Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 600 - Everyone Back To Their Home

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600 – Everyone Back To Their Home

Qian Lei rubbed his face and realized that his skin no longer had the texture of a child. He then looked at his strong arms that didn’t have any excess fat and blinked.

Ever since the changes in his body, he had been cultivating diligently like his companions. He was busy every day and didn’t dare to slack off for even a second. Now that he had truly calmed down, he realized how huge the changes in him were. That’s right! Could his parents still recognize him?

Qian Lei turned to look at Liu Feng. “What if they don’t recognize me?”

Liu Feng said, “No choice, just end up on the streets.”

Qian Lei suddenly laughed out loud. “Wahaha, my mom has been asking me to lose weight. After seeing me back with such a perfect figure, she’ll definitely be overjoyed. Can I be considered a handsome man now? Quick, tell me, Frenzie. Tell me the truth.”

Liu Feng turned his head and looked at him. Although Qian Lei’s appearance could not be compared to Lan Xuanyu’s, his figure had improved and he wasn’t ugly. He was quite manly, but his image was too different from before and with his familiarity of his character, no one had really paid attention to his looks. Now that he looked at him, he seemed to be quite alright.

“Just alright.” Liu Feng obviously wouldn’t praise him.

Qian Lei stood up and walked in one direction.

“Where are you going?” Liu Feng asked suspiciously.

“Go to the toilet, there’s a mirror in the toilet. I’ll look in the mirror and see how handsome I am.”


The spacecraft flew smoothly in space. As long as the spacecraft did not encounter a meteorite belt, it was usually quite stable.


Lan Mengqin was half-awake in her seat and would occasionally dream about various scenes. There were scenes of her and Bai Xiuxiu eating the Ice God Twin Lotuses, scenes of everyone risking it all together, and that annoying fatty Qian Lei.

After she relaxed, she truly felt tired. She had been a little too tired for the past year, and now there was no competition, no tests, no pressure from falling behind her partners, no sparring. She didn’t need to attend classes or pilot a space fighter. She only needed to sit on the spacecraft and go home.

She didn’t even want to meditate, she just wanted to lean lazily on her seat, even though she was half asleep.


Titan family.

Yuanen Huihui rushed into the main gate excitedly and shouted, “I’m back!”

The house was very quiet and there weren’t many people in the house usually. Their family wasn’t flourishing and everyone had their own things to do.

He walked through the courtyard and into the main hall. He picked up a cup of cold water and took big gulps. Yuanen Huihui immediately felt extremely comfortable.

As if triggered by his voice, an extremely beautiful lady walked down the stairs. When she saw Yuanen Huihui, she immediately revealed a look of surprise. “Baby, you’re back. Where have you been these few days? Your academy only said that you went for a special final exam but didn’t tell us where you went.”

“Mommy.” Upon seeing that beautiful lady, Yuanen Huihui immediately pounced forward like a small child and hugged her waist with a smile on his face.

The lady rubbed his head gently and said gently, “It’s good that you’re back.”

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that Yuanen Huihui was quite similar to this lady. If it was at night, they might have looked nearly the same.

This lady also had a pair of sharp ears. This former princess of the Elven race was now the daughter-in-law of the Titan family.

She had a pair of extremely rare pink eyes that were clear and moving.

Her eyes were filled with love as she looked at Yuanen Huihui.

“We took the final exam and just got done with it. We’ve completed our mission and it’s the holidays now. I can rest at home for half a month.” Yuanen Huihui giggled.

Yun Duo smiled. “That’s good. What do you want to eat? Mommy will cook it for you. Oh, right, your grandma also asked you how your fusion with the Phantom Dragon is going ?”

“It’s pretty good. It woke up pretty quickly, especially after eating the Emperor Fruit that big brother Xuanyu gave me.” Yuanen Huihui smiled.

Yun Qiao rubbed her son’s head gently and said, “Alright, go rest first. Mommy will call you when we’re eating.”

“Alright.” Yuanen Huihui hugged his mother and went upstairs.

A tinge of heartache flashed across Yun Liao’s eyes as she watched him leave. She sighed softly and walked towards the kitchen.

She had always felt indebted to her son. Why was Yuanen Huihui a boy during the day and a girl at night? This had a lot to do with her as his mother.

The lifespan of the fairy race was long, but the problem was that it was very difficult for them to give birth to offspring. Yuanen Huihui’s father had an affair with her once while exploring the Elven planet. He didn’t expect her to actually get pregnant right at the first time.

Usually, it would have been very likely that she would be pregnant for about 30 years before giving birth to Yuanen Huihui. However, she wasn’t willing to stay for so long because during the pregnancy, Elven mothers had to go through a special way of resting to ensure the survival of the child. After all, there was a high chance of an accident occurring in 30 years.

But Yun Liao couldn’t bear to part with her lover, so she snuck into the Elven cave and relied on the influence of an Elven Dragon’s aura to forcefully accelerate the gestation. This allowed Yuanen Huihui to be born in only eight months instead of 30 years; it was even shorter than a human’s. During this process, although Yuanen Huihui absorbed enough energy, she didn’t know what went wrong, which resulted in the difference in gender between day and night.

Yun Liao was extremely regretful about this, but she had no other choice. She could only declare to the Elven race that he was a child born after 30 years of pregnancy. It was also because of this that she, who was the heir to the next generation of the Elven King, gave up her right of inheritance and came to the human world to bring her child to find his father. This led to the series of family changes in the Titan family and Tang Yuge’s mother bringing her out.

This was also the reason why Tang Yuge was hostile towards Yuanen Huihui.

But after being in the Titan family for more than ten years, Yun Liao lived in seclusion and never participated in anything in the family. She only attended to her husband and children, fulfilling the responsibility of a mother and wife. She was gradually accepted by the Titan family but Tang Yuge’s mother had a strong character and never returned.

Yun Liao recalled the past and made a few of Yuanen Huihui’s favorite dishes. She then went to his room upstairs and asked him to eat.

The door wasn’t locked. When she pushed the door open, she was surprised to see that Yuanen Huihui was sprawled on the bed without a care for his image. He was sound asleep and his beautiful face was flushed red as he breathed deeply.

‘This child is really exhausted!’ Yun Duo walked forward with her heart aching. She knelt on the bed and kissed his cheek before covering him with a blanket. ‘Let him sleep first and eat when he wakes up.’


Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy.

In the waiting room, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu were discussing how they should appear later. The safest way was for the two of them to take turns and compete one by one. There was sufficient time to rest between each match and they felt that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Right at this moment, the door to the lounge opened. A familiar figure and aura immediately attracted their attention.

Dressed in a long white dress, her silver hair was let down and her purple eyes were filled with joy and surprise. The moment she saw them, she tilted her head and smiled.

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