Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 860 - Taken Advantage of

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Chapter 860: Taken Advantage of

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Bo Jinghang knew that this was unavoidable and he wanted to cry. Who knew what sins he had committed in his previous life?

“Brother, I didn’t expect such a thing to happen…”

Bo Jinchuan looked at him darkly and asked, “What happened?”

“I’ll eat with you.”

“Qi Mingchu came to chat with Sister-in-law.”

“Aisha came over to say that Sister-in-law seduced her fiancé!”

Bo Jinghang didn’t pause at all, as if these three sentences had gone through his mind a thousand times.

Bo Jinchuan narrowed his eyes and asked, “So Aisha was the one who slapped her and injured her leg?”

Bo Jinghang nodded. “Yes!”

Bo Jinchuan’s handsome face was tense and his eyes were cold and malicious.

He suddenly let go of Bo Jinhang’s hand and lowered his arm. His slender fingers were clenched into a fist and the sleeve of his forearm was bulging from his muscles.

He stood rooted to the ground, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes tightly. Finally, he strode away angrily.

Every step he took brought with it a sharp wind, as if he was going to take her life.

Bo Jinhang no longer doubted Shen Fanxing’s importance to his brother.

However, the time when his brother was the angriest he had ever seen was not like this. Not only could he see the anger in his eyes, but he also looked like a person whose rationality had been devoured by anger.

How terrifying.

He shuddered. It seemed like he could live longer.

After some thought, he opened the door and slipped in.

Shen Fanxing leaned against the bed and smiled at him with a porcelain cup in her hand.

Steam was rising slowly from the porcelain cup, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

Thinking of his brother who was about to explode from anger, Bo Jinhang’s lips twitched.

He walked to the bedside and sat down. He raised an eyebrow at the smiling Shen Fanxing.

“You’re really satisfied. I’m really going to die because of you!”

Shen Fanxing took a sip of hot water and looked at her neatly bandaged knees. She smiled and said, “It’s really just a small injury. It doesn’t hurt.”

If she cared about this pain, she probably wouldn’t have survived until now.

“Haha.” Bo Jinghang smiled sarcastically and pointed at the small flowers.

“Didn’t you see? In my brother’s eyes, the wound on your knee is like a hole in the sky!”

Shen Fanxing smiled, and the curve of her lips widened until her face lit up.


Bo Jinghang was speechless.

“How impressive. Look at how much my brother cares about you? Ang!”

Shen Fanxing couldn’t hide the smile on her face. The happiness on her face made Bo Jinhang feel as though flowers were blooming in the room.

Taking a sip of water, Shen Fanxing narrowed her eyes.

Bo Jinghang looked into her glass. She looked like she was drinking honey.

“I suddenly remembered what your brother said when I first met him…”

Bo Jinghang leaned back, as though he was distancing himself from danger.

“What words?”

Look at his damn curiosity!

Shen Fanxing’s expression was filled with rare sweetness as she said, “I’ve told him before that tears aren’t worth much. But he said that the value of tears depends on who you cry in front of. Some people think they’re worthless, but others think they’re priceless…”

As she spoke, she looked at her knees again. “I think he’s right. I’m experiencing it now.”

Bo Jinghang almost vomited blood!

Look at his damned, damned curiosity!

She was simply asking to be tortured!

“Sister-in-law, you’re too cruel! My life is on the line and you’re still feeding me dog food!”

It was torturous to watch others display their affection with their heads on their belts.

This was like a eunuch watching two people having sex!


What a ridiculous analogy!

He was not a eunuch!

Shen Fanxing’s smile widened. “Is this dog food? I don’t think so. Your brother… is quite nice.”

Bo Jinghang covered his forehead speechlessly.

“Don’t celebrate too early! My brother will beat you up and you won’t be any better!”


The smile on Shen Fanxing’s face faded and a conflicted look flashed across her face.

This was going to be difficult!

“Since you know how much my brother cares about you, why did you do such a thing?”

Shen Fanxing raised her eyebrows and took a sip of hot water. With a troubled expression, she said, “But I didn’t lose out in this matter.”

“Hehe, he’d rather let it go. At the very least, the sky hasn’t broken yet. What about now? Just you wait. When my brother has dealt with someone else, it will be me and you.”

Shen Fanxing grinned.

“If you don’t tell me, your brother won’t know.”

“Do you think my brother is a fool? I can tell? How can he not?”

“What can you tell?”


Bo Jinghang choked immediately. Then, he reacted and glared at her. He said angrily, “Don’t play dumb! My brother is so smart. He will definitely know!”

Shen Fanxing pursed her lips and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, I was bullied today.”

He was bullied and bullied…

Bo Jinghang’s lips twitched!

With her IQ and combat ability, how could she be bullied?

“…There’s no use pretending with me! Anyway, I saw with my own eyes that you deliberately suffered Aisha’s slap! More importantly, I even told you about the Bo family and the Qi family! You… you really killed me.”

Bo Jinghang felt that his mouth was too annoying. Why was he telling her this?

“When did you find out?” Since she couldn’t hide it from Bo Jinchuan, Shen Fanxing decided not to continue fooling around.

“What do you think is going on in your head? It’s obvious that you received a last-minute notice at today’s welcome party. You don’t know anything about the interpersonal relationships in that circle. What did you do? Why do I feel like you’re the one controlling the entire situation today?”

Shen Fanxing smiled and raised an eyebrow at Bo Jinhang. “What did I do? I didn’t do anything. Aren’t you here? Why are you looking at me?”

“…” If I had seen it, would I need to ask you?

Seeing that Bo Jinghang’s patience was running out, Shen Fanxing said, “I really didn’t do anything. I just played along.”

Bo Jinghang inched closer to her curiously.

“How so?”

Shen Fanxing sighed and said,

“Yuan Sichun likes your brother, your brother likes me, Qi Mingchu likes Yuan Sichun… So, that’s all.”

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