SPELLBOUND - Chapter 652 Speechless

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Chapter 652 Speechless

  A few moments ago, Evie’s elite vampires were engaged in a fierce fight against a giant monster.

Samuel, Reed and Luc had decided to team up together to go against the giant while Levy fought on his own against the low-level monsters that came to aim at his comrades back. He actually held on his own quite well. He had zipped around, only after images of him that could be seen as his sword flashed intermittently, the only hints of where he was at that moment. They found themselves more superior than the dark faes now that they were fighting in the dark. They were vampires after all. They were a part of the dark.

Their red eyes gave them such an advantage and since the war started, the rampage and even taking on bigger monsters right off the bat while the dark faes were still adjusting from the darkness, were like a stroll in the park for them.

With all the strategies and killing methods Samuel had learned from the previous wars, Levy, Luc and Reed did not have much of a hard time like what Samuel, Leon and Zolan had gone through the very first time when they had been fighting with these monsters.

”Now come on you little nasty mutts!” Levy roared and taunted those monsters, laughing. And when the three lowest level monsters came at him, he jumped, moved like a blur and when he landed coolly on the ground, the monsters suddenly crumbled all at once behind him.

He peered through his tussled hair and smirked when suddenly a yell echoed out behind him.

”Why the hell are you smirking down there you, dumbass?!” the yell was from Luc. “Who the hell are you showing off to?!”

Levy’s gaze flew towards where Laiza was. To his delight, she coincidentally turned over to look at him and her gaze coincidentally met his. Laiza had also just brought down two monsters at once.

He flashed a flirtatious wink at her before he turned over to look at Luc, his grin growing wider than ever.

”The f*ck! What’s wrong with you grinning so creepily like that?!” Luc yelled. He did not want to admit that Levy was successful in showing off.

”Shut up man.” Levy smugly replied. “Just pay attention to your foe. Stop looking out for me like you’re in love with me.” Levy could not help but tease Luc back.

”Dumbass!!! You’re the one who should be paying attention to your foes! Stop showing off like an idi – Levy, look out!!! Behind you!!!” Luc screamed out halfway through his insulting Levy.

Levy turned and he cursed at the sight of a higher level monster approaching him at an impossible speed. Before the war, the king had already released an official statement about categorising the levels of the monsters that had appeared in the war two days ago. They had discussed and ended up classifying the monsters into five different levels. The smallest and slowest monsters, which was also the most common and largest in number was the level 1 monsters while the more aggressive, faster and slightly larger ones were labelled as level 2 monsters. The giants were labelled level 4 and the massive, blowing up monsters, were the level 5 ones.

The one that was approaching Levy was currently identified as a level three one. That monster seemed to be flying over the ground and had three heads and deadly dragon-like tails was headed straight for Levy.

Levy knew it was too late for him to escape the attack. Thus, he could only grit his teeth, bear down and defend from the upcoming blow as he cursed under his breath. But holy shit! This was a level three monster attacking him at full force! Would his sword be even enough to hold up against those massive dragon-like claws?! Damn it… of all times that he had to be fooling around, it had to be today when his inattention would cost him. Oh well, he would just have to rise to the occasion and ensure he would survive this with the least possible wounds.

He had a feeling that this attack would totally shatter his sword. Triple shit, Levy! You cannot just die off like this!!

Just as the monster’s claws smashed against his sword, something bluish and black came shooting in from the side and hit against the monster’s claw, changing its course in an instant.

Levy instantly grabbed that opportunity to back off. When he landed on the ground, far enough from the level 3 monster, he turned and looked back at the source of that dark magic that had somewhat saved him from an impending doom.

He caught sight of Laiza. She only threw him a quick glance like she was calling him what Luc had just called him. ‘Dumbass.’

Then she spread out her wings before shooting forward and attacked the monster.

Levy admired her every move for a moment before he too moved to the same monster to help her out.

The two of them somehow ended up coordinating surprisingly well. Laiza was aiming all her attacks at the monster’s head while Levy was busy focussing his attacks on its lower parts.

The attacks were coordinated such until the monster lost one of its feet due to Levy’s relentless attack.

When it finally crumpled into an unmoving heap on the ground, Laiza delivered the finishing blow that ensured it remained unmoving forever. The monster’s dark blood splashed all over her at her quick slash.

Levy was clapping his hands, grinning in amazement while watching her pull her sword that was lodged deep, out of the monster’s throat.

”Amazing!” he said enthusiastically, eyes twinkling as he clapped his hands, an ovation to her astonishing fighting skills. “You’re so amazing that I think I’m in love!” Levy declared as if he could not help himself but express his overflowing admiration for Laiza.

”…” Laiza only raised a brow in silence as she looked at Levy, speechless.

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