SPELLBOUND - Chapter 653 Romantic?

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Chapter 653 Romantic?

  Laiza raised her brow and remained silent for a moment at Levy’s words, but she then looked away and jumped off the monster’s body agilely.

”Dumbass.” She muttered just loud enough for him to hear as she walked past him, lifting her gaze again to look out for the Light Queen’s whereabouts. This was her main duty, to watch over her but even she could feel that the queen really did not need any help from her.

Aside from the fact that she was up there, being protected by a massive and majestic fire dragon, the queen also had an unfathomable amount of magic in her. She would probably only be in need of any help if her dragon falls – if he ever does – and that was something near impossible. She just could not imagine that black dragon falling. Ever.

Suddenly, she saw the queen’s dragon suddenly diving to the ground. That worried her immensely. What was going on? It must not approach the ground that low! The giants will be able to jump at it and take it down!

Distracted from the sudden and bizarre action, Laiza failed to notice that there was another monster that had crept forward and was coming at her from behind.

She finally noticed it, but she knew that it was a little too late for her to escape.

Before she could move, an arm was already wrapped around her waist and the next instant, she could immediately tell who it was just by the unique male scent of that annoying male vampire that had wrapped around her.

Levy and Laiza tumbled onto the ground.

When Laiza lifted her gaze, that annoying vampire was grinning down at her. “Isn’t this romantic?” he asked, looking happy rather than sarcastic.

For goodness’ sake. What’s wrong with this vampire?! She could not believe that he was still able to flirt and play around when they were in such a dangerous situation. Was his brain damaged from the fight earlier? Perhaps he had hit it on something?

She grabbed him and rolled him over before she immediately rose and regained her fighting stance as the monster was coming at them again.

He joined her, lifting his sword towards the monster as well.

”Shall we do that exciting collab again?” he asked with a grin.

”I’m fine with it.” she agreed readily, and they both went for that same pattern of attack.

The monster was downed by them just within a few moments. And Levy knew it was mostly because of Laiza’s incredible sword skills. She was actually on par with Leon in terms of speed! And she seemed to be so incredibly experienced. He could not help but wonder at how old she actually was, knowing that the skill she had must have been something that could only be acquired after years and years of actual combat.

He could not help but whistle once again in appreciation as he watched her deliver another finishing blow on their unfortunate victim.

”Terrific! Damn, girl! You fierce!” he commented, eyes shining in admiration.

”Are all vampires really as strong as you?” she finally asked about him this time, causing him to be over the moon!

”I’m stronger than most, but of course there are still others who are stronger than me.” Levy replied rather humbly as the two of them returned to where their comrades were. The three vampires had finally taken that giant down, but they were now mobbed by a number of level 3 monsters. It was evident that they were needing some help from their comrades.

”That’s amazing. Considering you guys don’t wield any magic at all.” Laiza’s comment made Levy grin. “I think your comrades should team up with the other dark faes too. It’s more effective that way. The vampire’s raw strength could be utilized to the maximum if we plan it that way.”

”Hmm… You’re right. Okay, I’ll let the leader know if there’s a chance to do that. It’d really be amazing if they all could find a romantic partner like you cause those guys are being so boring. Haha.” Levy jabbered on, all happy on his own.

Laiza almost tripped hearing the words ‘romantic partner’ coming from Levy’s mouth.

”Stop romanticizing everything will you?” Laiza could not help but comment rather sharply at his remark.

”What’s wrong with that? I think it’s more fun that way, don’t you think?” he beamed at her, not at all bothered that she was frowning at him.

She was speechless at his cheery disposition and way of thinking. This was the very first time she ever met a man smiling so genuinely in the midst of a war. And it was not because he was happy about the killings or the situation, or that he was not serious with his duties. She could really tell he was just simply being positive over everything that was going on around him. What a rare creature… and that caused her to look at him in a more positive light.

When they were finally reunited with the group, the five of them fought fiercely against the monsters that had been surrounding them.

They were slowly getting overwhelmed. They seriously needed reinforcements as the monsters were suddenly focusing their attacks on them as if they had gotten angered that they had killed that giant. It was as though they were taking revenge for their fallen comrade.

”Shit!” Reed was stabbed deep in his abdomen and fell to the ground.

”Reed!” Samuel ran over to shield him before grabbing and pulling him towards the middle.

”Don’t mind me –”

”Shut up and heal yourself!” Samuel commanded and he fixed his attention back to the monster that was before them.

The four of them, including Laiza surrounded Reed in the middle while the monsters in turn surrounded them on the outside.

”Damn! We need a plan! And we need one fast!” Luc said despite knowing that at this moment, the only thing they could do was fight on and see if they could find an opening to escape the entrapment of these monsters.

”We can only keep on fighting.” Samuel spoke with a firm voice. They all knew he was right.

And just when the monsters were about to attack them all at once, a woman dropped down from above, killing one of the monsters as soon as she swiftly landed on the ground.

Queen Beatrice!

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