Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 803 - Shock  

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Chapter 803: Shock

However, the pleasure of the body quickly drowned out Yin Yi’s reason.

The man she had been waiting for such a long time did not disappoint her. It had been a long time since she had met a man who made her feel so happy. It seemed like the power of the incense was truly amazing.

It was only when Yin Yi was exhausted that the man left her body. As she closed her eyes, she prayed fervently that she would be with child. She wanted to give birth to a child for the man she loved. With that, she would be able to trap him even more tightly.

The man seemed very attached to her body. He hugged her from behind and fell into a deep sleep.

Yin Yi was very satisfied. She thought that by the time she returned to S City, Song Ning would have been taken care of. At that time, this man and everything he had would be hers.

This world was one where the strong preyed on the weak. She was born into a wealthy family so this was even more true. She had to rely on her brain to survive.

Not only was she the youngest in the family, but her elder sister and brothers were all much more capable than her. She knew apart from a generous dowry, she would not get anything from the Yin family.

The best husband her family and elders could choose for her was someone like Ning Dong. With his family background, she would be able to live a comfortable life. However, that was not what she wanted. She wanted to stand on top of everyone. She wanted to marry a very successful man; apart from money, she wanted power and status as well. She wanted to command the wind and the rain. Among all the young madams, she wanted to be the person who had the final say. This naturally depended on the identity and status of her husband. In her eyes, the only person who could realize her dream was Mu Chen. It did not matter if he had a wife and a son; she could get rid of them easily.

After planning for such a long time, Yin Yi could finally heave a sigh of relief now that her goal had been achieved. She fell asleep peacefully.


When Yin Yi woke up, she saw that the room had gotten brighter. She was a little worried, wondering if the person Ning Dong arranged had taken the photos.

The man in the bed was breathing evenly. She did not dare to move so she could only continue to close her eyes and pretend to sleep.

At this moment, the man suddenly pulled her closer against him. Before she could react, she was violently invaded.

The slight pain made her cry out. She did not expect the sound to make the man move even more violently. It was even fiercer than the night before.

She was a little surprised. She instinctively catered to him, creating a spring-like scene in the room.

When the passion faded, the man fell asleep again.

‘What a heartless man. He doesn’t know how to be gentle at all,’ Yin Yi thought to herself. Despite her thoughts, a small smile could be seen on her face. She could not complain. After all, someone like Mu Chen had the capital to do as he wanted.

Yin Yin rubbed her waist, thinking that it was worth it to die under the man’s body. After stretching slightly, she turned around and slowly opened her eyes. In the next moment, she froze.

When she reacted, she screamed and jumped out of bed, completely ignoring the fact that she was naked. She looked at the man sleeping on the bed with a horrified expression on her face.

Instead of Mu Chen, Ning Dong was sleeping on the bed.

Yin Yi screamed again.

Ning Dong was sleeping deeply so he did not react at all.

Yin Yi could not care less about the mess on her body. She reached out and pushed Ning Dong, but Ning Dong did not even open his eyes.

The fragrance from the incense would make men lose their minds, left only with bodily desires.

She had specially obtained this incense to trap Mu Chen. How could the other party turn out to be Ning Dong?

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