Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Usual Failure, Sudden Success V

A strong rush of wind whirled the crowd’s attention away from the waiting game playing out onstage for a moment. Those in the crowd were concerned about straightening their garments and brushing aside their wind-blown hair before returning their focus to what was happening on stage. What a sight awaited them.

The stone monument’s dull finish was overtaken by a faint white light that was shining brighter and brighter and brighter by the second! Finally, the milky white light shone to such a blinding degree that no one watching could keep their eyes open.

A single wide-brimmed hat was lifted into the air as the wind howled on through the courtyard.

Ling Chunxi reduced the blinding brightness of the stone monument’s light by controlling the strength of her Battle Qi as she stood tall before it with her face exposed. Her long black hair whipped around her slender figure wildly in the catches of the wind. She was truly a peerless beauty and the sight of her face made everyone’s breath catch. The confidence exuding from her eyes captivated the crowd’s attention without letting their focus shift anywhere else. Her features were indeed heart-tugging with eyes were as clear as a spring day holding a winter’s gaze, and finely shaped and curved lips.

Was this not a stunning view? An unrivalled sight? A shock?

Was this in fact, Ling Chunxi’s true appearance?

Needless to say, everyone was stunned. Each person in the crowd stared with their mouths agape as though they were fools. It was a shock of epic proportions due to her appearance, and even more so because of the level of her innate talent.

Ling Yichen himself was stunned despite having seen Ling Chunxi’s recovered face multiple times. There were emotions stirring in his heart which weren’t there before.

Qin Yumei’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. ‘Was this really Ling Chunxi? That ugly monster? How was it that she became so beautiful? How was this possible?!’ Jealousy spread within Qin Yumei like wild grass. She turned towards Ling Yuanhong and caught sight of him staring at Ling Chunxi with longingly and understood why he was so rude to her earlier. Ling Yuanhong had become aware of Ling Chunxi’s beauty and had decided to pursue her instead. ‘Just you wait Ling Chunxi!’ thought Qin Yumei to herself as she glared at Ling Chunxi viciously.

Qin Xiruo stood rooted to the spot without being able to move. She stared blankly at the bright eyed, peerless beauty with an outstanding level of innate talent onstage ahead of her.

Ling Xiaoting was stupefied. Shocked. Floored! This was Ling Chuxi. This was really her! Regret and dissatisfaction swelled in his heart.

The five elders onstage rose from their seats excitedly, especially Second Elder. There were tears streaming down his face from the corners of his eyes. ‘Chunxi. Oh, Chunxi. She really did it.’

“Chunxi, Chunxi…” Second Elder tried to speak but he was too choked up with emotion. He was so happy and excited, his hands were shaking.

Ling Chuxi raised her head and gave Second Elder a reassuring smile before increasing the strength of her Battle Qi. The glow from the monument grew blindingly bright again. Crack! The sound of the assessment monument breaking lashed through the courtyard!

The assessment monument which had been used by generations of Ling family members was unable to withstand the force of Ling Chunxi’s Qi Ocean and had crumbled under the pressure. The blinding light faded once the monument was destroyed and everyone in the crowd quickly opened their eyes to see what was happening onstage.

What kind of innate talent was capable of doing such a thing?

Ling Yichen studied Ling Chunxi with a complicated gaze. He would not have been able to accomplish what she just did. Exactly how powerful was her innate talent?

First Elder laughed and laughed and laughed as if he had gone mad. “That’s good, that’s good, that’s really, really good!” He jovially issued an order to the closest servant, “Go to the store and fetch the large monument now! Go, quickly!”

With much flurrying of steps, another stone monument belonging to generations of Lings was brought out and placed onstage. This monument was larger and thicker than the last. If the previous monument was unable to withstand Ling Chunxi’s Qi Ocean, this one should. It would be able to determine the true strength of Ling Chunxi’s Qi Ocean.

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