Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class - Chapter 488 - Boorish Fighting Style  

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Chapter 488: Boorish Fighting Style

“Senior Brother, is this Zhu Xiaoming the genius from our sect?”

“Changping realm is so big, there are many people whose names are repeated. It can’t be such a coincidence.

“The one we know has the combat ability to kill an Immortal realm expert.

“With his strength, why would he participate in such a duel?”

“Senior Brother’s analysis seems to make sense.”

There were Luo Ding Sect disciples mixed in the audience seats on this level.

When the duel list was announced, they already suspected that this “Zhu Xiaoming” might be the one they knew.

Because Qin Chuan wore a mask when he used the identity “Zhu Xiaoming,” almost no one had seen his true appearance before

Due to his strength and the fact that there were many people with the same name, the disciples of the Luo Ding Sect thought that this person should be a passerby with the same name.

At this moment, the referee began to introduce the rules to them.

The rules here were similar to that of other places.

Neither party was allowed to use dharma artifacts or any medicine. The magical artifacts used could only be below the Heaven realm.

There were no rules regarding divine arts and spells.

This was because divine arts and spells were considered one’s own strength, so there was no need to ban them.

Other than that, there were no other requests.

The referee was a Silver Immortal.

With a referee of this level presiding over the duel, it could fully guarantee that no deaths would occur on either side.

On the stage, after the referee finished explaining the rules, Niu Hua and Qin Chuan each signed a duel guarantee agreement, and the duel officially began.

A barrier was erected around the huge arena to ensure that the aftermath of the battle would not affect the spectators.

Niu Hua’s expression was solemn. He was already treating Qin Chuan as an opponent that he could go all out against.

On the other hand, Qin Chuan remained relaxed, as if he didn’t take Niu Hua seriously.

His behavior made Niu Hua very unhappy, but he did not rashly attack blindly.

The two sides did not argue. The audience seemed to be on steroids—especially excited.

Shouts and screams came wave after wave.

They couldn’t wait any longer and urged them to start fighting.

Niu Hua was not disturbed by the audience’s voices.

He had experienced countless battles, big and small.

In a battle between experts, victory and defeat could be decided the moment they struck.

Therefore, he would not attack easily.

Time ticked by.

It had been three to four minutes since the start.

However, Niu Hua and Qin Chuan didn’t make a move. They just stood where they were and didn’t budge at all.

The audience was unhappy.

They were not here to watch the battle for free. They were not freeloaders. They were considered members, paying users.

What are you telling us to watch here? It’s like reading a novel.

I’ve spent money, but the author has been writing nonsense.

He wrote 300,000 to 400,000 words, but there’s barely any development.

Isn’t this cheating?!

Those kinds of authors will get hit by cars sooner or later.

The referee could not stand it anymore.

However, he did not urge them like the audience.

Because these two were big clients.

“Sirs, according to the rules, if you don’t make a move after five minutes, it will be a draw.

“It’s been four minutes now,” reminded the referee.

Niu Hua stared at Qin Chuan, hoping that he would make the first move.

Qin Chuan still looked nonchalant.

Time continued to pass.

They still did not make a move.

The audience’s displeasure grew.

“Give me a refund. Refund me!” A large number of spectators shouted in unison.

Once the commotion began, it was like a mountain fire that was difficult to extinguish.

There were only a few seconds left before the five minutes were up.

Niu Hua couldn’t wait any longer.

After all, he was the one who suggested this duel. If he didn’t fight, others would think of him badly. He couldn’t even imagine what Fairy Gu would think.

Niu Hua didn’t care anymore.

He rushed in front of Qin Chuan.

There were only a few meters between them, to begin with. With Niu Hua’s body cultivation ability, he could reach Qin Chuan almost faster than the blink of an eye.

Niu Hua swung his fist at Qin Chuan’s head.

The sound of fist winds rubbing against the air was like thunder.

Judging from the power fluctuations, this punch was enough to shatter a mountain.

His strength was terrifying.

When the audience saw Niu Hua move, they instantly calmed down and began to watch the battle seriously.


There was a loud bang.

Niu Hua’s iron fist was blocked by Qin Chuan’s forearm with ease.

Niu Hua’s expression changed. He thought to himself, As expected, he was playing dumb.

He was a body cultivator and had tempered his physical body to the point where it was like a heaven-grade artifact. If he wasn’t a body cultivator, no one would dare to block a blow with his physical body.

“In that case, he’s also a body cultivator?” Niu Hua was a little uncertain.

Generally speaking, body cultivators were basically muscular men.

However, Qin Chuan’s figure, appearance, and temperament seemed to be completely different from that of a body cultivator. This puzzled Niu Hua.

However, they were currently in the midst of a duel. Niu Hua didn’t probe too deeply into whether Qin Chuan was a body cultivator or not.

After his swinging punch was blocked, he immediately retracted it. Then, he twisted his body and spun in midair. After that, he tried his best to pull out a swinging kick.

This power was many times stronger than the previous punch. In the same realm, very few people could withstand it head-on.

The next second.

Another loud bang.

Qin Chuan still blocked it with his forearm.

From his expression, he was still very relaxed.

Seeing this, Niu Hua’s entire body trembled, and his expression became increasingly solemn.

At this moment, the audience was in an uproar.

They all knew very well how powerful Niu Hua was.

In the Changping realm, there were only a few that could be considered a match for him.

Even if the other party was in the Mahayana realm, he would rarely be a match for him.

If Niu Hua had worked harder, he would probably have qualified for the Chosen Roll.

The first-tier factions in the Changping Realm had extended olive branches to him, but he had rejected them all.

The reason was simple.

He didn’t like being restrained.

He knew very well that if he went, he would never be able to live a happy life. Moreover, he would always have to say goodbye to those beautiful and innocent young ladies.

Without them, he couldn’t survive.

Niu Hua was this kind of a person.

He was either tempering his body or courting pretty young ladies.

Although his success rate was not high, he still enjoyed it.

Therefore, for the audience, Niu Hua was the obvious winner of the battle.

It didn’t matter that Qin Chuan was stronger than he appeared—a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Niu Hua would still beat him up.

I’m an expert at beating wolves.

At this thought, Niu Hua’s fighting spirit burned fiercely.

He retracted his body and landed on the ground. Then, he launched a storm of attacks on Qin Chuan.

His fists were like machine guns, fast and powerful.

The audience immediately became excited.

“Beat him! Beat him hard!”

“Keep going!”

There was a very strange phenomenon.

Almost everyone in the audience was supporting Niu Hua and cheering for him.

But no one cared for Qin Chuan!

How pitiful.

Is this the difference between being famous and not?

Qin Chuan smiled bitterly in his heart.

At the very least, I’m more handsome than him, aren’t I!

“Brother Niu, you have to work harder. The audience is cheering for you. If you lose, it will be too disappointing,” said Qin Chuan as he blocked the attacks.

It was obvious that he was mocking him.

These words were like sharp arrows, deeply triggering Niu Hua.

In an instant, Niu Hua increased his speed and strength.

Niu Hua was completely let loose.

He gave up on his own defense and maximized his attacks.

This was Niu Hua’s fighting style, called the boorish fighting style.

Now, Niu Hua guard was full of holes.

But… If Qin Chuan were to attack these holes, he would also suffer Niu Hua’s iron fist.

He would suffer comparable damage when injuring the enemy.

Niu Hua was a body cultivator, and his physical body was powerful, to begin with. There was no guarantee that Qin Chuan would be to deal much damage to him.

Under Niu Hua’s crazy punches, ordinary people would definitely not be able to withstand this rhythm.

This was also the first time Qin Chuan had encountered such a suicidal method of fighting.

“You’re an interesting fellow!

“But you seem to have picked the wrong person!”

“Body cultivator, right?!”

“Your physical body is very strong, huh?!”

“Since you want an exchange, I’ll satisfy you.”

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