SPELLBOUND - Chapter 663: Love-struck

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Chapter 663: Love-struck

As soon as Laiza snapped out of Levy's unexpected love confession or whatever that was called, she sighed and gave him a serious gaze. "Please stop being ridiculous and get off me. And do make it quick. A giant might trample us and kill us both."

She could not deny that her heart had just skittered to a stop for a moment there especially when she saw the gleam in his clear brown eyes as he said those words. But he should not be serious about it, right? There was just no way that this happy go lucky vampire was serious! She really could not believe that such a man like this one even exists.

Scrambling off her, Levy looked around for danger. His hands moved, patting around his waist, searching for his sword. Then he looked on the ground around his feet to see if it had dropped there. However, he still could not find it. His eyes searched around, a little further than where they were, and it was then that he saw his sword lying on the ground. He took a step forward, intending to collect his weapon. But Laiza called out to him and stopped him.

Seeing that he was still badly bleeding, Laiza too, quickly rose from the ground.

"It's better if you have yourself healed quickly." She said before she ran off and went to pick both their weapons lying a little farther away from them.

Once she returned and brought his sword over to him, she grimaced at the amount of blood that he was losing. Bending over, Laiza placed Levy's sword on the ground and squatted before him.

"Hey, are you okay? I think... I should call for your comrades –" Laiza frowned as she saw the blood pooling where he was seated.

"No need, no need. I'm fine." he grinned. And Laiza thought that it was a little foolish.

"You're not. That's too much blood!" She insisted, quite convinced that this person's brain must have been hit quite hard in the fight as well.

"It's already healing, don't worry. But I'm really happy that you're this worried about me." He winked flirtatiously, looking genuinely happy.

Speechless, Laiza could only give her head a shake and just focused her gaze on the wound on his abdomen. No matter what he said and no matter how wide he smiled, his situation was really dangerous right now. He needs healing magic or anything that could stop the bleeding this instant, or he would really die!

Just as she decided to call for the other vampires' help regardless of his protests, tiny amber lights suddenly appeared, dotting around his whole chest area. Then they started moving and circling like tiny fireflies all over his wounds.

"Y-you have magic?!" she exclaimed in shock as her eyes circled wide.

He blinked and creased his brows a little at her words, as though not understanding what she was going on about. But when he looked down and saw what made her say that, a gentle and proud smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Ah... you mean this?" Levy pointed at the little dots of lights that were currently circling around his chest, before looking at Laiza and grinning at her delightedly. "This is our Queen's magic. She called this her 'protection' and she always give these to us before we part from her. She's amazing, isn't she?" Levy sounded really grateful and was just proud that their queen really cared a lot about them, her subjects. In fact, there was no need for her to treat them so nicely like this. But the fact that she still did it, out of the goodness of her heart, made it all the more meaningful for the men. And that was why they looked up to her and followed her wholeheartedly, loyally and without any hesitation.

"She is." Laiza nodded. She had not expected that from the Light Queen. It seemed that the Light Queen was truly a kind woman. Now she truly knew that Queen Evielyn was a ruler worth dying for. And from the way she saw the elite vampire soldiers' interactions with her earlier, and also through the pride in Levy's tone, these men should be more than willing to die for her too.

She watched inquisitively as the Light Queen's magic did its work and slowly, it sealed his wound until it was no longer bleeding.

When Laiza returned her gaze back to Levy's eyes, she found him staring at her. His eyes seemed to be in a daze, as though looking... love-struck.

She cleared her throat awkwardly, hoping that he could snap out of it. But his gaze seemed to fall to her lips instead.

Her eyes stretched wide when he did that, and she subconsciously lifted her hand to touch her face, only to find out that her mask was no longer on her face. It was gone?!! When had it fallen off? Was it during that earlier tumble when she fell over with him?

Suddenly, she rose, ignoring the love-struck look he was throwing at her.

Then the vampire named Luc landed next to them.

"Are you alright?" Luc asked Laiza first and when she nodded, he rushed towards the seemingly dazed man still sitting on the ground. Laiza quickly searched for her mask as the duo talked.

"How's your injury? Pretty bad? Samuel asked me to send you to the rear to recuperate." Luc worriedly said as he checked Levy over, scanning him from head to toe.

But Levy just suddenly jumped and grabbed onto Luc's collar and said, "Luc... I think this truly is love..."

Luc blinked. "H-huh? What?" He could not catch on with the transition between his question on Levy's injuries to him suddenly saying something about... love?

"I think this is love, Luc." Levy said again, not minding that he had to repeat himself. He felt that he would not mind saying this over and over again as a foolish smile spread across his face.

"What the hell are you talking about you, dumbass?!!! Did you hit your head so hard that you had completely lost your mind?!" Luc scolded him.

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