Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 100: Stopped

Chapter 100: Stopped

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Ye Mo had prepared everything and gave the task of caring for the Silver Heart Grass to Yu Erhu.

He was prepared to go to the Taklimakan Desert. If he were successful this time and found large amounts of Purple Heart Vine, then he would be able to reach the 3rd stage of Chi Gathering, and as soon as he did, he would find Qian Longtou.

Forcing him to hide to survive, Qian Longtou had been marked by Ye Mo. He was a cultivator, if he could let it go, he wouldn’t be Ye Mo. It was because of this that he desperately wanted to go to the desert and find the Purple Heart Vine.

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave, Lu Xiaozhen rushed in, her face full of worry. Lu Xiaozhen was the new nurse Ye Mo recruited, she had graduated from a nursing school and often liked to play with Yu Erhu calling him brother under the same master.

“What?” Ye Mo looked at the anxious Lu Xiaozhen and asked.

“Just then, Brother Yu took in a patient but just diagnosed through feeling pulse and gave him a small cup of heart-appeasing serum. Then, that man fell unconscious and started frothing,” Lu Xiaozhen said in one breath and was still puffing for breath; however, the worry on her face didn’t lessen because if a small clinic caused the death of a patient, it would be different to a big hospital. The big hospital could deny, but the small clinic had to be fully responsible.

Ye Mo put down the bag he had packed and hurried over to the clinic. He had already told Yu Erhu not to take the troublesome patients. If they couldn’t cure it, it would affect their reputation, but if they did manage to heal it, it would attract too much attention and wouldn’t be good for Ye Mo either. The clinic had opened for more than 20 days, and this was the first time this situation had arisen.

Before arriving, Ye Mo had already scanned with his spirit sense since the clinic was just in front of where Ye Mo lived. When he came to the clinic, he saw Yu Erhu sweating, trying to save the man on the bed and was obviously very worried.

On the bed laid a man in his 40s, who still had froth coming out of his mouth, but his eyes were closed. Obviously, his condition wasn’t light and should be out cold. Beside the man stood a teenage girl who looked like a high school student and another woman accompanied by a young man.

Other than these three, two others people in the clinic seemed to be patients here, while 3 people were enjoying the show at the door.

“Erhu, come down first.” Ye Mo, with only one glance, knew that Yu Erhu’s method would not be able to save and wake up the man.

“Master, you’re here!” Hearing Ye Mo’s voice, he had finally calmed down. In his eyes, his master was capable of everything.

Ye Mo had already seen that the man being unconscious had nothing to do with the heart appeasing serum. It was due to other reasons.

So Ye Mo didn’t go there to treat him, he wanted to see first what the families would say. If they tried to blame it on him, then he wouldn’t be nice anymore.

Seeing Ye Mo look over, the middle-aged woman rubbed her eyes and said, “Doctor, my husband has always had this disease, so I don’t blame you. I just heard that many people say that you could cure some incurable diseases, so I came to try my luck; however, I didn’t expect my husband to have an outbreak again. Sorry, I’ll call the ambulance right away.”

Ye Mo sighed, this woman had a good character and didn’t try to blame him like some other people would which gave Ye Mo a good impression of her. Her husband fainted in this clinic, and yet she was still the one to apologize to the doctor there.

Ye Mo remembered when he was in Ning Hai, he had read in the newspaper that an old lady fell down, and someone tried to help her up, but she actually blamed that person for knocking her over and even wanted him to pay her compensation.

Compared to that, this woman’s characters was infinitely better, and Ye Mo decided to save her husband just because of the woman’s character.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo waved his hand and smiled: “Don’t call them. It’s useless to go to the hospital unless you want them to do an open brain surgery on your husband; however, that would still be detrimental. Coincidentally, I have a way to cure this disease, so I’ll look at it for him now.”

“Ah!?” This woman was shocked on the scene upon hearing that Ye Mo could cure her husband.

Although her husband’s disease wasn’t incurable, it was very hard to cure. This was the conclusion they drew from seeing so many doctors.

They came to this clinic because they had heard that as long as they took you in, you would be treated. Originally, they came to try their luck and, of course, Yu Erhu rejected to do any treatment; however, he was too kind-hearted. Seeing that this man was in pain, he gave him to drink a cup of heart-appeasing serum, but he didn’t expect a problem to arise out of that.

Yu Erhu wanted to help this man, so Lu Xiaozhen hurried to get Ye Mo. Although this woman knew her husband’s problem, she hadn’t called an ambulance because she had thought that Yu Erhu would be able to save him. However, she hadn’t expected Yu Erhu to be unable to save her husband, even when his master came out. Thus, she decided to call the ambulance.

Nevertheless, she would have never expected this younger looking man to say that he could cure her husband and was immediately stunned. By the time she had reacted, Ye Mo was already saving her husband.

Ye Mo’s knew this man’s disease with a scan of his spirit sense. His disease should be called a “Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia” [1] which was a small pink-red spot in the blood vessels of his brain. Even open head surgery wouldn’t be able to fully remove it and might instead cause more severe consequences. Thus, Ye Mo said that hospitals currently wouldn’t be able to treat such disease. However, this disease only tortured people, they would feel headaches all seasons of the year, and the more time passed, the higher frequency it had.

Although this disease wouldn’t cause people to die immediately, it would be very hard to live over 50 years.

An illness that was hard to treat for a hospital was very easy for Ye Mo, he only needed to pass his spirit Chi into the brain through the needle and remove the red dots. This was even easier than curing the Purple Coral Poison of that old man; after all, he was currently in the late phase of the 2nd stage of Chi Gathering already.

It had only been half an hour, but Ye Mo was already done. When he was finishing up, the man actually sat up.

Everyone was stunned as they looked at Ye Mo and wondered how there could be such magical doctor. He had only needed half an hour to make a person who looked like he was about to die, lively again.

The man sat up and was in shock, but soon, he reacted and touched his pain-free head with joy. That joy was so intense that he was ready to call Ye Mo “Dad”. A few decades of headaches suddenly disappeared? Anyone would be delighted.

“Miracle Doctor!” This man said and was about to kneel down and bow his head.

However, Ye Mo stopped him: “I just happened to know how to cure this disease. If it had been some other illness, I wouldn’t have a way,” he showed too much of himself healing this man, so he quickly found an excuse.

At this moment, both the wife and the two children understood that Ye Mo had really cured the man. The woman was so happy that she was going to kneel down with her husband.

Nobody knew how much trouble this pain had brought upon their family.

Ye Mo looked at this family full of gratitude and felt emotional. He thought that the sooner he killed Qian Longtou, the sooner he would be able to help people by curing some hard diseases. His simple actions could make a family happy for life.

The reason that Ye Mo would be able to stand out in the open after finishing Qian Longtou was because if he could do so, the Song Family wouldn’t dare to do anything to him. He had already heard from Wu Xueming that Qian Longtou definitely had more power than the Song Family.

There were incomparable, and he believed Wu Xueming’s words. If he had the power to kill Qian Longtou, the Song Family would be wise if they didn’t look for trouble.

However, Ye Mo thought that if he could live without hiding, he wouldn’t have the time to practice medicine either, so it seemed that he should teach his skills to Yu Erhu. When Yu Erhu learned everything, he would be able to cure people instead of him.

Although Ye Mo didn’t want to take too much money, the family still handed over 20 thousand dollars. Ye Mo wasn’t short on money now, and the clinic was going well, so he insisted on only taking 5 thousand.

However, no matter how Ye Mo tried to explain that he just knew how to cure this disease, the clinic was still rising in fame and popularity.

Nevertheless, Ye Mo didn’t care about this. After briefing Yu Erhu, he left for the desert. After getting off the plane, he found a distant place and recovered his usual appearance.

He was about to go into the desert and didn’t want to go in as “Mo Ye”, so he switched back to “Ye Mo”. After all, if he was suspected of anything there, then he could use the identity of Mo Ye to cover up.

Ye Mo wasn’t planning on taking the bus into the desert as he didn’t want anyone to know what he was doing. Besides, his Cloud Shadow Step was not slower than cars, and actually, it was much faster than cars in the desert.

As soon as he had left Kuerlei, Ye Mo felt that he was being watched.

He realized that it was three people and, although Ye Mo didn’t know why they were monitoring him, this was at the border of the desert, so he wasn’t worried at all. If he went into the desert, it would be very hard for them to find his track.

“You, wait!” One of the men rode on a motorbike and stopped Ye Mo.

Seeing that Ye Mo had stopped, he asked, “There’s a car, why don’t you take it? Why are you running?” Then, he waved towards the two men behind him.

One of them took out two photos and, as he looked at Ye Mo, he frowned. Seeing this, Ye Mo immediately knew he was suspected. He just didn’t know what picture they were looking at.

“So what if I run? Move aside.” Ye Mo estimated that things would get dirty today.

“I can’t tell about the face, but the figure looks really similar to Shi Ying, and that man is called Ye Mo,” The person looking at the photo said.

“Take him away first!” the man riding the motorbike said. At the same time, he took out a big knife from his bag.


1: If anyone is interested, it is not only in the brain: