Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 825 - Teaching You A Lesson

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Chapter 825: Teaching You A Lesson

Admittedly, it was a bit strange for Duan Xiaomo to say this, since he was a member of the Celestial Sect, and Lu Chengfeng was a special guest of the Celestial Sect.

However, since Duan Xiaomo said that he was teaching him a lesson on Ling Chuxi’s behalf, it was acceptable. This was because Ling Chuxi had been teaching him martial arts, and he had acknowledged Ling Chuxi as his master. Helping Ling Chuxi meant helping the Golden Pill Sect. There wasn’t any problem with it logically, but the legitimate heir and young master of the Celestial Sect helping the Golden Pill Sect teach someone from the Celestial Sect a lesson was really quite comedic. To Lu Chengfeng, such an act greatly tarnished his reputation.

Duan Xiaomo did not consider that, and did not care either. After he had finished speaking, he started walking over to Lu Chengfeng.

“Second Young Master, what are you doing?” Lu Chengfeng finally recovered from his astonishment and asked. Did he hear it right? He had just been trying to protect the second young master, but even if he agreed to fight, the second young master was far from being his opponent. How could this happen? How could the second young master defend Ling Chuxi like this? Exactly what kind of charm potion had Ling Chuxi given him?!

“Teaching you a lesson,” Duan Xiaomo said briefly.

“Xiaomo!” Ling Chuxi and Duan Feiyu shouted at the same time. They knew Lu Chengfeng wouldn’t really fight Duan Xiaomo, so they weren’t very anxious. However, if Duan Xiaomo took action first, Lu Chengfeng might be forced to fight him either way.

Duan Xiaomo ignored Ling Chuxi and Duan Feiyu, and continued walking.

Ling Chuxi quickly stepped forward, wanting to pull him back. At that moment, Cang Yuan’s voice suddenly rang out in her mind: “Let him go, it will be alright.”

Ling Chuxi stopped and protested in her mind, ‘But he has only cultivated for a couple of days! His opponent is an expert at the realm of True Essence—’

“Some things are more important than Qi of True Essence… You will soon understand,” Cang Yuan said mysteriously.

Since Cang Yuan was confident, Ling Chuxi felt relieved. Either way, Lu Chengfeng wouldn’t dare to fight Duan Xiaomo, so there was nothing to worry about.

She was relieved, but Duan Feiyu certainly wasn’t. Seeing Duan Xiaomo getting closer to Lu Chengfeng, he took a few steps forward to grab him, but Ling Chuxi held Duan Feiyu back.

“It’ll be fine. Lu Chengfeng won’t hurt him,” Ling Chuxi said reassuringly.

Nonetheless, Duan Feiyu was worried that Lu Chengfeng might hurt Xiaomo if he could not stop, so he said to Lu Chengfeng, “Mister Lu, since Xiaomo wants to play, please give him some advice.”

“Don’t worry, young master, I just want to see what the Golden Pill Sect has taught the second young master.” Lu Chengfeng waved his sleeve, putting on the calm airs of an expert. However, he was silently gritting his teeth, filled with loathing and dissatisfaction towards Ling Chuxi. The second young master was actually willing to fight on her behalf! Lu Chengfeng was thinking hard about how to defeat the second young master. It was better to win with one strike, and then humiliate Ling Chuxi for teaching him useless things. With such a plan in mind, Lu Chengfeng felt confident.

Duan Xiaomo had already reached Lu Chengfeng, and without hesitating, he swiftly leaped up and stretched his palm out. That seemingly simple move actually contained a terrifying strength and impressive aura—it was none other than one of Mo Kongyuan’s Great Fist Skills!

The little fellow wasn’t holding back at all!

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