Star Odyssey - Chapter 1102: Lu Yin’s Longing

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Chapter 1102: Lu Yin’s Longing

All of these rumors left Lu Yin rather excited. Hearing about the Seven Courts’ heirs, the Ten Arbiters, the Mavis family heir, the unrivaled First Honor Chosen of the Hall of Honor, his Tri-Yang Technique, and everything else left him impatient to go to Mountain and Seas Zone. 

“Is the Tri-Yang Technique really that powerful?” Lu Yin asked.

Mu Ziying nodded and calmly answered, “According to the ancient records, whenever someone successfully cultivates the Tri-Yang Technique, they will always be unrivaled without exception. The Tri-Yang Technique is a miracle that is definitely without equal, and its only weakness is that very few can cultivate it. Once someone succeeds, there’s no reason for anyone else to strive for the top. All others have to be content with just striving for second.”

Lu Yin frowned. “Nothing in the universe is absolute.”

Mu Ziying shook his head. “Brother Lu, you don’t know enough about the Tri-Yang Technique. While in theory, it’s valid to say that nothing is truly absolute in the universe, the Tri-Yang Technique is absolutely without equal. This statement doesn’t just hold true within the Human Domain, as it also includes the Astral Beast Domain and the Technocracy. It is undoubtedly the most powerful battle technique in the entire Fifth Mainland—it’s not simply ‘one of the best.’”

“So are you saying that the Hall of Honor’s First Chosen is basically guaranteed to be one of the Cosmic Five?” Lu Yin asked. 

Mu Ziying said, “Definitely. There’s no question about it.”

This was not Lu Yin’s first time hearing of the Tri-Yang Technique, as Highsage Shenwei had mentioned it before. Back then, Lu Yin had not paid too much attention to it, and he had not expected this battle technique to actually appear at this time.

Even Wen Sansi had avoided going up against this technique for the time being. Although Wen Sansi might not necessarily be more powerful than Nightking Zhenwu, according to Lan Si, it was very difficult to defeat the Scholar Arbiter.

Someone so difficult to defeat had actually fled, so what about the others?

Lu Yin held little confidence in his ability to win. He had never underestimated the Neoverse’s experts, but he had also never expected to encounter such a freak. 

“Once Shang Qing appears, everyone else can only fight for second place, and that even includes our Grand Senior. What a pity—the Tri-Yang Technique actually appeared during our generation,” Mu Ziying said helplessly. 

“Brother Mu, I heard that everyone in our sect is a Lockbreaker. I wonder, what would be required for me to learn a sourcebox array?” Lu Yin suddenly asked. He was trying to take his mind off of Shang Qing. Since this First Chosen was being praised so highly by everyone, it felt as though he was simply asking for a beating. Other powers would definitely have their own plans, so Lu Yin was not overly worried about him. 

If everyone else’s plans proved ineffective, then it would simply be pointless for Lu Yin to have any thoughts on the matter. 

Mu Ziying was astonished. “A sourcebox array? Brother Lu, you want to learn one?”

Lu Yin smiled. “Any Lockbreaker would want to learn a sourcebox array.”

Mu Ziying was left speechless. “It looks like Brother Lu intends to empty out my Cosmic Sect.”

Lu Yin answered in a serious manner, “Brother Mu, you’re treating me like an outsider now. I, Lu Yin, am also a disciple of the sect, and I’m even the fifth true disciple.”

Mu Ziying was about to say something, but he suddenly paused as if listening to something. He then looked back at Lu Yin. “Brother Lu, let’s go. We’ll head to Cosmo Hall so that you can carve your name there.” 

“I can leave my name in Cosmo Hall?” Lu Yin was flabbergasted.

Mu Ziying replied, “Of course! Brother Lu is the fifth true disciple of our Cosmic Sect. Did you forget?”

Mu Ziying had just shot back with a rejoinder of Lu Yin’s own words, so he simply nodded. “Alright, then let’s go.”


Only true disciples could enter the Cosmic Sect’s Cosmo Hall. Additionally, when a true disciple carved down their name in Cosmo Hall, one of the older powerhouses would appear to accept the person as their own disciple, and those with outstanding talent might even cause the older experts to compete to accept such a disciple. 

“Back when Grand Senior carved her name in Cosmo Hall, she had multiple seniors competing over her, as they all wanted her as their disciple,” Mu Ziying spoke with envy.

Lu Yin became curious. “Which senior did she finally accept as her mentor?”

Mu Ziying replied, “It’s not convenient for me to say. It would be best to ask Grand Senior herself. Brother Lu, we’ve arrived at Cosmo Hall.”

Lu Yin looked at the misty hall ahead of them, and he very solemnly bowed at the waist. This was one of the most important places in the entire Cosmic Sect, and once they entered, they would be constantly watched by several of the Cosmic Sect’s older powerhouses. Lu Yin hoped to have some good luck and that an older expert would be willing to guide him in the Cosmic Art. It would be great even if he only obtained another opportunity to enter the Skystar Jade Wall. 

Lu Yin’s attitude left the senior members of the Cosmic Sect very satisfied. Mu Ziying had not expected Lu Yin to be so courteous, and he simply waited for a moment.

Lu Yin soon stood up straight. “The Cosmic Sect has protected my Fifth Mainland, and it has also made great contributions that have lasted throughout the ages. This junior has received the honor to carve my name down in Cosmo Hall, and I will follow my seniors’ example to protect this Fifth Mainland and protect humanity.”

It was impossible to tell if Lu Yin’s words had any effect, but Cosmo Hall actually emitted a bit of radiance that illuminated the entire Cosmic Sect.

Sect Leader Yuan Qiong was surprised by this sight. “This child was actually able to catch the attention of Elder Jiu Shen. He truly has some fate with my Cosmic Sect. Unfortunately, he was taken by Eversky Island one step quicker. What a pity.”

Mu Ziying was stunned; was this actually possible? He immediately bowed and imitated Lu Yin’s behavior, but he received no such response.

Lu Yin gave the young man a strange look. “Brother Mu, what’s the matter?”

This was Lu Yin’s first visit to Cosmo Hall, so he was unaware that Cosmo Hall rarely radiated any light.

Mu Ziying felt embarrassed. “It’s nothing, Brother Lu. Let’s keep going.”

Cosmo Hall was a symbol of status, but it was only a symbol. Once Lu Yin entered the hall, he saw countless names carved along the top, and there was also an elder nearby.

“Junior Mu Ziying greets Elder Yuan Shou.”

Lu Yin hurriedly went over as well. “Junior Lu Yin greets Elder Yuan Shou.”

Elder Yuan Shou studied Lu Yin, and was very satisfied with what he saw. “Good, good. A humble attitude with righteousness in your heart. You are also extremely respectful towards my Cosmic Sect. Child, you are quite decent.”

Lu Yin remained humble. “This disciple is lacking in many areas, so I ask Elder to please guide me.”

Elder Yuan Shou smiled. “Your greatest inadequacy is that you are not a disciple of my Cosmic Sect’s disciple. It’s such a pity.”

Lu Yin respectfully replied, “Since I’ve learned the Cosmic Art, I’m also a disciple of the Cosmic Sect. Disciple Lu Yin greets Elder Yuan Shou once again.”

Mu Ziying was astonished; why had he never realized that this person knew how to speak to elders so tactfully? Mu Ziying watched as Elder Yuan Shou’s smile stretched from ear to ear in satisfaction. This fellow really knows how to appeal to people. 

“Seventh Bro, you’re truly disgusting.” The Ghost Monkey also could not stand Lu Yin’s brown-nosing.

Lu Yin did not care. He had cultivated the Cosmic Art, so of course he would want to establish a good relationship with the Cosmic Sect. After all, he still wanted to learn the third layer of the Cosmic Art at the very least. As for the fourth layer, that would require him to unseal his body’s thirty six fatal meridian points, which was something that he could simply forget about. If he did not truly join the Cosmic Sect, then he would never be able to learn the fourth layer. Thus, the third layer was enough for him.

Elder Yuan Shou was quite happy as he looked at Lu Yin, and he patted the youth’s shoulder. “Well said. Since you’ve learned the Cosmic Art, you are indeed a disciple of my Cosmic Sect, so don’t embarrass my sect when you go out in the future.”

“This disciple understands,” Lu Yin replied respectfully.

Before long, the two youths left Cosmo Hall.

Mu Ziying stared at Lu Yin, and when he spoke, his voice was filled with admiration. “Brother Lu, I now understand how you made it so far in the Innerverse and Outerverse. You truly have my respect.”

Lu Yin looked over at Mu Ziying. “Brother Mu, you still haven’t told me how I can learn a sourcebox array.” 

Mu Ziying pursed his lips. “Only Advanced Lockbreakers can learn a sourcebox array. Brother Lu, you haven’t reached that level yet, have you?”

Lu Yin nodded in agreement, occupied by his own thoughts.

“Brother Lu, in just a few more days, we’ll head out for the Mountain and Seas Zone. I’ll take you somewhere to rest, and you can make your preparations there,” Mu Ziying offered.

Lu Yin looked at Mu Ziying. “Brother Mu, our sect should have a secret technique, right?”

Mu Ziying blinked. “Brother Lu, you can’t be thinking of trying to comprehend a secret technique, are you?”

“Is there any possibility of it?” Lu Yin’s eyes were bright.

Mu Ziying was speechless. “Of course not!”

“A true disciple should qualify to learn a secret technique, right?” Lu Yin pressed.

Mu Ziying calmly replied, “Contributions.”

Lu Yin felt helpless. “Is it possible to borrow it? Or get an advance on credit?”

Mu Ziying was amused. “Brother Lu’s way of thinking is rather advanced.”

Lu Yin sighed. “Then I have no choice since there’s a limit to how long I can stay here in the Cosmic Sect for. Right, Brother Mu, what is the sect’s secret technique?”

Mu Ziying shrugged. “I can’t say, but if Brother Lu gains the qualification to learn it, then you’ll naturally find out.”

Lu Yin hesitated for a moment. “Has Brother Mu not learned it?” 

Mu Ziying shook his head. “Out of the sect’s current disciples, only the Grand Senior has learned the sect’s secret technique. I truly haven’t learned it.”

Lu Yin had not expected the situation to be like this, but sure enough, a secret technique was very difficult to access. He had relied on silently reciting the Stonewall Scriptures in order to comprehend the Yu Secret Art, and that had even been within his Timestop Space. And he had only managed to comprehend the Ce Secret Art with the help of the Root of Intelligence and Qiong Xi’er’s innate gift of deduction. 

Each of those two secret techniques had been very difficult for him to master.

The Cosmic Sect definitely had a secret technique, but it was definitely something that was also very difficult to access. 

All secret techniques were truly mysterious, and once any of them were learned, one’s strength would undergo a qualitative transformation.

Lu yin really wanted to understand what the Cosmic Sect’s secret technique was.

There were very few secret techniques, and the way past Progenitors chose to focus their cultivation was what determined how useful their secret technique would later be for the people who comprehended their techniques.

For example, the Yu Secret Art had allowed Lu Yin to remain undefeated against various powerhouses. Only when his opponent’s attack speed was so fast that he could not even see the attack, such as Lan Si’s Vacuum Palm or a Progenitor’s battle technique, would their attacks be difficult to divert.

The Ce Secret Art leaned towards evasion.

Nightking Zhenwu’s Heart Seeker secret technique had been the most suited for sneak attacks by far, though that was not to say that the Heart Seeker actually surpassed the Yu or Ce Secret Arts. At least, from Lu Yin’s perspective, the Heart Seeker was not something as mysterious as the two secret techniques that he had comprehended, though Heart Seeker certainly leaned towards sneak attack and ambushes. However, as long as the opponent had some way to defend against the secret technique, it would only be able to cause superficial injuries. However, if one was unable to defend against it, they faced certain death.

Since he had personally faced the Heart Seeker secret technique, Lu Yin had his own views of the attack. In his mind, the Arrow Progenitor, who had created the secret technique, had definitely been a treacherous person. 

Currently, Lu Yin wanted to get an idea of Progenitor Chen’s character through learning about the Cosmic Sect’s secret technique because the Cosmic Sect’s secret technique was definitely connected to Progenitor Chen. 

Lu yin simply did not know if the Cosmic Sect possessed Progenitor Chen’s self-created Nine Clones Secret Technique.

Strangely, Lu Yin thought back to the Daosource Sect’s ruins, when he had heard Xiao Qing mention how she had encountered some people in this area of the universe whose auras shared similar origins. In her opinion, they had cultivated the Nine Clones Secret Technique. Lu Yin also wondered who she had been referring to. 

“Brother Lu, our time is quite limited, so don’t think about all this random stuff right now. Let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere to rest,” Mu Ziying urged. He understood how difficult it was to make meaningful contributions to the Cosmic Sect. It was simply impossible for Lu Yin to obtain enough contributions to return to the Skystar Jade Wall or learn the sect’s secret technique in the short amount of time he had remaining.

Lu Yin also knew this, so he could only follow Mu Ziying.

Mu Ziying had arranged for Lu Yin to rest on a planet that was a bit outside the Cosmic Sect.

“This place will belong to Brother Lu, though, of course, only until Brother Lu returns to Eversky Island,” Mu Ziying explained. 

Lu Yin looked at the planet ahead of them and then back towards the Cosmic Sect. He carefully studied the planet and saw that there was a layer of rune lines wrapping around the planet.

According to what Mu Ziying had said, this was something put in place to prevent others from freely entering. 

The entire Cosmic Sect had a massive sourcebox array arranged around it, and each star and planet was able to tap into this sourcebox array to erect a barrier and conceal itself. 

Lu Yin felt very secure, and he moved forward to rest on the planet.

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