fighting for the number 2 ball in the sky, did not know that their academy had become the prey of the Divine Realm Academy.

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