Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 599 - – The 10 Matches Promise

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599 – The 10 Matches Promise

The Head of Education walked towards Lan Xuanyu and the rest. “How do you guys want to take the final exam?”

Lan Xuanyu said, “I’ll have to trouble you to invite the third years to spar with us. Any form would do. One on one or two against two. If we win, please give us a proof so we can go back and report.”

The Head of Education nodded and said, “As we didn’t prepare in advance, you guys should rest first. We will call you guys when we’re ready.”

“Alright, thank you, Teacher.”

Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu were brought to a resting room. The Head of Education even got someone to bring them drinks and snacks, and nobody cared about them anymore.

“We did enter but now how are we going to call Teacher Nana?” Bai Xiuxiu asked Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu laughed. “It’s very easy. Teacher Nana’s perception is very strong. When we will be fighting, I’ll use my Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and she would definitely be able to sense that we’re here, so she will naturally come to find us. The outer wall of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy is isolated by energy. I used my spiritual power to probe from the outside just now and it couldn’t enter at all. So, we have to sneak in.”

“Really?” Bai Xiuxiu asked.

“En, let’s fight then. Are you afraid? Even our academy’s third years lost against us, why would we be afraid of this place?” Lan Xuanyu said.

Bai Xiuxiu: “I was worried that you would bully others.”

Lan Xuanyu: “Am I that kind of person?”

“You are. You even dare to capture a Tang Sect senior, what else do you not dare to do? You’re getting bolder,” Bai Xiuxiu said in annoyance.

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “I was forced.”

Bai Xiuxiu stuck her tongue out at him, clearly unconvinced by his words.

They waited for an entire hour and had snacked until they were full. Only then did the Head of Education return to them.

“Lan Xuanyu, Bai Xiuxiu, right? We just checked your information and confirmed your identities. You guys once led a team to challenge Shrek Academy’s third years and won. You’re the most outstanding students among Shrek’s first years.” The attitude of the Dean was different from before and he seemed to be more cautious.

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “You’re too polite. I’m not worthy of being called outstanding.” Their previous challenge was broadcasted live across the entire Federation, so it was normal for them to be found out. It hadn’t been that long.

Although Bai Xiuxiu had changed her name, her appearance could not be changed.

The stern expression on the Dean’s face became much gentler. He smiled and said, “As the most outstanding students of Shrek Academy, although it is against the rules for first years to challenge the third years here, we’ll still agree after some discussion. But this concerns our academy’s reputation, so we would like to ask for your help.”

“What is it?” Lan Xuanyu asked calmly.

The Dean said, “It’s like this, our batch of third years has a total of over 200 people, and there are some pretty good students among them. If we only choose one or two from them, it won’t be easy to choose. At the same time, we hope that you guys can give more pointers to our students. After all, you guys are from the Federation’s number one academy, so can we invite you guys to spar a few more times? Don’t worry, as long as you guys win one round, I will prove to your academy that you guys have completed the final exam.”

Lan Xuanyu: “Round robin format?”

The Dean quickly shook his head and said, “No, we don’t dare, we don’t dare. You guys can rest for half an hour between every match. You will take turns between you two. It should be enough for you guys to recover. We will also provide some medicine to help recover your soul power and stamina. You guys can also choose to do the matches over several days.”

Lan Xuanyu: “How many matches do we have to go through?”

The dean said, “We have discussed it before, let’s have 10 matches. Each of you will have five one-on-one matches. What do you think?”

“Alright,” Lan Xuanyu agreed.

The Dean nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Alright, I’ll make the arrangements now. We’ll begin in half an hour.”

“Alright, sorry to trouble you.”

The Dean left. Bai Xiuxiu furrowed her brows and said, “This Dean is quite thoughtful. Does he want us to stimulate their students? If we lose, they will have something to say to the outside world. The students of the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy defeated outstanding students from Shrek.”

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “But will we lose?”

Bai Xiuxiu said, “Their third-years might have a One-Word Battle Armor too. Don’t be careless.”

Lan Xuanyu said, “Just treat it as an exercise. Teacher Nana will definitely be drawn over by our aura later so let her see our current situation so that she can guide us in the next few days! At the same time, we will let the students here see the gap between them and the Federation’s number one academy. I don’t think you will have a problem, it’s just five matches, right?”

Bai Xiuxiu replied indifferently, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me, I just feel that there’s something wrong with a certain person who only has three rings. Your Dragon God Transformation can only last for a minute after all.”

Being despised, Lan Xuanyu scoffed and said, “Just you wait, I’ll show you your future boyfriend’s strength. I can still win even without the Dragon God Transformation.”


Shrek Space Center.

Qian Lei sat in the waiting hall dejectedly with a vacant look in his eyes. Liu Feng sat beside him and closed his eyes to rest.

Qian Lei mumbled, “Frenzie, why do you think she rejected me? The holidays are only for a few days, why isn’t she willing to go to Heaven Luo Planet with us?”

Liu Feng’s eyes were still closed. “It’s normal to reject you. It’s a rare vacation, why would she not go home?”

Not long ago, Lan Mengqin rejected Qian Lei’s invitation and boarded the spacecraft to return to Heaven Dou Planet.

Liu Feng and Qian Lei had already bought tickets and would have to wait for some time before they could leave for Heaven Luo Planet.

Qian Lei said, “That’s right, that’s right, you’re right.” His depressed mood seemed to be relieved immediately.

Liu Feng rolled his eyes and said in annoyance, “You should be thinking about whether the academy will come here to catch us. After all, the tickets have to be registered with our identities, so it won’t be difficult for the academy to find us. We won’t be able to run even if we have turned off our soul communication device.”

Qian Lei said, “This… but there’s no point in capturing us! The spacecraft isn’t with us anyway. We don’t know anything.”

Liu Feng said, “It doesn’t matter, we’re done with the final exam anyway. Whether we deal with it now or after the holidays, it’s just a matter of time. En, there’s one more thing that you should consider.”

“What?” Qian Lei asked doubtfully.

Liu Feng suddenly laughed, a little weirdly. “After we get home, do you think your parents will still recognize you?”

After studying in Shrek Academy for an entire year, every new student could be said to have undergone a complete change, but to say who had changed the most and improved the most wasn’t Lan Xuanyu, nor was it Liu Feng, Bai Xiuxiu, Lan Mengqin, Tang Yuge, or Yuanen Huihui. It was Qian Lei.

One had to know that when Qian Lei first arrived at Shrek Academy, he had completely relied on Lan Xuanyu’s help to get into the academy plus the fact that his Martial Soul was unique.

And now, a year later, he already had the strength to hold his own. With the strength of the Golden Behemoth and the support of his teammates, he had even relied on his coarse skin and thick flesh to block the attack of a seven-ring Soul Sage. Although it only lasted for a short period of time, it was enough to show how strong he was now. In the entire team, his strength was ranked at the top. At the very least, Liu Feng was not his match. His cultivation had also increased to four-ring, and he was the one who had truly changed the most in this year.

At the same time, his appearance had changed! His fat body was gone, replaced by strong muscles and he had grown much taller. Just from his appearance, it was normal to say that he was 16 or 17 years old. In fact, he was only 13 years old.

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