Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 98 - Give You Two Pieces of Sincere Advice

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Chapter 98: Give You Two Pieces of Sincere Advice

“Young Master, so did you really know Miss Ling Chuxi prior to this incident after all?” asked Zhong Xingkai.

“Yes,” stated Xia Zhuoyi with a nod. “I am going to see her and express my gratitude. I will be sure to repay her in the future.” Once he finished speaking to Zhong Xingkai, Xia Zhuoyi walked over to Ling Chuxi.

“Oh, I’m coming too!” chirped Zhong Xingkai as he rushed to keep up.

At present, Ling Chuxi was lazily looking at Lan Xinyu and her group as she waited for them to unpack their items for registering.

The teacher-in-charge of the registration wasn’t surprised. Perhaps it was because Lan Xinyu and her group had always recorded good results at previous trainings. When Lan Xinyu and her group proceeded to remove item after impressive item from their bundles, he didn’t feel surprised at all and instead, calmly recorded each item before making an estimation of their total.

After the teacher-in-charge was done recording all the items, he raised his head and announced in an indifferent tone as though this was to be expected, “Student Lan Xinyu’s group has recorded the highest value of items so far.”

When Lan Xinyu heard this announcement, a smug look appeared on her face that seemed to intone this was how things were supposed to be. She turned to look at Ling Chuxi haughtily and said in a voice dripping with cynicism, “Where are your items, Ling Chuxi? Take them out so we can have a look.”

Ling Chuxi let out a sigh and said, “Lan Xinyu, do you want to prepare yourself by putting on some powder first?

“What do you mean?” scoffed Lan Xinyu. She was stunned as she couldn’t understand what Ling Chuxi’s words meant.

“Your face will turn pig-liver red in just a short while. Don’t you want to put on some powder to cover it up?” said Ling Chuxi slowly and deliberately with a playful smile.

“How dare you! Don’t think you can act so arrogantly just because you have the fifth princess’ support!” yelled Lan Xinyu. She really had nowhere to vent the anger she was suppressing inside.

“You’re wrong!” barked Ling Chuxi. She nodded at Ling Yichen to indicate he should begin removing the items they had collected from his backpack one by one, then she wagged her index finger as she dropped each word she said slowly with a brazen expression, “Without the fifth princess’ support, I’m just as arrogant. Because I have what it takes to be arrogant.”

“You may all treat me as though I’m not present,” announced the fifth princess cooperatively as she stepped aside.

Lan Xinyu really wanted to lash out her whip and mercilessly strike Ling Chuxi’s brilliantly smiling face. No one had ever dared speak to her like this before. No one had ever dared to act so arrogantly before her.

“Let’s see how long you can continue to be so proud,” said Lan Xinyu with a snort as she turned to look at the teacher who was in charge of recording the items. “Teacher, forgive me for troubling you to record a little faster.”

The teacher-in-charge of registration nodded and increased the speed of his valuation calculations. After a while, once Ling Yichen had removed everything they had collected over the course of the training from his backpack, the teacher turned to him with a smile. “Student Ling Yichen, this is the first time you have participated in the training and you’ve managed to obtain such results. Not bad. I must say this isn’t considered very bad at all. If nothing unexpected happens, you and your group will obtain second place. Your results were very close to student Lan Xinyu’s.”

When Lan Xinyu heard this, she broke out into a laugh immediately. “You’ve lost, Ling Chuxi! Hahaha! You’ve lost! Tomorrow, during the award ceremony you must kneel down before the whole school and kowtow to me. Then you’ll have to get out of White Stone City and never return! Hahaha!”

The teacher who was busily recording items just a few moments ago was stunned at Lan Xinyu’s words. He managed to regain his senses quickly and realize that this young maiden who was known as the peerless genius at their academy seemed to have placed a bet with Ling Chuxi. And that the results of said bet was determined by the results of this training. The losing party had to kowtow to the other in front of the whole school? How could things have turned out like this? No matter who lost, it wasn’t something anyone wished to see as they were both good seedlings!

“Lan Xinyu, let me give you two pieces of sincere advice.” It was Ling Chuxi’s turn to sneer and she did so with her arms crossed in front of her. “First, don’t be so quick to judge. Second, don’t be so loud regarding your shameful matters in front of so many people.”

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