Sir, How About A Marriage? - Chapter 804 - Bite Back  

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Chapter 804: Bite Back

Yin Yi was shocked, horrified, and confused. She did not know how the man from last night turn out to be Ning Dong. Her heart was filled with bitterness, and she could not speak at this moment.

She rushed into the bathroom and returned with a glass of water. She splashed the water on him before she screamed and pounced on him, raising her hand to slap him. “Bast*rd! You ruined my plan!”

Ning Dong woke up, looking dazed. He did not seem to feel the slaps or the water that drenched his body. Then, he glared at Yin Yi viciously before he backhanded her and threw her on the bed.

“You set me up!”

Before Yin Yi could say anything, Ning Dong straddled Yin Yi and slapped her. “B*tch! You’re such a b*tch! How dare you set me up! You like men a lot, right? Very well, then I’ll let you have a good taste!”

Ning Dong entered Yin Yi’s body again.

Yin Yi screamed and struggled. She did not expect the gentle and weak-looking Ning Dong to be so strong. He pressed her shoulder down, and the more she struggled, the rougher he was.

Yin Yi cursed shrilly, “You bast*rd! You’re the one who set me up!”

Following that, she cried out when she felt a sharp pain. Ning Dong had bitten her.

Ning Dong leaned down and said viciously, “Who set you up? You cheap b*tch! You ran into the room and climbed into my bed! You even drugged me! What? Aren’t you going to admit it? Didn’t you feel good last night? Now you want to bite back? Are you going to accuse me of raping you? Fine! I’ll let you have a taste of what it’s like then! Stop pretending to be innocent. Who knows how many men you’ve slept with before!”

Yin Yi was completely at Ning Dong’s mercy, and Ning Dong did not show any mercy at all. He insulted her mercilessly as he abused her cruelly. He called her shameless and promiscuous as he left painful traces on her skin. In the end, she completely broke down under the mental and physical torture.

Alas, Ning Dong did not let her go. He continued to vent his anger on her. When he was finally down, he kicked her out of bed like a broken doll.

Ning Dong walked into the bathroom naked to wash up.

When the sound of water rang from the bathroom, Yin Yi finally cried. She was in pain. The bruises on her body showed how ruthless Ning Dong had been. For the first time, fear rose in her heart.

Ning Dong was not like what she knew of him at all. He was a completely different person.

When Ning Dong finally walked out with a white towel wrapped around his waist, he looked at Yin Yi, who was curled up on the bed, and said with a sneer, “Why aren’t you washing up? You’re so filthy.”

As soon Ning Dong approached, Yin Yi quickly leaped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. She was terrified by his gaze.

By the time Yin Yi emerged from the bathroom, Ning Dong was already fully dressed. He was looking at the tablet in his hand.

Yin Yin sobbed as she musteredup her courage and said, “You set me up! We agreed that you’d help me get with Mu Chen! It was your subordinate that gave me the keycard. I thought, I thought this was Mu Chen’s room. I thought…”

“You thought I was Mu Chen, and you thought you were sleeping with Mu Chen,” Ning Dong said with a sneer.

Yin Yi leaned against the wall and covered her face as she wept.

Ning Dong smiled coldly and handed the tablet in his hand to Yin Yi as he said, “Stop lying. This is all your scheme. I’ve checked it. This room is registered under my name. Mu Chen’s room isn’t on this floor at all. You also brought the incense here. What? You still want to deny it? The person I was waiting for was not you! You’ve ruined my innocence!”

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