Stop Messing Around, Mr Bo! - Chapter 861 - Get Lost

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Chapter 861: Get Lost

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“Yuan Sichun likes your brother, your brother likes me, Qi Mingchu likes Yuan Sichun… So, that’s all.”


So what was going on, Big Sister?

She was smart, but he couldn’t follow her train of thought!

It was better not to say anything.

The love triangle made his head spin.

Shen Fanxing glanced at the confused Bo Jinhang and pursed her lips.

“Yuan Sichun wants to embarrass me. Qi Mingchu likes Yuan Sichun. No matter what he will do for Yuan Sichun, I have to be careful, right?”

Bo Jinghang suddenly understood.

“Oh ~ I understand. So you really didn’t do anything.”

“Of course I didn’t do anything!”

Bo Jinghang blinked. Why did he feel like he had been tricked?

After leaving the hospital, Yu Song stood by the car and watched as Bo Jinchuan walked out angrily. His body stiffened.

She heard that Miss Fanxing had been beaten up at the banquet.


This was a huge matter!

Master cared so much about Miss Fanxing that he was afraid of her falling and melting.

Now, she had been beaten up…

She was really courting death.

She even dared to bully the person that Master doted on. She must be tired of living.

She didn’t dare to delay as she opened the door. When Bo Jinchuan got into the car, Yu Song immediately closed the door and ran to the driver’s seat. He opened the door and closed it.

The entire process took less than ten seconds, which showed how efficient it was.

“To the Ai family!”


Yu Song quickly started the car and sped along the road.

In the car, Bo Jinchuan’s face was dark and his brows were knitted tightly. There was a cold aura between his brows. The entire car wasn’t small, but the suffocating pressure made the car narrow.

Yu Song found it difficult to breathe.

After being by Master’s side for so many years, it was only this year that his bottom line had been refreshed by Master’s temper.

She thought that her anger level had reached its limit last time, but she didn’t expect it to exceed it next time.

And all of this was related to Miss Fanxing.

Master had always been calm and cold. His dark eyes never seemed to reveal much emotion.

He had never thought that there would be someone in this world who could affect Master’s mood so easily.

Yet, there was.

Ai residence.

He remembered that it was Young Master Qi’s fiancée’s house.

Now that there was a general in the family, the development was perfect.

Even the Qi family was rushing to marry into the Ai family…

However, Master came out of the hospital and went straight to the Ai family. Did that mean…

Miss Fanxing’s beating had something to do with the Ai family?

Not long after, the car arrived at the Ai family’s villa.

Because it was the Bo family’s car, the car went in smoothly.

Just as Yu Song’s car stopped at the entrance of the Ai family’s villa, Bo Jinchuan opened the car door and alighted.

The muffled sound of the car door closing made everyone feel uncomfortable.

Without hesitation, Bo Jinchuan strode towards the entrance.

Yu Song walked to the door that Bo Jinchuan had slammed. He couldn’t help but click his tongue.

The car door caved in. One could imagine how much strength Master had used.

This car had to be changed.

Seeing Bo Jinchuan approaching with fury, the Ai family’s butler hurried forward in a panic.

“Young… Young Master Bo…”

“Get lost.”

It was a simple word, but it was calm and powerful. It was accompanied by overwhelming anger, bone-chilling coldness, and a powerful aura that made the old butler break out in cold sweat.

He froze on the spot, not daring to take another step forward.

The living room was brightly lit, and the windows lit up the entire room!

The television was showing a military program. Aisha’s father, Ai Zhen, had already stood up when he heard the commotion outside.

When she saw Bo Jinchuan, her expression changed!

She really didn’t expect to see the heir the Bo family was so proud of coming here personally.

Previously, they were the ones who rushed to stick to her, but now…

Let’s see how important power, status, and reputation were now.

The heir of the Bo family, who was usually unreachable, had come personally.

Ai Zhen smiled and welcomed Bo Jinchuan warmly.

“So it’s Jinchuan. What a rare guest. I heard that Old Master is sick two days ago. I was about to go take a look.”

Bo Jinchuan scanned the living room with his dark eyes, ignoring Ai Zhen’s tone.

“Where’s Aisha?”

The smile on Ai Zhen’s face froze when she was ignored. It was only then that she realized how angry Bo Jinchuan was.

He was no fool.

He didn’t believe that she had fallen for his precious daughter.

She didn’t know how Shasha had offended the Young Master of the Bo family, who had always been mysterious.

However, thinking of the relationship between the future in-laws, the Qi family and the Bo family, Ai Zhen paused and smiled.

“Shasha hasn’t returned yet. I don’t know how she offended you, but she’s young and insensible. Please give her a chance to correct her mistake.”

Bo Jinchuan narrowed his eyes and said, “Impossible. There’s no room for her to change!”

Seeing Bo Jinchuan’s expression, the smile on Ai Zhen’s face disappeared. She started to realize that something was amiss.

“I wonder what my daughter did to make you so angry?”

Bo Jinchuan gave him a cold stare before turning to look out of the window.

“Your precious daughter hit my fiancée. You want me to give her a chance to change? How should I explain to my fiancée who is lying in the hospital?”

Ever since Bo Jinchuan said that his precious daughter had hit his fiancée, Ai Zhen’s head buzzed.

However, the fact that he had beaten his fiancée up and sent her to the hospital made Ai Zhen’s legs go weak and he almost fell onto the sofa.

“Jingchuan… is… is there a misunderstanding?”

“I don’t care if there’s a misunderstanding. I only know that she hit my fiancée. That’s enough.”

Bo Jinchuan’s non-negotiable attitude made Ai Zhen anxious. At that moment, the sound of an engine sounded in the courtyard. Not long after, the car door opened and closed.

Then came Elsa’s cries.

“Wu… Mingchu, it hurts… Wuwuwu…”

Qi Mingchu’s face darkened and he remained silent!

Cry, cry, cry!

She had cried the entire way!

He should really give himself the best endurance award!

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