Star Rank Hunter - Chapter 360.1

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Chapter 360: Long Time No See, Old Friend [Part 1]

Mo Heng tossed the broken machine parts on the table. He said nothing, but it was obvious from his aura that he was angry.

Cillin shot his silent master a glance before continuing, “Sea Paradise contains many types of ores that I need, and are necessary for the squad’s continued development. Most of them can’t be purchased right now, and even if they are they’re usually too expensive to afford. Moreover, we are hunters. It is our nature to hunt for the items we need.”

Cillin explained his reason to travel to Sea Paradise from both his own and the squad’s perspective.

A moment of silence later, Mo Heng looked up and asked, “Is that all?”

“It’s a great opportunity.” Cillin didn’t tell Mo Heng about Lung’s plans because the latter specifically mentioned that he wanted to keep it a secret. It was just like how Mo Heng wouldn’t divulge to any outsider his reason for wanting to travel to Sea Paradise.

Mo Heng tapped the table with his finger for another moment before sweeping aside the parts in front of him and resting his elbows on the table.Then, he asked seriously, “Be honest with me. Are you going to Sea Paradise because of Yu Linglong?”


Cillin was confused. How did Yu Linglong come into this?

Mo Heng visibly relaxed after seeing Cillin’s reaction. He said, “In that case, feel free to do whatever you want.”

“Why did you mention her?” Cillin asked.

“It’s nothing. Just, if you’re looking for a wife, I don’t think Yu Linglong is the right person, Cillin.”

“... you are worrying over nothing, master.”

There were certain things that Mo Heng hadn’t spoken to Cillin about, but Cillin had learned about them from Shi Huajing anyway. For starters, Yu Linglong was the one who kidnapped Mo Heng from Seven Lights. To be fair, it wasn’t done out of malicious intentions. The Yu Family would’ve sent someone to take Mo Heng regardless, and they wouldn’t care if the assistant headmaster was roughed up during the process. However, it didn’t change the fact that Yu Linglong had still chosen to bring Mo Heng to Miracle.

“Yu Linglong is currently looking for DH50 black ores, but there aren’t many DH50 black ores in GAL space at all. Sea Paradise is one of the few places that has it, but no one was willing to accept her request after the two teams she sent there were completely wiped out,” Mo Heng both explained his weird question and warned Cillin about the dangers of Sea Paradise. Unfortunately, he knew that there was no changing the boy’s mind after he set himself to something.

“I understand. I promise to proceed with caution.” The DG50 black ore was one of the ores he was looking for, but it had nothing to do with Yu Linglong.

The ore code-named DH50 was called the black ore, but it wasn’t actually black in color. The ore was a mono blue color so deep that people often mistook it for black, which was why people started calling it the black ore.

(T/N: by mono, I mean there’s literally no other color in the ore except blue)

Moreover, natural, unprocessed DH50 black ores sometimes glowed a bluish light in dark environments. They happened in intervals, and it almost looked like they were breathing. That was why they were also nicknamed the ghosts of the sea.

The older a DH50 black ore was, the shorter their “breathing” intervals. They appeared inert if there was light in the environment, but if you shone them with ultraviolet light they would appear to be red-colored. It was one of the simplest ways to identify the ore.

DH50 black ores had incredible hardness and was mostly used to create space equipment and vehicles such as fighters and spaceplanes. Any alloy that had DH50 black ores mixed in it would automatically become several times harder than before. It was the perfect defense material.

Anyway, back to the present. Cillin’s calm tone had immediately triggered Mo Heng and made him thump the table in frustration. “My point is that your ‘caution’ is not enough! Do you know that Sea Paradise’s electromagnetic field has been growing stranger and stranger for the past couple years? A couple decades ago it was still possible to scan the planet with some equipment, but now you can’t even get close to it! Moreover, it is strongly believed that the sea beasts have become stronger since the start of the abnormality! The amount of weapons you can use underwater is already limited in the first place, and if you run into those sea beasts you won’t even be able to fill the gap between their teeth!”

Mo Heng had never gone to Sea Paradise in person, but there used to be a team in the GAL Research Institute that researched it extensively. That was how Mo Heng came to know of the infamous planet.

Cillin paused for a second but didn’t answer how he planned to deal with the abnormal electromagnetic field or the powerful sea beasts directly. Instead, he asked, “Have you heard of the Star Rank Hunter, Oskulos?”

“I’m no hunter, but yes, he’s pretty infamous. I heard that Oskulos had forged his blade using an ore he found in Sea Paradise. However, no one knows where exactly he got it since he had made the venture alone, and no has ever found that type of ore afterward.”

It was exactly as he thought.

“You’ve clearly made up your mind, and nothing I say will change your mind. Still, I must caution you to stay within your limits! It’s good if you find the ore, but what good will it do if you lose your life as a result?”

“I know. I never treat my life carelessly. Oh right, will you make us some fighters if I found the right resources in Sea Paradise, Master Mo?”

Mo Heng raised his eyebrows. “Is that why you’re really going there?”

“It’s not my main objective, but I do intend to fulfill it if I can. I’ve always wanted the Eleventh Squad to have its own exclusive fighters.”

It wasn’t difficult to procure a fighter, but to get one that was worth it and a good hunter to pilot them were more difficult than one might imagine.

“Very well. If you return safely, then I will do everything in my power to see it done. I have no intention of becoming a freeloader after all.”

That was what he said, but Mo Heng did find the idea very appealing. Ever since he came to know Xi Kai and Xi Mo, he had been looking to collaborate with them on something. He was curious about Xi Kai and even more curious about the white-haired boy, Xi Mu.

After the discussion with Mo Heng, Cillin went to check on the others. The new recruits were blending into the squadron nicely, and nothing particularly terrible had happened while he was absent. Hunters usually got to know each other better through missions, and that was exactly what had happened during this time.

Tang Qiuqiu was now proficient with the PTS E, although Cillin couldn’t give her the PTS K yet because she wasn’t strong enough to use it. In fact, some of the data he gathered from the Miracle research bases were him looking for a way to improve her constitution.

“The Armies have gone to war,” Eudy said to Cillin while passing him a report he just received.

Everything that had happened including the blowout with the media had put the Fifth Army and the forces behind Miracle under considerable pressure, and finally they could withstand it no longer.

Though, the Armies had been looking for a good excuse to go to war against each other. This Miracle incident was exactly what they needed.

“The war affects not just Sector C, but also the other Sectors to a lesser extent. Local armies are joining, and the hunter regiments are moving away as a matter of course. Should we do the same?” Eudy asked.

“Do you have the previous mission list with you?” Cillin asked.

“Give me a moment.”

Eudy passed the mission list to Cillin. All of the places listed on the list were fairly remote, and only a few of them had been completed so far. That was fine. Cillin was planning to continue the missions and avoid the war at the same time.

Cillin circled a couple of missions and marked a couple more with certain notations. Then, he returned the list to Eudy.

“I’m heading out again in the near future. When the squad is done resting, have them complete the circled missions first. If I’m not back by then, have them finish the marked ones as well.”

“You’re heading out again?” Eudy exclaimed in surprise. He had been in this profession for a long time, but he had never met a commander like Cillin.

“Yes? I’m going to collect some resources to develop our squadron.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, where are you going this time?”

“Sea Paradise.”

“I… see.” Eudy covered his forehead. No wonder Cillin wanted to keep the Eleventh Squad out of this.

“Is everything planned already?” Eudy asked.

“Yes. I will be leaving in ten days.” Cillin had already confirmed his participation with Lung. Ten GAL days later, he would be traveling to Sector H to meet up with Lung. Of course, he would be keeping busy until then.

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