Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 731 - Nana’s Call

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731 – Nana’s Call

The Demon Queen’s calm voice resounded in Bai Xiuxiu’s mind. “Our pain and joy should only be shared with the people we love and those who love us. Any external stimulation is just a breeze blowing past your face. Guard your heart.”

The one who helped Bai Xiuxiu resolve her crisis and temporarily took over her soul power was naturally the Demon Queen.

The two figures that were sent flying didn’t attack Bai Xiuxiu again. Although they didn’t know what happened, the lady in the purple dress gave them a strong sense of danger.

The two swords counterattacked and attacked Lan Xuanyu once again.

This time, they saw a pair of red eyes.

“Joy !” Xue Yubing shouted and tried to control Lan Xuanyu’s emotions once again.

But this time, Lan Xuanyu’s gaze didn’t change with her voice. Instead, a glaring light burst forth from the depths of his eyes. An unparalleled tyrannical aura spread out, and his originally seven-colored One-Word Battle Armor seemed to gain an additional layer of scarlet-gold light.

In the next moment, Lan Xuanyu’s speed suddenly increased as he faced the incoming swords. The Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd in his hand shone with a deep blue light.


With an ear-piercing sound, the Heaven’s Downfall Sword and the Heaven Holy Sword collided with the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and Lan Xuanyu was sent flying. After all, the disparity in cultivation was too great. How could a four-ring Soul Ancestor block two six-ring Soul Emperors head-on?

However, those two long swords were actually sent flying by him. What was even more terrifying was that there was a big hole on both swords, and even the audience could see it.

Two figures appeared instantly and Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing revealed shocked expressions.

Martial Souls were like the body of a soul master. If one’s Martial Soul was injured, the soul master’s strength would weaken.

What shocked them even more was that Lan Xuanyu, who was sent flying, immediately bounced up and charged towards them again.

A valiant dragon roar resounded from Lan Xuanyu’s mouth as a gigantic red-gold dragon head appeared. Amidst the furious roar that was akin to madness, Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing were both mentally injured and their bloodlines were in chaos.

For a moment, both of them felt as though a mountain had descended from the sky and was about to press down on their hearts. They were actually unable to shout out the words ‘Sorrow’ or ‘Joy’.

Not far away, the Demon Queen, who was floating next to Bai Xiuxiu, was affected by the dragon roar and could not help but let out a long dragon roar. A layer of gold-red light surrounded her body.

Lan Xuanyu’s body shot straight towards Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing like a cannonball. His aura grew stronger as he flew and a strange scene appeared on his body—blue, red, green, and yellow lights formed a halo around him.

Others might not be able to sense it, but Yin Luohong, who was not far away from Lan Xuanyu, felt it very clearly. The water, fire, wind, and earth elements in the air quickly gathered towards Lan Xuanyu and were absorbed by him.

Under such circumstances, Lan Xuanyu’s cultivation seemed to be increasing continuously. His Twin Martial Souls and soul power made him stronger than soul masters of the same rank. This Martial Soul Fusion skill not only allowed him to enter the Dragon God Transformation state, but it also helped him increase his strength.

Right at this moment, on the sixth years’ side, Sima Xian suddenly shouted, “We admit defeat for this match!”

The moment she said that, Ying Luohong moved and stood in front of Lan Xuanyu. She swung a branch-like object and tapped on the pole of the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd. Lan Xuanyu was immediately sent flying along with the halberd.

But he stopped after flying for over ten meters. He tapped his toes on the ground and was about to charge out again.

Right at this moment, a gentle voice resounded in Lan Xuanyu’s mind. “Xuanyu.”


That was Teacher Nana’s voice.

The gentle voice resounded in Lan Xuanyu’s mind and calmed his Spiritual Sea. The redness in his eyes quickly receded and his body relaxed. He used the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd in his hand to prop himself up, causing him to move up in the air instead of charging forward. He soared five to six meters high and stabilized himself.

Bai Xiuxiu, who came over from the other side to provide support, also stopped.

This was another battle where the victor had yet to be decided and one party had already admitted defeat.

The difference was that Liu Feng kept suppressing Sima Xian in the previous round and even injured Sima Xian’s Dark Gold Skeleton King, weakening his strength. And in this round, Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing forced Lan Xuanyu to use his Dragon God Transformation and the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd, and even forced Bai Xiuxiu to use her Demon Queen. There was no doubt that both Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu had expended a lot of energy.

Lan Xuanyu’s Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Splitting Halberd might not be able to be used in the later battles, and the same went for his Dragon God Transformation. Under such circumstances, although the sixth years lost this round, it was a good thing for them.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head gently and frowned. He looked at Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing, who were floating on the ground, and the relaxed look in his eyes was gone.

He really couldn’t look down on any senior! There were all sorts of strange Martial Souls. Before the start of the competition, he never thought that there would be such a Martial Soul. And he and Bai Xiuxiu weren’t good at controlling their emotions.

If not for the fact that they had better innate talents, had the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and his Dragon God Transformation, and had the help of the Demon Queen, they would have lost this match.

The Demon Queen had roamed the world of soul beasts for hundreds of thousands of years and had a stable mind. Naturally, it was not influenced by emotional soul skills. Otherwise, no matter how strong Bai Xiuxiu’s Great Beast soul ring was, it would not be able to unleash its power.

There were still tears on Bai Xiuxiu’s face as she was pulled back by Lan Xuanyu. She couldn’t help but feel vexed.

Both she and Lan Xuanyu were proficient in dealing with all sorts of small changes in battle. They were proficient in controlling their own abilities and had rich combat experience. But in this match just now, their performance could only be described as “terrible”. They were led by the nose by their opponents from beginning to end and were unable to display their strengths.

“Seems like we have to reflect on ourselves.” Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly.

Bai Xiuxiu nodded gently. “We do have many shortcomings.”

“We’ll rest for 15 minutes and then proceed with the final battle— the seven against seven team battle.” Ying Luohong’s voice resounded. At this moment, she had an unsatisfied expression on her face.

From the first three one-on-one matches, the sixth years were completely suppressed and even Sima Xian suffered quite a bit. This was not what the Outer Court’s Dean wanted to see.

The fourth year students of the Star War Experiment class were her students, and the sixth graders were her students as well! Furthermore, a one-sided match would never have a good effect. It was best for both parties to be evenly matched.

The match just now could be said to have made her eyes light up. She was roughly aware of Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu’s abilities, but she was pleasantly surprised that Mu Rongshang and Xue Yubing were able to coordinate with each other so well. They even had that peculiar joy and sorrow swords.

They were definitely good seedlings ! There was no doubt that this was the hidden trump card of the sixth years. Their strength even surpassed the twin brothers with the Black Tortoise Shield Martial Soul. They could attack, defend, and control; their fighting style was ever-changing, and they also had an extremely rare ability to control emotions. If they could be cultivated to a higher level, they would undoubtedly become outstanding talents in Shrek Academy.

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