Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 824 - TeaChapter Him A Lesson On Your Behalf

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Chapter 824: Teach Him A Lesson On Your Behalf

“Wait. Since Xiaomo wants to try, let him try.” Ling Chuxi stood in front of Lu Chengfeng to block him.

“Try? This is a contest! The second young master is the legitimate descendant of my Celestial Sect—if anything goes wrong, can you bear the responsibility?” Lu Chengfeng snarled at Ling Chuxi.

“Xiaomo has been cultivating with me for a while, and has already improved a lot. Nothing will happen.” If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Chengfeng’s identity might come in handy later, Ling Chuxi would have kicked him out. Duan Feiyu was alright with it, so why was Lu Chengfeng getting so agitated?

“Hmph! Based on your Golden Pill Sect’s few martial art skills, you think you’re qualified to teach our second young master? If he had been learning my Celestial Sect martial arts instead, I’d be more than happy to let him try! What could he possibly learn from your Golden Pill Sect?” Lu Chengfeng scoffed contemptuously.

These words offended the entire Golden Pill Sect. Even Su Yizhi, who was always calm, looked angry. He knew that Lu Chengfeng was usually arrogant and rude, but this time he had spoken in front of everyone, obviously not taking the Golden Pill Sect seriously. If they didn’t suppress his arrogance, how would the Su family disciples feel? How could the Golden Pill Sect keep a foothold in the Sacred Realm of Sects?

“Mister Lu, are you looking down on our Golden Pill Sect’s martial arts?” Ling Chuxi asked lightly, naturally coming to the same conclusion.

“I admire the Golden Pill Sect’s medical skills, but as for their martial arts, I don’t think much of them at all,” Lu Chengfeng sneered recklessly, his nose pointed to the sky.

Duan Feiyu’s expression changed when he heard this. Lu Chengfeng had always been arrogant when speaking to people, with no sense of propriety whatsoever. This time, he had offended the entire Golden Pill Sect. Hopefully, Ling Chuxi’s anger wouldn’t extend to Xiaomo and the Celestial Sect.

“Alright then. I’ve heard that Mister Lu’s family has learned many things. Since we now have the opportunity, I would like to learn a little something from Mister Lu. What do you think?” Ling Chuxi asked pleasantly. She was determined to destroy Lu Chengfeng’s ego; if left unchecked, his arrogance would surely bring disaster to the Golden Pill Sect sooner or later. Also, it would only demotivate the disciples of the Su family.

“That’s fine too. I’ll show you what the martial arts of the Sacred Realm of Sects are, so that you won’t mislead other people’s disciples,” Lu Chengfeng hissed conceitedly. He had been waiting for an opportunity to teach Ling Chuxi a lesson, so he was very happy with Ling Chuxi’s proposal.

The Su family disciples automatically backed away to create a space for them. Lu Chengfeng’s words had invoked their hatred, so they all hoped that Ling Chuxi would teach the arrogant old man a lesson.

“That man is very hateful!” Duan Xiaomo, who was standing beside Ling Chuxi, suddenly said. His gaze was fixed on Lu Chengfeng, no expression on his face at all.

“Yes, he is quite hateful,” Ling Chuxi agreed quietly.

“I’ll teach him a lesson on your behalf,” Duan Xiaomo said calmly.

His voice wasn’t loud, but the cultivation of the people present wasn’t low, so every word of his could be clearly heard. Everyone looked at Duan Xiaomo in surprise. No one could tell whether the courage came from blissful ignorance or complete confidence, but they believed the former was more likely to be the case.

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