Star Odyssey - Chapter 1103: Contributions

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Chapter 1103: Contributions

Mu Ziying merely heaved a sigh of relief when he sent Lu Yin off to rest on the planet, and he quickly left afterwards. During the last few days, he had gained a better understanding of Lu Yin, and Lu Yin’s complete shamelessness had left a deep impression on Mu Ziying. Lu Yin was merely an exchange disciple from Eversky Island, but he sought to take advantage of everything that the Cosmic Sect possessed. The Cosmic Art was fine, but Lu Yin even wanted to learn the sect’s sourcebox array and secret technique, which was utterly shameless. 

However, they would soon head out for the Mountain and Seas Zone. Thank goodness.

Countless celestial bodies revolved around the Cosmic Sect, and the planet that Lu Yin was resting on was one specially reserved for true disciples to cultivate upon. There were many unique climates on this planet, and it was very helpful in cultivating one’s physical body or spiritual force. And like the other planets, there were also many servants available.

Perhaps it was because Lu Yin could not stay within the Cosmic Sect for long, but there were not many servants waiting for him.

Lu Yin was looking forward to some peace and quiet.

He looked about and quickly saw that this place was where true disciples rested. The architecture on this planet had a different style from the rest of the sect. At least a hundred manors had been built on the planet; some looked ancient while others were quite ornate. There were also tiered pavilions and primitive dugouts available. In short, any imaginable style was available.

Lu Yin chose a random pavilion and entered the building’s secure cultivation room before lifting a hand to start rolling his die. 

Since he had learned the method to cultivate the Cosmic Art’s third layer, there was no reason for him not to cultivate it. After all, needing time to prepare or cultivate was what he was the least worried about compared to others. 

He carried high expectations for the Cosmic Art’s third layer as he tapped a finger onto the die. He watched as it spun before finally stopping on… six pips: Possession.

Lu Yin’s expression changed greatly when he saw the result. Not good! Just as this thought entered his head, the scenery changed before his eyes as he appeared in a dark space. He did not spend any time thinking before dashing at the closest ball of light, immediately merging with it. 

At the moment, he only had a bit more than seven million star essence in his possession, and this was all of his reserves. He did not wish to spend this amount on a Possession, and he had wanted to save up a bit more before rolling this. 

At the moment, he had only wanted to roll four pips: Timestop so that he could cultivate the Cosmic Art’s third layer and practice the integrated technique that he had seen on the Eversky Bridge, that finger formed from fog. 

Lu Yin did not even check to see if the ball of light that he had merged with was suitable for him, and he simply charged straight in. Once he opened his eyes, he saw that he was in a place of pure pleasure, and there were two delicate-looking girls nestled in his arms.

Lu Yin blinked and tried to access the body’s memories. He had Possessed a person called Shang Chen, who was one of the Cosmic Sect’s internal disciples. This person lived on a floating city known as Crimson Star, and his father, Shang Ju, was the ruler of this place. 

Right as he remembered this, the door shattered, and a group of people dashed in. “He’s here! Capture him and send him to the city master’s residence.” 

Lu Yin was shocked, and he instinctively wanted to flee.

“Lord, the secret passage!” One of the girls in his arms grew flustered, and she pulled the curtains around the bed aside in a practiced manner, revealing a dark passageway.

Lu Yin immediately dashed into it, and the passageway was sealed after he entered it.

Wait a moment, why was he running? Lu Yin was left speechless, as he was not actually being captured. The people who had burst into the room had come from the city master’s residence, and they answered to this body’s father. They were here to take him back home. At worst, he would suffer a bit of a beating, but that was nothing much. 

Lu Yin tried to recall more on the matter, as this body had instinctively tried to escape. It turned out that the city master, Shang Ju, was very strict with Shang Chen and disciplined him harshly. Crimson Planet was one of the cities that existed in the general Neoverse that the Cosmic Sect oversaw, and it was similar to how Eversky Island oversaw Westgazing City. Shang Ju hoped that Shang Chen would one day become one of the Cosmic Sect’s true disciples, and to that end, the older man had cut off any distraction that could possibly delay Shang Chen’s cultivation, including trips to brothels. 

However, Shang Chen liked visiting the brothels, which was what had led to that situation. 

Lu Yin was planning to directly head back when a certain matter suddenly entered his mind, and it caused him to follow the passageway and flee without any hesitation. Actually, he was not fleeing, but rather heading directly to the city master’s residence. 

Crimson Planet was quite large, but Shang Chen was one of the Cosmic Sect’s internal disciples, and he was also a Cruiser. Thus, he was by no means slow, and he soon returned home.

Following the body’s memories, Lu Yin strutted right into the city master residence, and very smoothly arrived outside the city master’s office.

“Young lord, the city master has ordered that nobody is allowed to approach the office, so please, young lord, withdraw.” Outside Sheng Ju’s office, there was a man standing guard over the ivory tower-like room, and his expression was solemn as he looked at Shang Chen.

Lu Yin raised his head and responded with an arrogant attitude. “Even I can’t enter?”

The man replied in a deep voice, “No.”

Lu Yin frowned and then pressed a hand to the man’s shoulder and released a bit of strength. Although the body belonged to Shang Chen and was not capable of unleashing One Hundred Seventy Stacks, using Eighty Stacks was not an issue. Wt worst Shang Chen would suffer from some muscle pain later on.

The man was firmly pushed aside by Lu Yin, and he looked at the youth in astonishment. “Young lord, are you…?”

Lu Yin snorted, pushed open the door, and entered the room.

The man did not dare to stop him. According to his memories, the young lord should only have a decent physical strength, nothing able to casually push aside a Hunter like him. And that wasn’t even mentioning how the young lord had just used a formidable attack with the Overlaying Stacks Path, and it seemed as though he had improved significantly. 

Lu Yin entered Shang Ju’s office, and his breathing hastened as he looked in a certain corner.

Through Shang Chen’s memories, Lu Yin had learned about Shang Chen’s father’s greatest secret. Although the city master was extremely respectful towards the Cosmic Sect on the surface, in reality, he coveted the Cosmic Sect’s arts and secret techniques, as well as its sourcebox array. This man had held these ambitions for a long time. More than a hundred years prior, one of the Cosmic Sect’s true disciples of that generation, Chen Fu, had died, and his death had been orchestrated by City Master Shang Ju, and he had done so precisely because Chen Fu had obtained a sourcebox array. 

Chen Fu had had a pretty decent relationship with Shang Ju, and he had unintentionally revealed that he had obtained information regarding the sect’s sourcebox array, which had ignited Shang Ju’s desire to kill the true disciple. After doing so, Shang Ju had shifted the blame for Chen Fu’s death onto someone else and successfully evaded all suspicion. 

This had happened more than a century before, and the Cosmic Sect was not overly suspicious about the incident. However, Shang Chen had accidentally learned the truth.

Lu Yin now also knew about this great secret, and not only that, but he had also discovered that Shang Ju had conspired to have Chen Fu killed for the sourcebox array called the Teleportation Formation.  

The Cosmic Sect only had one sourcebox array, and it was precisely this Teleportation Formation.

When Lu Yin thought of this name, he remembered how, during the battle atop the Champions’ Stage, Qiu Shi had launched the Champions’ Stage into outer space along with Lu Yin, Bu Kong, Nightking Zhenwu, and everyone else who had been atop the stage. She had almost definitely used this sourcebox array to do so. 

As he breathed rapidly in anticipation, Lu Yin picked up a wooden case sitting in a corner that had been covered in dust from sitting there for a long period of time. The instructions for the Teleportation Formation should be inside. 

Since Shang Ju had not become a Boundless Advanced Lockbreaker yet, he could not learn the sourcebox array, which had worked out to Lu Yin’s advantage.

He stored the wooden box away and exited the office. As he left, he glanced at the guard outside the door. “If Father asks, tell him that I never stopped by.”

Lu Yin left quickly afterwards.

The man did not say anything more, and remained standing there respectfully.

Lu Yin directed Shang Chen’s body to an unassuming location and then buried the box. He then went back to the brothel and ended his Possession.

When he next opened his eyes, Lu Yin had an expression of excitement. He would not be able to retrieve that box for the time being as he had only recently arrived at the Cosmic Sect. He had not even explored the sect yet, so he could not just randomly go visit Crimson Star. Also, it was almost time to go to the contest at the Astral Tower, so making such movements now would be overly suspicious. 

Since the Cosmic Sect required its disciples to make contributions to the sect, Lu Yin would make his contributions through this information, and this should be plenty.

Lu Yin hesitated slightly as he looked down at his gadget. He had only just parted ways with Mu Ziying; would it be a bad thing if he went looking for the second true disciple so quickly?

After thinking about it, Lu Yin simply left the planet and directly headed back to Cosmo Hall, as he felt that the True Elder had not treated him badly.

“What? You want to report someone?” Inside Cosmo Hall, True Elder Yuan Shou was surprised at Lu Yin’s request, and he gave the youth an odd look.

Lu Yin responded in a respectful tone, “Disciple just remembered a report that I received in the past, though I did not know the meaning behind it at the time. However, after visiting the Cosmic Sect and seeing the star chart of the surrounding area, I now understand.”

“What was this report?” Elder Yuan Shou became very curious.

Lu Yin put on an expression of grief. “Elder, do you remember a true disciple by the name of Chen Fu?” 

Elder Yuan Shou’s expression instantly changed, and his entire temperament seemed to become abnormally severe. “Your information is related to Chen Fu?”

Lu Yin nodded. “Yes. When this disciple first united the Outerverse, the number of reports that I received were as countless as the stars. Just half a year ago, I received a partial report claiming that someone from a place in the Neoverse called Crimson Star conspired against Chen Fu. Originally, this disciple could not connect the dots, but after looking at the cities close to the sect, I noticed the name Crimson Star.”

Yuan Shou had an extremely cold expression, and he stared at Lu Yin for a moment before urgently pressing, “Who? Who conspired to murder Chen Fu?”

Lu Yin was curious about Elder Yuan Shou’s attitude; could Chen Fu have been this elder’s disciple? 

“It was Crimson Star’s city master, Shan Ju. He took action because Senior Chen Fu had learned about the sect’s sourcebox array,” Lu Yin said.

Yuan Shou’s pupils shrank, and he slumped down, looking as though he was trying to remember something.

Lu Yin did not move. 

After half an hour, Yuan Shou looked up at Lu Yin. “I’ve reported this matter to the sect leader. As long as this information is verified as true, it will be considered as a contribution towards our sect, and you’ll be given the opportunity to visit the Skystar Jade Wall to cultivate.”

Lu Yin replied in a deeply emotional voice, “This disciple does not ask for such treatment, only for the truth of what happened to Senior Chen Fu to be revealed.”

Yuan Shou looked appreciatively at Lu Yin. “Child, you’re pretty decent.”

Lu Yin looked at Elder Yuan Shou. “Elder, I would like to ask to visit Crimson Star to personally watch when the perpetrator is punished.”

Yuan Shou thought about it. “Very well, I’ll take you along.”

Lu Yin spoke his thanks.

Crimson Star was not very far away from the Cosmic Sect, and although Lu Yin was unsure of Elder Yuan Shou’s strength, he was certain that the elder could effortlessly tear through the void and travel beyond the Cosmic Sect. As expected, it only took them a second to tear through the void and arrive on Crimson Star.

Lu Yin was currently thinking about how he could recover the box.

At this moment, within Crimson Star’s city master’s residence, Shang Ju looked rather pathetic as he looked at the dozen Cosmic Sect cultivators lined up in front of him. “I, Shang Ju, have worked for the Cosmic Sect for hundreds of years. Even if I have not made considerable contributions, I’ve still worked hard for the sect. Is some groundless accusation enough to pin a crime upon me?” 

‘The one accusing you is the Cosmic Sect’s current fifth true disciple. Shang Ju, return to the sect with us and accept the investigation. If the accusation is found to be false, we’ll naturally release you and provide you with due compensation.” One person stepped forward, and just his star energy alone was enough to suppress the entirety of Crimson Star. This person was actually a powerhouse with a power level of more than 400,000. 

Shang Ju merely had a power level of about 300,000, so there was no way he could possibly resist. “I don’t accept this! Who’s this fifth true disciple? Have him come here and confront me himself! Someone is clearly trying to frame me!”

Elder Yuan Shou brought Lu Yin along, and they appeared directly outside the city master’s residence, where they stood high in the sky and looked down at Shang Ju.

When Shang Ju saw Elder Yuan Shou, he quickly shouted, “Elder, I’m being framed! Brother Chen Fu and I had a sincere friendship, so how could I have possibly harmed him? Elder should clearly remember the situation at that time. It’s obviously-”

Upon hearing the man’s shouts, Lu Yin barked back, “Shang Ju, you’re still trying to quibble even now? You killed Senior Chen Fu in this city, inside a cave on Crimson Star’s Wanzhang Mountain. Senior Chen Fu was beheaded by your blade, and even his cosmic ring was taken away, which is now in your office.” 

Shang Ju’s expression changed drastically, and he glared at Lu Yin in complete disbelief. “You- you-”

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