Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 801 - Concern  

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Chapter 801: Concern

When Yin Jia’s gaze fell on Guan Tang and Ye Cheng, Guan Tang’s heart skipped a beat. She forced herself to remain calm.

On the other hand, Ye Cheng chatted cheerfully with the others as though he did not notice the sisters at all. However, secretly, he pinched Guan Tang’s thigh.

Guan Tang’s body trembled slightly, but she forced herself to remain silent.

Seeing the unnatural expression on Guan Tang’s face, one of the wealthy young masters hurriedly asked, concerned, “Guan Tang, are you not feeling well? Do you want me to accompany you to get some fresh air?”

Guan Tang hurriedly brushed Ye Cheng’s hand away and nodded. “Sure.”

Guan Tang stood up, looking flustered. Her legs were a little weak, and she leaned against the young master.

With such a beauty throwing herself into his arm, the young master was naturally overjoyed. He hurriedly supported her and led her out.

Ye Cheng could not help but frown.

Upon seeing this, Yin Jia asked in a slightly cold tone, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Cheng smiled. “Why don’t you go take a look? Yin Yi and Guan Tang seem a little drunk.”


Yin Jia swirled her wine glass gently as she said tonelessly, “You don’t have to worry about them needlessly. They’re both frequent patrons of nightclubs. This little bit of alcohol is nothing to them. The fact that they looked drunk only means that they’ve found someone they like?”

Ye Cheng looked stunned.

Yin Jia smiled with a hint of disdain as she looked at Ye Cheng and asked, “What? Don’t tell me you think they’re some young innocent girls?”

“They’re your younger sisters,” Ye Cheng said, sounding shocked.

Yin Jia lowered her gaze and took a sip from her wine glass before she said indifferently, “They’re my younger sisters, but what does it matter to me how they conduct themselves outside?”

“What I mean is… Don’t you care about them?” Ye Cheng asked, feeling like Yin Jia was a little different tonight.

Yin Yi looked at him, puzzled. “Care? What can I do? If Guan Tang is interested in that young man, wouldn’t it be awkward if I go outside now? As for Yin Yi, she’s clearly chasing after Mu Chen. If she really manages to catch Mu Chen, I can guarantee that my grandpa will help her marry into the Mu family.”

“What about Guan Tang? Aren’t you worried she might be in danger?” Ye Cheng asked in a deep voice.

Yin Jia rolled her eyes. “What kind of danger would she be in? These people are your friends, and they’re from famous families in M City. Why would she be in danger? They can’t be bad people. Moreover, you know about Cheng Che and Guan Tang’s matter. It’s impossible between them. What’s wrong if she finds someone she likes? The best solution for her now is to find another young master who’s like my brother, right?”

Yin Jia stared at Ye Cheng intently after she finished speaking.

Under Yin Jia’s gaze, Ye Cheng felt like he had nowhere to hide. In the end, he could only smile and nod. “You have a point. You’re really thoughtful. I didn’t even think about this at all.”

Yin Jia smiled and said, “It’s normal that you didn’t think about it. In fact, it’d be strange if you did. That means you have other thoughts about her…”

Ye Cheng hastily denied. “How’s that possible? What thoughts would I have about her? I just thought that they’re younger sisters, and as their older sister and brother-in-law, we shouldn’t let them suffer a loss.”

Yin Jia’s smile and voice were gentle as she said, “Don’t worry. Faced with both of them, only others will suffer losses…”

Ye Cheng did not dare to speak anymore. He did not know what to say and could only look at Yin Jia tenderly.

Yin Jia wore a very satisfied expression upon seeing this. Then, she said with a soft sigh, “Since I was young, because I’m the eldest, I have to give in to my younger brothers and sisters. Since my grandpa has high expectations of me, I have to be magnanimous and broad-minded. From toys to clothes and properties, I have to give in. They’ve gotten used to it, and I’ve gotten used to it as well. When we grew up, I couldn’t do anything even when Guan Tang snatched my boyfriend away…”

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