Star Odyssey - Chapter 1361: White Dragon Rolls Over

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Chapter 1361: White Dragon Rolls Over

Lu Yin really wanted to tell Long Xi that he did not need to be protected, but in the end he remained silent. If he revealed too much strength, it would arouse suspicion. However, Lu Yin was most curious about the White Dragon Clan’s secret technique. After all, it was impossible for one of the four ruling powers to not have a secret technique.

He shifted his attention to look at the eight-legged frog-like beast. This was something that could be easily run into in the Lower Realm. If this place was thrown into the Fifth Mainland, would Lu Yin’s home universe be slaughtered?

“Let’s go,” Long Xi said. She was already searching for their path forward and walking.

Lu Yin followed closely behind.

A day passed, and they were attacked again. This time, it was by bugs that emerged from the ground and tried to burrow into Lu Yin’s feet. He was so startled that he quickly evaded the bugs, but Long Xi killed them instantly. However, as soon as the two saw how many bugs there were in the ground, they simply fled. There were just too many.

From Lu Yin’s perspective, the towering trees in the Lower Realm were not even trees at all, but were roots. After traveling for several days, the pair encountered various beasts, and were attacked no fewer than ten times. Lu Yin saw a huge white head off in the distance that practically filled the entire sky. It was the Python Ancestor’s head.

He could not even see the entire thing. Most of the head was above the clouds, so only a small portion was visible. Despite that, what Lu Yin could see was just too large. It was like an entire landmass that was hanging upside down up in the sky.

Lu Yin grew a bit sluggish. No wonder the white python was able to wrap around the Mother Tree! Even after staring, Lu Yin could not see the end of the head. He was just looking at the python’s head, and it was already so massive.

Upon seeing the Python Ancestor’s head, Long Xi’s eyes grew excited while also revealing the respect she held for the python with the strength of a Progenitor. She slowly bowed, and Lu Yin quickly followed suit.

“the Python Ancestor should be the most powerful existence in the Lower Realm,” Lu Yin said.

Long Xi’s tone revealed a rarely heard excitement and amazement, “That’s only natural. Without the Python Ancestor, the creatures here in the Lower Realm would surge into the Middle Realm. the Python Ancestor suppresses the entire Lower Realm all by himself.”

“Aside from the Python Ancestor, what’s the most powerful creature down here in the Lower Realm?” Lu Yin was curious.

Long Xi thought for a moment. “I don’t know. I’ve heard that thousands of years ago there were creatures at the Semi-Progenitor level that were killed, and there was some sort of catastrophe even further back when everyone who entered the Lower Realm died. And an even longer time before that, there was supposedly a fish in the Lower Realm’s ocean that was big enough to compare to the Python Ancestor. History recorded the creature as an Arkfish.”

“A despicable fish?”1 Lu Yin had immediately thought of Lord Fish who rode on Xi Qi’s head.

Long Xi glanced over. “They called the fish Arkfish because it was simply too big and was on the same level as the Python Ancestor and the eagle in the Dominion Realm. However, there are only legends about that fish, and there there are no real records or facts to even prove that it existed and was real.”

Lu Yin sighed. “The Lower Realm is really amazing.”

“There are many people who wish it was not so amazing, especially the root organization,” Long Xi said.

The root organization had been established by the four ruling powers, and it specialized in eliminating creatures in the Lower Realm that were more harmful to the Mother Tree. The organization was well respected, and though the mortality rate was very high, the rewards given out were equally high. Lu Yin remembered hearing Shou Sheng mention being part of the root organization.

Shou Sheng had preferred trying to find a way to have Lu Yin impersonate Long Qi and deceive the White Dragon Clan than return to the Lower Realm. That showed Shou Sheng’s fear of the place.

Step by step they made their way towards the Python Ancestor’s head. As time passed and they survived various life or death challenges, Long Xi’s attitude towards Lu Yin improved tremendously.

Lu Yin had never experienced being protected by a woman, and it felt pretty good, even if he was feeling extremely frustrated.

The third region was extremely expansive. The two people walked for several days, yet the Python Ancestor’s head never seemed to get closer. This was partially because they did not dare travel too quickly.

Whenever they had tried to pick up their speed, they had released fluctuations of star energy which had caused some beasts to attack them. By moving slower, they had significantly reduced the frequency of the attacks they faced.

Suddenly, Long Xi froze and glanced behind them out of the corner of her eye. “Someone’s there.”

Lu Yin had noticed the same a step ahead of Long Xi. He had not been using his domain, but had noticed the person’s presence from the ambient star energy.

Long Xi did not have as delicate control of star energy as Lu Yin. Lu Yin had been able to notice the presence of others through the fluctuations in the ambient star energy, and they had actually been followed for a long time.

The two stopped and waited.

The following party also stopped and did not move any closer.

Lu Yin frowned. This did not feel right.

Long Xi took out the power vessel ring and threw it around Lu Yin. “Don’t step out of that.”

Lu Yin was left speechless as he watched Long Xi return the direction they had come from. It did not take long for her to return, but when she did, her eyes were colder than before and there was a drop of blood on her cheek that did not belong to her.

“Were they trying to kill me?” Lu Yin asked.

Long Xi lightly replied, “Let’s go.”

She did not want to say anything more, so Lu Yin did not press the matter. The truth was that there was no need for him to even ask; no one would go to the Lower Realm to try to assassinate Long Xi, so clearly Lu Yin was the target. Had the Celestial Frost Sect’s Junior Progenitor still not given up?

Long Xi had already married Lu Yin and had given him her blood essence. For members of the White Dragon Clan, that exchange had consummated their marriage, and the rest did not matter. This meant that either Bai Shaohong really liked Long Xi, or this assassination attempt was part of a larger plot and the Junior Progenitor was not concerned about his reputation.

Lu Yin recalled what Long Xi had mentioned before about the White Dragon Rolls Over.

“What is the White Dragon Rolls Over?” Lu Yin asked. Suddenly, he felt his heart tightened. Maybe Long Xi had mentioned this before because not only was it not a secret, but was actually common knowledge.

Long Xi paused for a moment and gave Lu Yin a strange look.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, but said nothing.

“You aren’t from my White Dragon Clan, so I don’t know if this is common knowledge,” Long Xi said.

Lu Yin released a sigh of relief. While Lu Yin had been accepted as the White Dragon Clan’s son-in-law with Long Qi’s identity, Long Xi knew that Lu Yin was not actually Long Qi. Despite that, there were times when she would unconsciously treat him as though he actually was the person he was impersonating. It seemed that while this White Dragon Rolls Over was not common knowledge throughout the Perennial World, it was something that everyone in the White Dragon Clan or the four ruling powers all knew of.

“The Python Ancestor is also the white dragon, so when the white dragon rolls over, the Python Ancestor is rolling over,” Long Xi simply explained.

Lu Yin grew curious. “So why is the Celestial Frost Sect wanting to cause the Python Ancestor to roll over?”

Long Xi looked up at the enormous python. “Because when the Python Ancestor rolls over, he might push against the Higher Realm.”

Lu Yin was puzzled.

“This is nothing you need to be too clear about. Bai Shaohong wants me in order to gain control of the mighty power of my White Dragon Clan’s ability to roll the white dragon over. He will do anything it takes to deal with you and accomplish this, and the only thing that could possibly cause him to hesitate is Humility’s Gate. Aside from them, not my White Dragon Clan, Shenwu’s Sky, or the Wang Clan could make him do more than briefly hesitate. The ruling powers have our own rules that dictate things for us, while Humility’s Gate is an independent and outside force,” Long Xi said.

“So that’s why you asked your older brother to find a way to let me join Humility’s Gate?” Lu Yin said.

Long Xi said, “After you join Humility’s Gate, keep a low profile and don’t reveal your identity. Bai Shaohong’s ability means that he can also get people into Humility’s Gate, but even if he wants to use that to deal with you, he still needs to follow Humility’s Gate’s rules. This is ironclad. This means that as long as you don’t commit any serious offences, people have nothing on you. You will have to stay that way for just half a year. After half a year,my brother will arrange for you to retire from the service to Humility’s Gate, and then it will be much more difficult for Bai Shaohong to try to deal with you.”

Lu Yin sighed. “That sounds exhausting.”

Long Xi looked over at him. “Your entire life changed the moment you agreed to pretend to be Long Qi, so either do what I say or die.”

After that, she continued forward alone.

Why did your temper flare up again? Lu Yin was rather exasperated.

“Given Bai Shaohong’s resources and abilities, there has to be more than one group of people that were sent,” Long Xi said as she tossed the ring-shaped power vessel over to Lu Yin. “Keep yourself protected.”

Just as Long Xi predicted, they were attacked by many people as they continued. There were both hidden ambushes and open attacks. The attackers not only came from the third region, but from other regions as well. They did not know what Bai Shaohong had offered as a reward for Lu Yin’s death, but the attackers were desperate whenever they attacked.

Lu Yin was able to understand Bai Shaohong’s influence.

If they were back in the Fifth Mainland, Lu Yin would similarly be able to send countless people to assassinate Bai Shaohong. What was Lu Yin’s status in the Fifth Mainland? It was very similar to Bai Shaohong’s status in the Perennial World.

Lu Yin felt that their upcoming days would be busy.

Long Xi dealt with groups of attackers with her spear. Blood dripped from the tip of her spear, and three people surrounding her stared at her in horror. They glanced over at Lu Yin inside the ring. It was clear they were unwilling to accept a loss. They growled and attacked as one.

Long Xi’s spear danced about in an unpredictable manner, and a single attack sent her spear through the necks of all three people. Lu Yin’s eyes were able to see that she had not actually attacked once, but three times. He was able to see when she had retracted the spear, but not the moment that she had unleashed the attacks.

The White Dragon Clan’s spear skills were invincible, and this time of traveling together had shown this to Lu Yin. Long Xi’s attack power with her spear was in no way inferior to Wang Yi’s Four Arts.

Lu Yin stepped out of the ring and looked around. They had been surrounded by fifteen people, but Long Xi had eliminated all of them by herself. However, she had also suffered an injury this time; her thigh had been cut. Still, the injury had not affected her in the slightest and she had easily won.

Long Xi began walking forward once again without even speaking. It was as though she had become used to this routine.

Lu Yin quickly followed after her, but suddenly an alarm went off in his heart and he reflexively unleashed his domain, though he limited it to only expanding to a meter away from his body. An old woman who had been killed during the previous battle suddenly appeared and lifted her arm. There was nothing in her hand, but Lu Yin’s domain was able to tell him that he had been attacked by something. He quickly moved his feet to evade the attack.

Long Xi had not expected someone to still be alive, but her spear almost instantly shot forward. The spear also entered Lu Yin’s domain, and the young woman turned to look at him in surprise, as she had not expected his domain to be so powerful.

Lu Yin’s domain was about as strong as Unseen Light’s, and while Lu Yin could not rely on his domain to predict attacks, the defense offered by Lu Yin’s domain did not lag behind Unseen Light’s domain. Long Xi’s spear thrust had been an extremely powerful attack, but the moment the weapon entered Lu Yin’s domain, she felt as though her weapon had been trapped within a quagmire, and the same was true of the old woman’s attack as well.

Lu Yin suddenly retracted his domain, and Long Xi’s spear struck the invisible weapon, causing sparks to shoot out in all directions.

Lu Yin was still unable to even see the old woman’s weapon, but he was able to sense it through his mastery of star energy and could tell that she had attacked with an invisible thread.

The old woman flickered and rushed forward parallel to Lu Yin. Lu Yin’s eyebrows rose up; if someone did not know what the woman’s weapon was, it would look like she was trying to escape. However, to Lu Yin’s eyes, this old woman clearly wanted to use her thread to cut off his head. Even Long Xi believed the woman was trying to escape. This was a very insidious means of attacking.

Lu Yin immediately took out the ring-shaped power vessel, and the old woman’s silk thread struck the barrier from the ring, but the power vessel warped the void and the thread was unable to continue forward.

The old woman’s eyes flashed and she immediately moved to retreat.

Long Xi’s knees went weak and her arms grew heavy; if not for Lu Yin taking out the power vessel in time, he would already be dead. Long Xi could not allow this old woman to escape, as she did not have the confidence to face this opponent at the same time as fighting the beasts of the Lower Realm. Besides, Long Xi already knew that the old woman was one of the assassins sent for Lu Yin, and the two of them could not afford to be careless.

[1] A play on words. “Ark” and “despicable” are homonyms in Chinese. ☜

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