Star Odyssey - Chapter 1105: Xie Secret Art

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Chapter 1105: Xie Secret Art

The big man was stunned, as he had never thought that people from Gods’ Origin would suddenly appear right next to him, and he hurriedly smiled as he tried to explain. “It’s a misunderstanding.”

“Mis- mis- mis- misunderstanding.” The stutterer finally managed to say a complete phrase. 

“If you spout anymore shit, you’ll have to be careful of your mouth,” a woman from Gods’ Origin threatened. 

The big man did not dare to retort. Even though his background was good enough for him to make it to the Mountain and Seas Zone, his organization was far too lacking when compared to Gods’ Origin.

Speaking of which, this misunderstanding could actually be blamed on that bastard, though the big man had finally understood that the kid had a stutter.

The stutterer felt that the big man’s gaze had turned malicious, so he quickly fled to another area. 

The battle continued for more than half an hour until finally both parties left without an outcome being determined. 

Although the battle had not reached an ultimate conclusion, everyone had realized a horrifying fact: Shang Qing had not moved an inch from start to finish. 

This realization shocked the entire Mountain and Seas Zone.

Whether one considered Xia Jiuyou, Ku Lei, or the Ten Arbiters’ Ling Gong, each one of the three was considered to be among the most powerful competitors in the Mountain and Seas Zone. However, the combination of all three of them together had not been able to force Shang Qing into taking even a single step. Although it might seem like the battle had ended inconclusively, the truth was that three people had joined forces, which meant that they had lost the fight from the very beginning. On top of that, they had not even been able to force Shang Qing to move the slightest bit.

Shang Qing’s unrivaled legacy continued to unfold in the Mountain and Seas Zone.

Shang Qing wanted to become truly peerless. He represented the Hall of Honor, which meant that he represented the supreme authority of the entire human race. It might seem like he was being impulsive by challenging everyone whom he encountered, but that was just his style. No matter if it was the beginning or the end of the competition, he would not be defeated, not even once. There were a total of five seats among the Cosmic Five, and he was going to become their leader. This was his path, and it was his only path. 

Everyone was at a loss for words when it came to Shang Qing’s invincibility.

Some days later, Highsage Shenwei’s spacecraft arrived outside the Mountain and Seas Zone, and two figures, one black and one white, sped into the zone.

Highsage Shenwei had actually wanted to give the twins a few words of encouragement, but he didn’t ever get a chance to do so. “Just try your best not to provoke others.”

Half a day later, within the Mountain and Seas Zone, Ku Lei bellowed and chased after the two black and white figures, wanting to fight them. Clearly, Highsage Shenwei’s wishes had already been shattered. 

Black and White had only just entered the Mountain and Seas Zone, but they were simply too fast. After entering, they had not slowed down at all, and they had quickly crossed a vast distance, which led to them coincidentally crossing paths with Ku Lei.

Ku Lei had no interest in the two brats, and he intended to arrogantly continue on his way, but he had been riled up by something that White had said.

“Stupid brat! Just wait till I catch you and tear your mouth off!” Ku Lei screamed as lightning raged about him. His domain was fully unleashed as he tried to suppress Black and White.

The two brats were fleeing at an impressive speed, and they did not seem to be affected by his domain at all. 

White’s lips twitched. “You’re so ugly, yet you still blame others. Who else can you blame for your sharp tongue and your monkey cheeks? Do you have low self-esteem?”

“White, you can’t talk about others like that. Who knows, they might really have low self-esteem,” Black calmly tried to dissuade her sister. 

Ku Lei gritted his teeth and raised his finger. A strand of lightning swept out and tore through the void, nearly blasting several passing by cultivators into pieces. They were terrified by the attack and hastily started running away. 

White effortlessly dodged the attack.

She was able to move so quickly that even Lu Yin could barely see her clearly. Thus, it was not difficult for her to dodge Ku Lei’s attack. 

Ku Lei had not expected these two brats to be this difficult to fight against, as he could not even touch them. 

“Hey, lightning dude! You’ve done enough. Anymore and you’ll be going overboard. Were you raised that badly?” White shouted. 

Black once again tried to calm her sister down, “White, don’t speak about him like that! He might be an orphan, so of course he wouldn’t have been raised properly.”

Ku Lei flew into a rage and raised his hand once again. This time, a finger froze in the void as it pressed down. This was the Ku family’s battle technique: Finger Tap.

When this Finger Tap appeared, the nearby area dimmed. This attack was capable of affecting a person’s mental state and causing them to feel so at peace that they would lose all thoughts of resistance. 

However, Black and White had never considered resisting Ku Lei, as they had only ever wanted to escape from him. 

Ku Wei’s Finger Tap proved to be ineffective against the twins.

Before much more time passed, Black and White succeeded in slipping away, as Ku Lei was not able to catch up to the two girls.

Ku Lei was heaving as he tried to catch his breath, sullen at his failure.

Recently, he had been suppressed by Shang Qing, and now, he had been played by this sneaky pair of twins. Ku Lei felt like he had been too unlucky.

After another two days passed, and Black and White were being chased by someone again. This time, they were being pursued by a man from Gods’ Origin called God Qingguang.

God Qingguang had originally been with the other people from Gods’ Origin, and they had been discussing how to deal with Jin He and the rest of the Ten Arbiters. At that time, they had failed to notice that Black and White were right beside them. However, the two brats had suddenly slipped away and then announced the group’s plans, infuriating the people from Gods’ Origin. Naturally, they had begun to chase after the two brats after that. 

Shang Qing also had some people chasing him, or to be more precise, they were tagging along behind him.

Following along behind Shang Qing was a strange young woman who was wearing extremely revealing clothes. In fact, there was only a single piece of cloth covering her entire body. She had an enticing figure, and she wore quite a few bells that emitted crisp sounds as she moved. She was Xie Xiaoxian, an heir from the Seven Courts’ Xie family. 

The Xie family was unique even within the Court of Seven Names, and that was because the family’s secret technique was sickening, exceptionally so. 

The Xie Secret Art was called Universal Appropriation, and as the name suggested, this secret technique allowed a person to borrow another’s battle technique. If the user wished, then they could borrow anyone’s battle technique within a certain range.

At this time, Xie Xiaoxian was focused on Shang Qing, as she wanted to borrow his Tri-Yang Technique. 

Shang Qing turned around to look at Xie Xiaoxian. “It’s useless. Even if you borrow one flow, you still won’t be my match.”

Xie Xiaoxian revealed an enchanting smile, and she walked several steps forward, releasing a clear ringing sound from her bells. “I have no interest in fighting you. Rather, I have my own enemies, and following you keeps me safe.”

Shang Qing calmly looked at the woman. 

Nearby, Tai Yuanjun swallowed, as Xie Xiaoxian gave off a unique charm that left others struggling to control themselves.

Xie Xiaoxian noticed Tai Yuanjun, and she looked over at him out of curiosity. “Who are you?”

Tai Yuanjun hoarsely replied, “Second on the Top 100 Rankings, Tai Yuanjun.”

Xie Xiaoxian tapped her chin. “Second… where’s the first?”

Tai Yuanjun did not answer.

Shang Qing coldly said, “Your so-called enemy is the Specter Clan. Do you really think that people from the Specter Clan will enter the Mountain and Seas Zone?”

Xie Xiaoxian cocked her head to the side, putting on a rather naive look. “I don’t know, but it’s not impossible. The Specter Clan has joined the Neohuman Alliance, so whether or not they can enter the Mountain and Seas Zone isn’t something that you can decide.”

Shang Qing’s eyes flashed, but he did not speak any further. Instead, he calmly continued onwards. 

Xie Xiaoxian smiled gently and immediately continued to follow behind him.


In the Cosmic Sect, Lu Yin had returned after spending several relaxing days at Crimson Star and a few more days sightseeing on his way back. Then, he went straight to the valley next to the Skystar Jade Wall, waiting for Yao Ji to exit.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, fellow juniors,” Lu Yin greeted the people in line and cut to the front once again.

There were more than ten disciples queued up outside the valley, and the few at the front of the line were the same ones from before.

First, Yao Ji had cut in front of them. Then, he had been cut off by Lu Yin, and now, Lu Yin had returned to cut the line yet again. They had patiently waited here for more than a month, and from the looks of things, they would have to wait for yet another month. 

However, they had no choice in the matter, as the true disciples were given special privileges. Also, after waiting for so long, these people were all unwilling to leave. 

The disciple at the very front of the line was the most pitiful, and he clearly had the worst luck of them all. 

They had never seen anyone visit the Skystar Jade Wall consecutively, as anyone who entered the Skystar Jade Wall would have depleted a great deal of their contribution points, and thus, a long interval would normally pass before they returned. This timing also yielded the best results. Who would act like Lu Yin and immediately return?

However, since Lu Yin had arrived, they had no way to stop him.

One day later, Yao Ji emerged in high spirits. During his time in the Skystar Jade Wall, he had made decent progress with the Cosmic Art, as it had been more than a year since he had last entered. This time, the number of stars that he could simulate had surged by fifty, which was quite decent, and he was quite proud of himself.

Not everyone could increase the number of stars that they could simulate by such a number during a single visit. Currently, he felt that he should not be too far behind the third true disciple, Hua Xiao. 

As Yao Ji exited the valley, he met a face that he really wanted to bash.

“It looked like Senior Yao’s made some decent improvements. Congratulations.” Lu Yin smiled.

Yao Ji stared blankly at Lu Yin. “Why are you here again?”

Lu Yin shrugged. “I’ve got no choice. Since the Astral Tower contest is about to begin, I also want to improve as much as possible.”

“The Skystar Jade Wall is not some public toilet. Do you really think that you can enter whenever you want? Hurry up and leave, or else the elder might not play nice with you,” Yao Ji replied mockingly. 

Lu Yin smiled. “Thank you, Senior Yao, for your reminder. I’ll leave first.”

Lu Yin then shot past Yao Ji and entered the underground space.

Yao Ji was taken aback as he watched, and the disciples lined up outside the valley all looked exasperated.

After seeing everyone else’s faces, Yao Ji realized that Lu Yin must have found some means of gaining another opportunity to enter the Skystar Jade Wall. Yao Ji was not an idiot, so he was able to understand this much instantly.

“Hmph, so what if he can return right away. Does he think that he can catch up to me?” Yao Ji muttered sourly. He then simply left.

As he reentered the Skystar Jade Wall, Lu Yin knew that he only had about ten days to cultivate, as in twelve days, the people from the Cosmic Sect would leave to make their way to the Mountain and Seas Zone. 

He also wanted to leave himself two days to roll his die.

Lu Yin stared at the revolving stars filling the sky, and his heart moved. 302 stars appeared around his body, which was his current limit. He wondered how many stars he would reach at the end of these next ten days.

Focusing his thoughts, Lu Yin began to silently cultivate.

It had taken Lu Yin a month of cultivation to go from ninety nine to 302 stars, and that was in a situation where he had been fully prepared since he had been able to simulate ninety nine stars for a while. 

At first, Lu Yin had assumed that it would be pretty good if he could increase the number of stars by a few dozen.

However, who could have possibly known that, after just ten days, he would be able to simulate 420 stars?

It appeared that his foundation had not been fully utilized during his last cultivation session, though his next visit to the Skystar Jade Wall might not yield such exaggerated results.

He had actually managed to simulate 420 stars, and while that was not quite the same as what Mu Ziying had accomplished, it was quite close. 

Lu Yin wondered what Mu Ziying’s reaction would be if he discovered that Lu Yin had nearly reached the second true disciple’s comprehension of the Cosmic Art.

Lu Yin thought about this as he emerged from the Skystar Jade Wall.

Unfortunately, he had to leave since he had run out of time. Otherwise, he would have spent a month or so cultivating the Cosmic Art. After that much time, he might even be able to simulate 500 stars and surpass Mu Ziying. What a pity.

There were still two more days before the disciples left for the Astral Tower, and Lu Yin realized that he truly had not wasted a single moment.

Lu Yin returned to the planet that Mu Ziying had shown him as a resting place. Lu Yin then entered a secure room and raised his hand to bring out his die.

This time, Lu Yin made sure to place his cosmic ring to the side before tapping the die with a finger, causing it to slowly spin. 

Three pips: Enhance. It was a good roll, but Lu Yin currently possessed nothing that he wanted to upgrade at the moment. 

He rolled again.

One pip: Pilfer, and a sealed letter fell out. This was a truly ancient method of correspondence, and the envelope had already been torn open. Lu Yin looked at the letter but found that it was merely a love letter, which he instantly tossed aside before continuing to roll.

This time, he rolled four pips: Timestop, and Lu Yin quickly grabbed his cosmic ring before vanishing from the cultivating room. When he reappeared, it was within the Timestop Space.

He immediately increased his time within the space to half a year before thinking back to what he had seen in the Skystar Jade Wall and continuing to cultivate the Cosmic Art.

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