She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement - Chapter 363 - Occupy A Hill To Act As A Lord

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Chapter 363: Occupy A Hill To Act As A Lord

“Perhaps before I became a powerhouse, my enemies will have already died for various reasons.” When she thought of her parents who had died tragically and her younger sister who had become a toy after her death, Yin Rong’s eyes turned red with hatred.

“I must kill the Dark Night Ghost Sect with my own hands!”

She had to take revenge!

Yin Mingchong saw the ruthlessness in Yin Rong’s eyes clearly, and he said with a slightly cold attitude, “More than a hundred years ago, my elder brother and I had both experienced a test, but I didn’t pass it. You’re indeed talented, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely be able to obtain the Prime Master’s inheritance after you survive the Blood Purification Technique.”

How could Yin Rong not understand?

However, seeing that the opportunity to become stronger was right in front of her, Yin Rong could not give up.

Yin Rong was not stupid. She knew everything clearly.

The patriarch of the Yin Clan could only be succeeded by the direct bloodline. If Yin Rong wanted to be the successor and obtain the support of the Yin Clan, she had to become the direct bloodline.

Moreover, didn’t Yin Mingchong intend to foster her into becoming his successor?

Yin Mingchong had given himself the image of a benevolent and kind person, so it was naturally impossible for him to take the initiative to ask Yin Rong to change her blood. However, Yin Rong understood that if she didn’t change her blood and couldn’t become a direct descendant, then she would be unable to become an heir.

Yin Mingchong was fully aware of how strong her desire to avenge her parents and sister was, so he deliberately waited for her to make this request.

Yin Mingchong needed a capable successor to continue helping him stabilize his position, and Yin Rong also needed Yin Mingchong to be her backer. Even if she understood that all of this was Yin Mingchong’s scheme, she couldn’t refuse all of this.

Yin Rong was willing to risk everything to avenge her parents!

Yin Rong stood up from the stool and suddenly knelt down to Yin Mingchong.

“Father, please help me change my blood!”

Yin Rong deliberately raised her voice so that the guards and butler outside the courtyard could hear.

This was exactly what Yin Mingchong wanted.

Sure enough, Yin Mingchong unconsciously raised his voice, and he pretended to be angry as he roared. “Yin Rong, I’ve already told you the pros and cons, so why are you still so obstinate?!”

“That Blood Purification Spell might kill you!”

When the people outside heard the father-daughter pair’s conversation, they whispered about what had happened.

Yin Rong continued, “Father, please fulfill my wish. Whether I live or die is my own choice. I definitely won’t blame you! Please, Father!”

After saying that, Yin Rong kowtowed to Yin Mingchong non-stop.

When he saw Yin Rong’s obstinate attitude, Yin Mingchong couldn’t do anything. He sighed with sorrow and said, “Forget it. Since you insist on changing blood, then I can only agree.”

“Yin Rong, the risk of the Blood Purification Technique is too great. Your life and death are up to fate. You have to rely on yourself.”

“Thank you for your help, Father!”

As soon as the seclusion ended, Sheng Xiao and Sheng Yang walked out of the Cultivation Hall. They saw the youths of their own clan gathered in the hall and discussing something.

Everyone had complicated expressions and they attracted Sheng Yang’s attention.

“Ah Xin!” Sheng Yang walked to a girl about her age. She held the girl’s arm and asked curiously, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Miss, Young Master, don’t you know yet?” Sheng Xin told Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiao, “I heard that Yin Rong asked Grand Master Yin to change her blood!”

Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiao looked at each other in shock.

Yin Rong had really changed her blood!

“Has she changed her blood already?”

“That’s right. I heard that Yin Rong’s blood only flowed out completely after three days!”

“Three days!” Sheng Yang was shocked. “How’s Yin Rong’s condition now? Has she successfully changed her blood?”

“She just finished the Blood Purification Technique yesterday and hasn’t woken up yet. We don’t know if she succeeded or not. However, Yin Rong is really admirable. She actually really changed her blood.”

Sheng Xiao walked out of the Cultivation Hall and went to the back of the mountain.

Yu Huang had already learned the Bloodline Awakening Technique. She knew that Sheng Xiao would come to the back of the mountain to look for her after his seclusion. Sheng Xiao did not come, so it was obvious that his seclusion was not over yet.

Yu Huang had nothing to do, so she continued to stay in the hot spring room to cultivate the Eye of All Things.

Realizing that the red line on her ring finger was moving again, Yu Huang put away the Eye of All Things and walked out of the hot spring room. She saw Sheng Xiao on the mountain path.

“You’re out of seclusion?”

Yu Huang walked toward Sheng Xiao. She saw his serious expression and realized that something big had happened. She asked, “What happened?”

“Yin Rong used the Blood Purification Technique.”

The smile on Yu Huang’s face instantly froze when she heard this.

She plopped down on a large rock by the road and muttered, “She really went all out.”

Sheng Xiao squatted beside her legs and looked up at her. “What are you thinking about?”

Yu Huang held Sheng Xiao’s hand. “I’m feeling conflicted.”

“Are you wondering if you should give up the opportunity to inherit the legacy just to fulfill Yin Rong’s wish?” Sheng Xiao read Yu Huang’s mind.

Yu Huang nodded with a complicated expression.

Sheng Xiao said, “Beast tamers who don’t want to become strong are beast tamers who don’t want to improve. She has her own goals. You have goals too.”

“In the cultivation world, strength is respected. Whether you can obtain the Prime Master’s legacy depends on your strength. If you don’t steal or snatch and rely on your own abilities to pass the Prime Master’s test, no one can say anything about you.”

“Instead of sympathizing with her and giving her charity, why don’t you improve your strength as soon as possible? You can bring Father back to the Yin Clan and expose Yin Mingchong’s hypocritical true colors and pull him down from the position of Patriarch! You’ll become the king. At that time, Yin Rong will become your subordinate. If she’s loyal to you, you can bring her to the Dark Night Ghost Sect and help her get revenge.”

Yu Huang was enlightened.

Yu Huang shook her head and sighed. “I was being too extreme. What you said is the best solution.” She took the opportunity to pull out a foxtail grass from the pile of weeds beside her.

Yu Huang bit the foxtail grass and stared at the towering Yufu City at the foot of the mountain. She said softly, “That’s right. I should become the king.”

After they came out of seclusion, Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao went back to Jingdu.

The two of them carried many gifts and returned home like any ordinary couple.

Lin Jiansheng and Kong Qing came to Yu Donghai’s house in advance. Yu Donghai had already prepared lunch and was waiting for them to come back before starting the banquet.

After lunch, Yu Huang told Lin Jiansheng and Yu Donghai about what happened in the Yin Clan.

However, there was something that Yu Huang had never understood. She asked Yu Donghai, “Father, Mentor, Yin Mingchong is a selfish person. Him choosing Yin Rong to be the successor of the Patriarch is beyond my expectations.”

“Is he really planning to nurture Yin Rong to be the successor, or does he have other intentions?”

Lin Jiansheng sneered and said, “Yin Mingchong is such a hypocrite. He’s not that righteous.”

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